10 Free FPS Booster Apps for Android & iOS

Mobile gaming has not been popular for a very long time due to limited control and lack of characteristics in which smartphones could be compared to powerful PCs. First, you should measure FPS. Then, go through this article that discuss how to increase the FPS on your device with free FPS booster apps.

Gaming Mode – Game Booster Pro

If you want to play games without lags and friezes, then Gaming Mode is your solution to the problem. This app is one of a kind because it has a rakish set of various operations performed with games and has everything you need to improve the performance of your device.

The unique function of rejecting incoming calls allows you to make the gameplay really exciting because this makes it possible to concentrate exclusively on the game and on nothing else.

Blocking notifications, the option of which is also present in this app makes it possible to get rid of irritation and loss of concentration, which, out of domain, is an enormous plus.

It is important to note that this app makes it possible to create widgets on the main screen, which allows you to go directly to the game or utilities and not waste time finding the necessary.

An essential feature of cleaning apps to free up the RAM of a phone or tablet and significantly speed up the device will come in handy here.


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Game Booster 4x Faster

Game Booster is an app for optimizing your gaming experience. It offers many useful features that will make your gaming session even more comfortable and better.

The app manages graphics settings for each individual game, automatically adjusting to the requirements and capabilities of your device. It also recognizes and blocks all background processes that may use your device’s internet connection.

This program allows the user to customize it to suit their needs. You will be able to create individual profiles for each game, choosing the optimal settings for graphics, sound, internet, and other parameters.

The app has a library that contains the most popular games. It supports hundreds of games, which allows the app to automatically optimize each game without requiring manual adjustments. It also allows you to customize the game’s graphics and improve the quality of the transferred image.

You can also use this program to change the resolution of the game, raising it to 1080. A quick download of the storage is available here, which will allow you to find the necessary information in it.


XY Game Booster

If you have never played games or were not interested in mobile gaming, then this optimized mobile utility will completely turn your view, and perhaps even encourage you to become part of the gaming industry.

Still! The ability to support all popular games that have been released for a long time is a very rare option for app tools of this type. Just think this app is the very first to start supporting games like PUBG, Fortnite, Heartstown and even Mobile Legends-curb such giants of the real industry is expensive.

Of course, it is capable of supporting both the local access point network and the long-term evolution. Moreover, you can verify a reliable connection yourself – the utilities allow you to view a graph of the frequency of connections, which clearly shows that the app is accelerated using all the functions necessary for this.

The developers spent a lot of time achieving the absence of a high level of delay, which they did much better than others.

By the way, the app is constantly improving, and the course of the development company, expressed in cooperation with other specialists, gives more ground for development and the most comfortable pastime in the gaming industry.


GearUP Booster

If playing games on your mobile­ device and you want a performance­ upgrade, GearUP Booster may be­ the app for you. It’s supposed to reduce­ game lag, bringing out the best in your gaming e­xperience. Le­t’s examine its main points, bene­fits, and drawbacks in a simple manner.

The de­velopers of this app insist it reduce­s game lag largely. It makes your de­vice’s connection bette­r thanks to its special server te­chnology.

GearUP Booste­r applies VPN technology. So, when you game­, it sends your data faster to the game­ server. All data is kept safe­ so your personal stuff won’t be collecte­d or shared.

Also, this app is updated to accommodate­ new games pretty ofte­n. It even supports big-name title­s like TFT: Teamfight Tactics, Genshin Impact – Funtap, and He­llo Neighbor. So lots of games can avail its feature­s.

Finnaly, it is possible to say that GearUP Booster prese­nts a fix for gamers with mobile performance­ issues. It’s built to lessen lag, making game­s better. Howeve­r, the change from free­ to paid, and the varying user revie­ws matters. Think the pros and cons over, be­fore deciding upon it. Like e­very other app, you’ve to de­cide, especially thinking about data prote­ction and privacy.

GearUP Game Booster1
GearUP Game Booster2

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Game Booster – Game Launcher

This app was developed as early as 13 years ago and still is the leading FPS enhancement. This utility improves gameplay by moving unnecessary services to the background.

The developers conducted a study which showed that when using crosshair mode, winrate increases by as much as 10 percent, which sometimes plays a key role in any world-class mobile gaming tournaments.

With different modes of operation of Game Booster, you do not have to constantly control the operation of the device’s RAM – this will be done by the app itself, which will squeeze the required maximum; this option is called “Auto boost”.

It is important to note that the app has the ability to control temperature, as a result of which the risk of overheating of the device is avoided.

An additional advantage is that all your apps will be in the same place, structured and in the prescribed manner, which gives you the opportunity to improve such quality as pedantry, which will be useful both in everyday life and in the gaming process.

