16 Free Instagram Followers Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Since you are in a social network, it’s important to build social connections in accessible ways. There are many useful tools for working with a list of Instagram followers.

Reveal the identity of your secret fans with the help of these free apps to check who viewed my profile on Instagram.

Check our list of free Instagram followers apps in 2024.

Followers & Unfollowers by One Tap Labs

The app will provide information about which subscribers are involved in the content. They are usually added to a whitelist.

The platform makes it easy to switch between different accounts. It automatically divides subscriptions and subscribers into different groups. The former follow the user’s profile as well as the user follows them.

The latter are not interested in the app owner, although they view his or her news. The third group is those subscriptions that remain unattended. The fourth are those that are of interest.

The app also shows recent interactions with the account. If you long press on the person on the list, you can add him or her to the favorite folder.

With one tap you can exclude from your friends up to fifty people with whom the interaction is low. The app is available to download for free. It is distinguished by a pleasant interface.

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Crowdfire is one of the best tools for Instagram. The free application allows you to choose the perfect time for publication and the most appropriate hashtags to increase audience engagement.

It also provides an opportunity to increase the number of followers and discover new followers and unfollowers.

Have you ever noticed that the number of followers decreases? Agree that it is interesting to find out who exactly unfollow? With Crowdfire, you can easily find inactive users and unfollowers. Whether you want to mutually unfollow is a personal question, but at least you will know it.

Find new followers and track how updates in your social media affect the number of followers and unfollowers.

Crowdfire for Instagram usefully complements this social network, not just allowing you to see who has ceased to be a subscriber but also offering other interesting features. The only application problem is slightly unstable operation on some devices.

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Social Scan

social scan application

Social Scan is an indispensable application for everyone who monitors his account on Instagram. It helps to see active users, those who followed/unfollowed you in one place.

The program allows you to see everyone who has unfollowed you on Instagram. Also, you can view the sum of likes, comments, total posts and so on.

You can subscribe to Premium account and it will help you to find out:

  • who from your following doesn’t follow you and whom from your followers you don’t know;
  • the most active users; 
  • the most popular posts;
  • the most popular hashtags.

Social Scan takes up very little space in the device’s memory and will please you with a pleasant minimalistic interface.

Social Scan screen 2
Social Scan screen 2
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Real Followers & Likes via Tag

An app with quotes to help attract real subscribers. More than ten thousand sayings are available. For convenience, they are divided into thirty categories.

There are both funny sayings and philosophical ones. They are as different as the people. Popular quotes attract subscribers, who are happy to like the posts.

The text changes the background and font style. You can get more subscribers by complementing the statement with your own photo. Statistics will grow faster due to profile views. Posts will spread across the social network. Only attracting real subscribers brings success.

The app is intuitively easy to use. It is free to install on your smartphone. It doesn’t take up a lot of memory on your phone.

Get Followers Likes

An app for getting new real subscribers on social networks. Quality content contributes to success.

The platform has a photo editor, quotes for images, videos and stories. It will bring a lot of likes. It’s enough to publish a post. In an hour, new subscribers and positive reactions are guaranteed.

The program can be used an unlimited number of times. It will invariably improve your profile. Sincere accounts are now valued.

The app is available to download for free. It is intuitively easy to use. A nice interface will raise not only the number of subscribers, but also the mood. A quote search works to save time. The photo editor contains the basic familiar tools.

Followers & Unfollowers by FollowTech Apps

An app that can track unsubscribes. This free platform provides analytical information about the profile. With it, you can easily manage the statistics. Now you can see the main and secret fans.

There is information about total subscribers, profile views. You can easily switch between accounts. Posts are also subject to analysis. Data on popular and failed posts is provided. They are grouped according to likes and comments.

You can identify people who don’t subscribe mutually. It’s possible to secretly see other users’ stories. Interaction with subscribers is displayed, from the last activity. You can see those who have removed a like or request.

The app will not allow attention to users who don’t appreciate it. It will leave only active subscribers on the profile.

Followers – Tracker Insight

An app for analyzing subscriber activity. Works quickly and accurately. Provides information about those who unsubscribed, deleted a like or comment. It will also expose inactive subscribers.

Groups all friends by categories: new, fans, mutual interest and blockers. Provides data about interesting pages. Indicates popular and failed publications.

The platform also analyzes story statistics and takes into account all the main viewers. It will not miss a single secret fan. Personal data is not shared with third parties.

There are several paid subscription options depending on the duration. One month, six months and twelve months are available. If you want to stop the subscription, you must disable automatic renewal. Using the app is intuitive and pleasant thanks to the functional interface.

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Followers – Unfollowers

Followers - Unfollowers

If you seriously track the list of friends and don’t want to read unfollowers, this application will get rid of the latter. Instead of manually correcting the list of friends, just click the “Unfollow” button.

You can clear the list from the top and bottom – from those whom you follow later and earlier, respectively.

At one time, you can get rid of 20 unfollowers. The Followers – Unfollowers application warns that it’s undesirable to unsubscribe from more than 200 accounts per hour and more than 1000 per day – this will lead to profile blocking.

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FollowMeter for Instagram

An app that is capable of compiling statistics on subscribers. This is an easy-to-use account management tool.

