11 Free Instagram Story Saver Apps for Android & iOS

For several years Instagram has become the most popular social network among users. People began to share every detail of their lives – food, pets, travel, and experiences.

Moreover, it became very easy to do it with the help of Stories – a built-in feature, using which your picture will automatically disappear a day after publication. If you value anonymity you may also like 6 Free Apps to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously.

Such automatic removal is both a plus and minus of Instagram – sometimes the day is not enough to watch all the new content and news of your friends and favorite bloggers.

Perhaps due to time constraints, you will miss important information, useful data, or the announcement of interesting events. In this case, you can simply download or save some of the other users’ stories to view later. We have selected for you 11 Free Instagram Story Saver Apps for Android & iOS.

Story Saver for Me

Story Saver for Me is a program that allows you to save videos and photos from Instagram on your device. As for directly using the app, you do not need to log into your account or anything else.

To carry out the download, you need to specify a link to the material for the program, and then the original file will be downloaded.

It does not matter what format the content has – a video of an unfamiliar type of shooting or a photo with special effects. You can upload content from open user profiles. Furthermore, it is allowed to capture those or other moments, which in the future will not be available for all social networks.

That is, if the user uploads this or that story in time, it will be possible to replenish the album with the memories of the person. In addition to stories, publications are also available for download in this program.

You can also attach links to them, which means they can be uploaded as videos, GIF animations, or photos. The main thing is to understand that only graphic content is available to users. No text from the post or what-have-you is not downloadable. Yet, that will suffice.


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FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for InstagramFastSave is the most popular service for downloading content from Instagram. It was downloaded more than 10 million times and has incredibly positive feedback among users.

The secret of such success is simple – the developers quickly realized that people would like to save content from an application that does not have such a function, and presented their own convenient service for this purpose.

With FastSave you can not only view photos, videos, and stories of friends but also leave them in the memory of your smartphone.

The application itself by the interface is little like Instagram. In fact, it is a collection of photos and stories of people from your subscription list, which are available for viewing at the moment. You yourself allocate and choose the files that you want to save.

To manage all downloaded files, FastSave offers you a Dashboard, as well as the ability to create a whole slideshow. If you keep your photos secret and don’t want anyone to know about your little hobby, just create a secret folder in FastSave – no one will see it even when viewing your gallery.

FastSave for Instagram1 FastSave for Instagram2


Story Saver for Instagram

The Story Saver for the Instagram app is designed to save content from Instagram and IGTV. The tool allows you to download photos, videos, and stories published on the social network to your smartphone.

To use the app, you will need to sign in with an Instagram or Facebook account. Once logged in, you will be able to access your personal news feed, subscriptions, and favorites. It is possible to connect multiple accounts simultaneously.

Using the utility, you can read and copy posts, tags, and view photos, stories, and videos. It is possible to find out the date of publication and the number of likes. Keep in mind that, using the app, you can not rate photos, read and leave comments.

The utility allows you to repost entries to your page or share them via direct. You can send pictures or videos to messengers and email. The search for pages and tags is supported. The query history is automatically saved, but it is easy to clean if necessary.

This utility allows you to save any content from Instagram, including clips from IGTV. An extra arrow button will appear next to the posts. To save a photo or video, just click on it.

If necessary, you can specify the download path manually. By default, images and videos are saved in the gallery of the phone. They are displayed in the download history, which can be cleared at any time. Note that when you download photos from the carousel, all images added to the post are automatically saved.


Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost- Insaver

Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost- InsaverIf you are an active Instagram user, then you are definitely aware of all the innovations and changes. Following the Stories, the service introduced the IGTV function – a small video hosting on your smartphone.

In fact, here you will not be able to look for the content that you would like to see at the moment, but your favorite bloggers and friends can put something interesting there. Insaver will allow you to save not only the Stories but also full IGTV videos.

The Insaver application supports all modern Instagram updates – there is also a dark topic that appeared quite recently. So how does the download process work? It is quite simple.

We think you have already shared your video, recording, or story at least once with the “Share through” function. Usually, in this situation, you get a small window with a list of applications that can send this content to the recipient.

After the download Insaver will be added to their list! You just need to click on the Insaver icon in this window and the content will be automatically saved to your smartphone memory – the quality will remain the same.

Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost- Insaver1 Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost- Insaver2


Story Saver & Video Downloader for Instagram – IG

Story Saver & Video Downloader for Instagram - IGIG is another application for downloading any kind of content from Instagram. Interesting posts, videos, snapshots, live broadcasts, and Stories – all this now you can save to your smartphone and access 24/7 – even without a network connection.

Not having time to watch the broadcast with training from your favorite sports blogger? Omitting information about the upcoming party? With IG it will no longer be a problem for you because the content will not disappear 24 hours after its publication.

IG is perfect not only for downloading content but also for reposting. Perhaps, you will like some video so much that you really want to tell all your subscribers about it – in this case just use IG.