To control all app options, the developers have come up with Game Bubble, which l allow you to get acquainted with all the capabilities of various programs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Game Booster: Game Turbo Anlyz

Game Booster is a unique and innovative app to increase the performance of your mobile device when playing games. It allows you to check the performance of your device during gameplay. It also optimizes your device by freeing up RAM and closing unused apps.

You will see all the causes of crashes and freezes during gaming so that you can immediately fix them by setting certain parameters.

The app allows the user to customize various settings of the mobile device to achieve the best performance of the game. You can change the graphics, audio, video, and other settings to maximize the comfort and stability of the game.

With built-in graphics settings, the app allows you to improve the visual quality of graphics in games. You can change the resolution, textures, and other settings to make the game clearer and better.

The app will provide you with a list of games for which settings customizations are available. You will be able to select any suggested options and run them with the settings already applied.


GFX Tool – Game Booster by ZipoApps

GFX Tool is an app for optimizing graphics in games, as well as improving their performance. With its help, users can adjust various graphics settings to achieve the best image quality and maximum performance in games.

Users can adjust various graphics settings in games such as resolution, FPS or frames per second, level of detail, etc. Graphics settings will make the game more enjoyable to experience. Thanks to setting the graphics parameters, the game will become smoother and more comfortable.

Another important advantage of the app is the ability to reduce the load on the processor and video card of the device, which can help to avoid overheating and extend the time of operation of the device.

The user can choose the settings based on their preferences and device characteristics. This allows each user to customize the graphics to suit their needs.

The app has a simple and straightforward interface, which allows users to customize the graphics settings quickly and easily. GFX Tool is free, so you can improve every game on your device without any restrictions.


GameBox Booster

GameBox Booster is an app for gamers to maximize game optimization and performance, as well as improve the quality of graphics and images. With its features, it removes all technical issues that can affect the launch and the game itself.

The app automatically detects running games on your device and improves their performance while closing all unnecessary stuff and freeing up internal storage. Thanks to this, you can enjoy smooth and flawless gameplay without crashes or freezes.

The program also offers various tools to improve the graphics of the game. You can adjust the screen resolution, frame rate, color saturation, and other settings to make the game pleasant to experience. It is also possible to control and change the network connection in this app.

Create special themes for playing at night. Remove and customize ringtones, alarms, and notifications so that they do not distract you from the game.

The app allows you to apply settings automatically to all running games on your device, as well as connect and disconnect VPN.


biubiu-Game booster

Let’s talk about the­ Biubiu Game Booster app. The GuangZhou NingJingHai Te­chnology Co., Ltd. created it to spee­d up mobile games. Let’s look at what it doe­s well, the cool feature­s it has, and where it falls short, all based on info from the­ App Store.

Biubiu has a global re­ach. It helps you play better with game­rs overseas. What is more, it can smartly pick between Wi-Fi and 4G to give­ you the best gaming expe­rience.

Users can ask for a spee­d boost for games that aren’t already on the­ list. It also enhances Ninte­ndo Switch games, making them download faster and stre­am smoother. Designed to provide a stable and smooth gaming experience with less latency and disconnection​​.

Also, thre are plenty of other useful features. The app tracks identifiers and usage data, which could raise privacy concerns for some users​​. And while the basic version is free, some advanced features require payment, which might not be feasible for all users​

Wrapping up, Biubiu Game Booster offers ne­at perks for enhancing mobile and Switch gaming. It supports loads of game­s, offers worldwide spee­d-up, and there’s a zero-cost ve­rsion. But keep in mind data privacy, potential fe­es for extra feature­s, age barriers, and compatibility if you’re conside­ring it.

biubiu-Game booster1
biubiu-Game booster2

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Boost Cleaner – Clean Up Smart 

Boost Cleaner – Clean Up Smart is an app designed for iPhone and iPad users, focused on optimizing device storage and managing contacts and photos. With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of cleaning and organizing your phone’s storage.

There are a huge amount of different features in the Boost Cleaner, for example, Duplicate Photos Cleaner. This feature helps users identify and delete duplicate photos, including similar selfies and pictures taken at specific locations. It also allows filtering photos by date and location, aiding in efficient photo management.

Also, Boost Cleaner offers tools for merging similar contacts, cleaning up contacts with missing information, and deleting multiple contacts easily. It also provides a backup and restore function for contacts.

With the help of Free Storage Cleaner you can remove large and unnecessary files from the device, contribute to a quick storage boost and free up space.

However, the app operates on a subscription basis, which might not appeal to users looking for a oe-time purchase. And it requires iOS 14.0 or later, which may exclude users with older devices.

To put it simply, Boost Cleane­r is an app designed to enhance­ the storage manageme­nt and organization of mobile devices. Howe­ver, users should tread care­fully to prevent unintentional data delation, plus understand it might not tackle all cate­gories of file types that take­ up storage.

Boost Cleaner - Clean Up Smart1
Boost Cleaner - Clean Up Smart2
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