The analysis allows you to better understand the profile, track friends who have unsubscribed, the degree of increase in subscribers, the activity of viewing stories and profile. There’s a premium subscription that opens up more options.

The app also provides information on who the interest is not mutual. It will point out fans of stories and those who view them without subscribing to an account. There is data on users who are generous with likes and comments on certain posts. It’s best to unsubscribe from blocking friends.

The activity meter will assess engagement in the narrative. Even more information will reveal a tutorial entry. A nice interface makes working in the app intuitive.

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Get Real Followers & Likes +

An app that analyzes the status of the profile. It will provide data on subscribers’ engagement with content.

The platform makes it easy to switch between different accounts. It automatically divides subscriptions and subscribers into different groups. Provides data on interesting pages. Indicates popular and failed publications.

The program also analyzes the statistics of the stories, takes into account all the main viewers. It will not miss a single secret fan.

The app will point out fans of stories and those who view them without subscribing to an account. There is data on users who are not greedy for likes and comments on certain posts. A pleasant interface will ensure that working in the platform is a pleasure. Blogging will go to a new level.


InsTrack for Instagram

InsTrack is a simple tool that gives you complete control over everything related to your Instagram followers and provides access to statistics about your activity on this social network.

The main blocks in the InsTrack application:

  • Weekly engagement ranks;
  • Scheduler;
  • Media Analysis (pro version);
  • Accounts Comparison;
  • Audience Analysis in graphs;
  • Media Ranks (pro version);
  • Post Habits;
  • Engagement Analysis.

This application is designed to inform you whenever someone follows or unfollows you, as well as to inform about those users who you follow, but who don’t respond to you.

InsTrack also shows information about users, such as the total number of your subscribers and photos, the total number of likes of each photo, and other weekly statistics.

If you want to be aware of everything, including, who has unfollowed you on Instagram, then InsTrack is the perfect tool to instantly provide you with detailed information. You can switch between multiple accounts.

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Real Followers and Likes

An app for attracting new subscribers. They will bring new likes, comments, and reposts. It becomes possible thanks to quotes and hashtags.

The app also analyzes the qualitative and quantitative composition of subscribers. This account review will suggest new solutions to improve the profile and revise videos and posts. The average user can become popular.

The app identifies secret fans who follow posts, stories, and videos. It also informs about new subscribers and generates a list of mutual likes.

The platform distinguishes between personal and business accounts. It indicates which subscriptions are worth unsubscribing from.

Reportly Follower Tracker

Try this awesome profile analysis app. Data on secret fans, unsubscribes, and blocks will become available. Information about deleted likes, and comments will be public knowledge.

The app will show who is commenting on posts regularly. With it, interaction will become more interesting. All information about visits and activities in the profile will be contained in one report. This will help in building an account promotion strategy.

The analysis also contains precise indicators: engagement rate, graphic images, the average number of likes and comments, and popular and failed posts. A ranking of the best and worst subscribers is constructed depending on the activity in the profile.

The chosen circle includes the people with the most interaction. If someone unsubscribes from the profile, you’ll get a notification right away. The app can work in full-screen mode.

Fast Followers & Likes

An app for increasing the number of subscribers at the expense of real people. Subscribers and likes come to profiles with high quality.

The app contains a lot of ready-made quotes that will decorate your photos. Each post will collect a large number of likes and comments. You need to pick up a quote and an image of the same emotional coloring.

There is no limit to the use of statements. They will make great hashtags. The app is available to download for free. It is intuitively easy to use thanks to the functional interface. You can get more followers if you post your own photo.

Statistics will grow faster due to profile views. The more conversions to the page, the more popular it becomes. The posts will spread through the social network. Only attracting real subscribers brings success.

Super Followers up

Super Followers Up is a mobile app that will help you increase the number of your fans on social networks and messengers. It is an editor that you can use to process your pictures and caption your posts.

Come up with creative ideas and implement them using this app to get more reactions and likes from your followers. This app guarantees you 100% data security as it does not require access to social networks and your personal data.

Here is an easy-to-use and managed editor that will allow you not only to create unique photos but also to come up with original captions for them.

The app constantly updates the list of unusual phrases that you can use as captions to your publications. You can experiment with different phrases to follow the reactions and likes of your fans.

Processing your shots and photos in the app will allow you to increase the number of followers and increase their activity on your account. With the help of the app, you will be able to create a unique and original feed on any social network.

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Get Real Followers Fast Likes

Get Real Followers Fast Likes is a mobile app that will help you increase the number of likes, views, and followers on your social media pages.

The app offers a simple and clear interface that you will quickly understand even without experience in using it. There are plenty of tags and captions that will make your social media posts even more interesting and engaging for your followers.

Look for and choose the most unusual phrases that will fit your photos and help you gain more fans. To use captions and tags from the app, you just need to copy them. They will be saved in the same form in which they are presented on the platform.

Thus, you can immediately paste them into the caption under the photo and publish them on a social network or on your messenger account. In the app, all captions and tags are presented for free. So you can use it without any restrictions.

Also, the app is constantly updated, and its assortment is replenished with new unusual phrases, quotes, and tags.

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