8 Best Asset Management Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

If you’re a business owner you know for sure how tough it may be to manage loads of inventory and equipment. Luckily, this article is here to help!

There are lots of asset management apps in 2024 (Android & iOS) that will help you keep track of everything in one place. These apps will help you to make sure all your assets are where they need to be, all the deprecations dates are fine, nothing is out of the use or stolen.

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Here’s the list of the best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Asset Panda

Asset Panda

Let’s start with Asset Panda. It’s an easy but powerful tool to manage all your assets from mobile.

The major advantage of this app is its fully customizable so you can run your assets in any convenient way. The platform does work on subscription packs but you can get a two-week free trial. You can also reach the platform from our PC which is nice. As for the mechanics, adding an asset is incredibly simple — you can do it via a built-in cam.

All you need to do is to place an object in focus, tap on it and adjust the borders. Once it’s done, it will be saved to your assets list as a png. Then, you can arrange your assets by sorting them into folders and all that. All the assets have ID numbers and tags you can use for navigation.

Herewith, you get to log where you’ve got an item from along with the replacement cost. You can also add various users to your management list so that could as for and edit all the files. The app also covers an electronic signature and other reporting tools if needed.

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Asset Tiger

Asset Tiger

Next, we have an ultimate platform for tracking all your equipment.

The main concept of this app is to make it easy to manage a wide range of assets. Thus, you’ll never lose any of your items regardless of if they’re in use or not. Plus, this app is greater for managing all the unneeded items — you’ll get to see everything you need to get rid of in one place.

The app has an intuitive UI — you can start by loading your whole database and add all the other items individually. The app works with various doc formats so no worries about that. In order to add an individual item, you need to scan it with a built-in cam. The process takes literal secs and you get to adjust the border in case something went wrong with it.

Once all your equipment is loaded, you get to arrange them by your will and put them into folders. You can also make financial reports for businesses right from the app. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to set notifications and track the depreciation without any effort. You can also set alerts for when your rent expires and all that.

Asset & Inventory Tracker

This app will help you keep track of all your inventory efficiently. For this purpose, the program includes a multifunctional single-level and two-level barcode scanner.

With the app, you will be able to create detailed asset and inventory profiles. Enter all the necessary data: asset name, purchase date, cost, serial number, location, and more.

This will help you keep records and save all the important information about your inventory in one place. The audit feature helps you track your inventory and check the status of each asset.

It is possible to track the location of assets in the app as well, recording every point during their transportation. Know when items are shipped and received with a convenient status history.

Track the amount of money or other resources spent. Add any type of links to the app, change their content, and create custom URLs.

The program synchronizes with other apps, thanks to which you can add various graphs, tables, logs, and other elements to it. Data from the app is backed up.

Liquid Assets

This is an app for keeping all your financial assets in order.

If you needed a one-stop app to trade all your finances this is the one for you. This app gives you all the features to manage your finances fast and easily. First of all, you get to see all the profits ad losses of each asset you add. What is re, you can get a detailed report for all the chances — both new and previous ones.

You can also view the profits and losses of your entire portfolio in a form of a diagram (which is incredibly handy and easy to understand). Besides, you can set instant notifications to alert you on all the market changes that may affect your portfolio. The same goes for currency costs and rate values.

You can also add e-mail notifications if needed. The app covers a wide range of currencies so you’re all the way covered. You can also vial all your assets in any alternative currency from the list. It’s also possible to view your assets in NF and precious metals. There’s a paid sub you can get but you can totally go without it.

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Asset Tracking and Maintenance App

Asset Tracking and Maintenance

It’s an asset control software that lets you manage everything at any time needed.

The main idea of this app is to make asset tracking simple and effective. That’s use the app works over the clock and lets you manage your assets wherever you are. All the features are done to help you get rid of irritating spreadsheets and resale them for something way more convenient. You can add all the assets by loading a pre-made database.

In case you’ll need to add some individual stuff you can always do that. Plus, you get to fill all the asset’s personal cards. Along with the ID number you can also ad its category, attach it to a particular location or an employee, point out its condition, department, transfer point, and more.

Plus, you get to set all kinds of reminders to keep everything working. For example, you can set alerts for asset transportation updates, condition updates, upcoming depreciation dates, and so on. You can also make thematic schedules and add employees for all the tasks individually.


This is another app for tracking all your valuable assets.

First of all, this app has full-on PC software — the mobile version if done to increase your mobility. Herewith, it’s better to get an account on the PC version of this program first. Once it’s done you can easily reach it on any mobile device with no extra payments and all that. The mechanics are simple — you may rather load all assets as a base or add them individually.

Adding an object is also easy — you need to use a built-in cam and place an object in focus. Then, the app will detect its borders that you can adjust if needed. The scanning process takes secs and you’ll have a new asset draft added to your portfolio. Next, you’ll get to modify the asset’s card by adding its category, descriptions, location, and more.

Additionally, you can set transportation alerts that will tell you about all the location changes for all the assets. You can also make various thematic folders for ways navigation and move objects in between them. Plus, you will get to make business reports and check-ins for employees and clients.

AssetZure Live


This is an inventory manager that will help you keep everything in order.

The app is made for efficient assets control — it has intuitive UI and simple mechanics everyone could understand. To add a new inventory you’ll need to use a built-in scanner cam. Just put the object in focus, adjust the borders and wait a couple of secs for it to get done. In case something will for the wrong you can always edit the borders later on.

Next, you’ll need to fill in the card. All assets have their own ID numbers but it’s not enough for simple navigation. Thus, you’ll need to add its category, condition data, and more. Plus, you can add up to 4 extra pics for all the inventories if needed. There’s even a barcode scanner in case you wanna attach this info as well.

You can also capture GPS info and add it to all items. Besides, the app lets you make multiple folders and move the objects in between them. The app covers a searching engine that lets you find all the needed assets in secs. Plus, you get to set alerts for various metrics.

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Assets by Oomnitza

Assets by Oomnitza

And lastly, we have an IT inventory tracker that will ease your life a lot.

This app is a classic representation of the genre — it’s not overloaded with tools but covers everything you may need. So if you need an easy tool to manage all your laptops and other equipment — look no further. The assets are being added simply — just your in-app’s cam and get a pic of whatever item you need.

Plus, you can scan a barcode and add it to the asset’s card if needed. As for the card, you’ll need to fill in some data. First of all, you’ll need to enter the name and pick a manufacturer. You can also log the data when all the items were bought and last maintained.

The same goes for the warranty — you can log the day it ends and set an alert to not miss it. You can also attach each item to particular locations and get notified when it will change. All the cards can be edited later so no worries about that.

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