7 Free FPS Booster Apps for Android & iOS

Mobile gaming has not been popular for a very long time due to limited control and lack of characteristics in which smartphones could be compared to powerful PCs. This article will discuss how to increase the FPS on your device with free FPS booster apps.

And FPS counter apps can be found in this article.

Game Booster – One Tap Launcher

At the moment, this app is one of the highest FPS increases in quality. In its functionality, it has the ability to automatically increase the central processing unit, random access memory, and other things that are necessary to improve the quality of the game.

First of all, it removes various lags and friezes from your device, which allows you to comfortably play or work with various apps. It is important to note the fact that the app is used for any type of game, regardless of whether you want to play online, offline, or in long-term use mode.

The user-friendly interface of the app gives you the ability to staff everything you need in one place, which significantly reduces your time and improves your workflow. Also, it has a way to save all your data, the ability to remove shadows, and can even be an alternative to blues and working with sound parameters.

Game Booster-One Tap Launcher1

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UU Game Booster

UU Game Booster is a kind of service that gives the best possible connection for players from all over the world.

Optimization of this app due to the painstaking work of the best specialists, above all praise. The developers call it the “booster of the future,” since the app is constantly optimized and improved in order to absolutely everyone’s possibility to play comfortably.

A smart root-right system prevents the possibility of disconnection (which is characterized by most games), high delay, and distortions. Technology for supporting Internet connection from the access point and LTE allows you to ensure maximum reliability and safety of transmission of all gameplay data.

An important note is that the developers are the leading company in the field of working with the Internet connection, as well as having tremendous experience behind them, which guarantees the quality of operations.

UU Game Booster1

Gaming Mode – Game Booster Pro

If you want to play games without lags and friezes, then Gaming Mode is your solution to the problem. This app is one of a kind because it has a rakish set of various operations performed with games and has everything you need to improve the performance of your device.

The unique function of rejecting incoming calls allows you to make the gameplay really exciting because this makes it possible to concentrate exclusively on the game and on nothing else.

Blocking notifications, the option of which is also present in this app makes it possible to get rid of irritation and loss of concentration, which, out of domain, is an enormous plus.

It is important to note that this app makes it possible to create widgets on the main screen, which allows you to go directly to the game or utilities and not waste time finding the necessary.

An essential feature of cleaning apps to free up the RAM of a phone or tablet and significantly speed up the device will come in handy here.

Gaming Mode - Game Booster Pro1

XY Game Booster

If you have never played games or were not interested in mobile gaming, then this optimized mobile utility will completely turn your view, and perhaps even encourage you to become part of the gaming industry.

Still! The ability to support all popular games that have been released for a long time is a very rare option for app tools of this type. Just think this app is the very first to start supporting games like PUBG, Fortnite, Heartstown and even Mobile Legends-curb such giants of the real industry is expensive.

Of course, it is capable of supporting both the local access point network and the long-term evolution. Moreover, you can verify a reliable connection yourself – the utilities allow you to view a graph of the frequency of connections, which clearly shows that the app is accelerated using all the functions necessary for this.

The developers spent a lot of time achieving the absence of a high level of delay, which they did much better than others.

By the way, the app is constantly improving, and the course of the development company, expressed in cooperation with other specialists, gives more ground for development and the most comfortable pastime in the gaming industry.

XY Game Booster1

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Game Booster – Game Launcher

This app was developed as early as 13 years ago and still is the leading FPS enhancement. This utility improves gameplay by moving unnecessary services to the background.

The developers conducted a study which showed that when using crosshair mode, winrate increases by as much as 10 percent, which sometimes plays a key role in any world-class mobile gaming tournaments.

With different modes of operation of Game Booster, you do not have to constantly control the operation of the device’s RAM – this will be done by the app itself, which will squeeze the required maximum; this option is called “Auto boost”.

It is important to note that the app has the ability to control temperature, as a result of which the risk of overheating of the device is avoided.

An additional advantage is that all your apps will be in the same place, structured and in the prescribed manner, which gives you the opportunity to improve such quality as pedantry, which will be useful both in everyday life and in the gaming process.

To control all app options, the developers have come up with Game Bubble, which l allow you to get acquainted with all the capabilities of various programs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Game Booster - Game Launcher1

Tap Booster: Gaming VPN

Feel perfectly smooth gameplay with each new day – this utility will cope with solving this problem with the high mark.

This app is designed for real gaming professionals on mobile devices because it is used by a lot of esports teams, such as, for example, NaVi. It should also be noted that the program was able to capture the leading games in the industry: Minecraft, PUBG, Horizon, Fortnite and numerous others.

Global support from around the world allows the app to constantly progress and optimize from various angles; for example, the ability to determine the delay rate in a matter of seconds has recently been added, which has given a big jump to solving the question of network data delays.

When you turn on cellular and Wi-Fi at the same time, you can see how your gameplay will change dramatically with just one click on the button.

Tap Booster: Gaming VPN1

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Cleaner Game Booster

This software is capable of everything: cleaning the cache, saving power and battery, achieving high performance in games, scheduling updates in a word, everything you need in just one click.

To increase performance in any of the games, you will need to press just one button; the implementation of the gameplay will be at the highest level due to the new Flash Game acceleration technology.

It is important to note that the app, in addition to speeding up the game, improves the operation of the processor, RAM, and other hardware functions.  

In the process of using this app, you will never remember lags and friezes because the developers tried to fame and made a universal code that allows you to work with any type of game, no matter how much it weighs and no matter of the lowness of the FPS level on your device.

Cleaner Game Booster1

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