In addition to the pictures and videos themselves, the application also saves Instagram tags, saves text, and much more. By the way, it should be noted that you don’t need to log in through a third-party application – it’s enough to use the official service from the developers.

Story Saver & Video Downloader for Instagram - IG1 Story Saver & Video Downloader for Instagram - IG2


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The Regrann app allows you to download videos and images from Instagram. You can create pending posts and add captions to photos. Using the app, you can download any Instagram posts.

To get this opportunity, you will need to sign in with your account. After that, you need to go to the official Instagram app, select the publication and share in Regrann.

The photo or video will be displayed in the utility with a list of available options. You need to click on the Save button and it will be downloaded to your smartphone. When you download clips, the covers are automatically saved along with them. The downloaded files can be viewed in the gallery.

The app allows you to make reposts of other people’s publications in their original quality. To do this, you need to open a photo or video on Instagram and share it in Regrann. Then the image or video can be published on your page by pressing Feed. Create a delayed publication to upload it to the social network later.

The utility supports fast repost and saves modes. You can enable a pop-up selection window with available features. Publications are saved by default without a watermark, but you can easily enable it in the settings if necessary. You can add a signature by selecting your own text.



The iSave app is designed to download photos and videos to your smartphone from Instagram. The utility has a built-in video tutorial for downloading content from the social network.

The app allows you to download publications in their original quality. You can use it to download your own or someone else’s photos and videos to your mobile device.

All files are saved in the internal memory of the phone and are available in a separate tab. If necessary, they can be viewed without leaving this software. It has a built-in gallery that displays the downloaded content. It is possible to view photos and videos separately.

Saved videos and images can be opened in a thumbnail format or expanded to full screen. To view them one by one, just swipe left or right.

To download content, you need to open iSave and go to the social network through it. Then, select the publication of interest, open the options menu and copy the link. In a few seconds, it will be automatically downloaded to your phone.


Quick Save

Quick Save allows you to download photos and videos from the Instagram social network. Create albums and use the built-in image editor. All files are saved in a special section.

Thanks to this you can view the downloaded photos and videos separately. It is possible to add publications to Favorites and create your own albums.

The utility supports autoloading, but it can be disabled if necessary. To make it work, you should give access to photos, multimedia, and files on your device, as well as enable autorun.

To use the QuickSave app, you’ll need the official Instagram mobile client. If it is not available on your smartphone, you need to install it and authorize it. After that, you should launch the utility, log in to your profile and copy the link to the publication you want to download.

The download will start automatically. This will be indicated by a notice in the status bar. If you want, you can delete the downloaded photos and videos without using a third-party file explorer.



The Postegro app allows you to view Instagram profiles protected by privacy settings. It is possible to download photos, videos, and stories in high quality.

To do this, it is enough to log in with your account and enter the login page in the search bar. The app automatically saves the history of requests, allowing you to quickly find the desired profile again if necessary.

The utility shows current information about the user’s account. It includes the number of subscriptions and subscribers. Find out about any changes from notifications. Using the app, you can zoom in on a profile photo and download content in full HD quality.

The utility allows you to download other users’ publications to your smartphone. To do this, you need to open the desired photo, video, or stories and click on the button with an arrow. The publication will be automatically saved in the folder with downloads on your mobile device.


Story Saver for Instagram by Sara Tech

Story Saver for Instagram by Sara TechStory Saver is a simple and convenient application with a friendly user interface. The name of the application is classic for all such services – you can immediately understand the functionality it gives you.

Story Saver will help you quickly and easily save Stories from Instagram to view them later or use them in your profile. If you don’t want to use your profile to access content, the service offers you another solution.

Right in the Story Saver you can search for a user whose stories or publications you are interested in. With the help of the service, any content from his profile can be downloaded to smartphone memory or placed on your Instagram page – you only need to specify the author or source where you found this content.

This is necessary so that you do not get into trouble because of the use of someone else’s video or photo, as it is intellectual property. Story Saver in general can even replace your main Instagram application – especially if you need to constantly download and save content.

Story Saver for Instagram by Sara Tech1 Story Saver for Instagram by Sara Tech2


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StorySaver+ by Abhinandan Chakraborty

StorySaver+ by Abhinandan ChakrabortyStorySaver+ is presented by developers as a service to simplify the life of ordinary users. Now you get a lot of opportunities to download files from the popular Instagram service and use them anywhere.

Moreover, the application does not degrade the quality of photos and videos when downloading, and not every application guarantees it. It is also worth noting that StorySaver+ is constantly updated and new features are added, which may appeal to you.

One interesting feature of the application is that you can view and download the stories of different users anonymously – they will not even guess that you have saved something to yourself. In the same way, StorySaver+ allows you to download not only Stories, but also IGTV videos, photos, broadcasts, and streaming videos.

The application even supports profile photo enhancement when downloading. Inside StorySaver+, you’ll get a gallery to see all the content you downloaded from the Internet – so no one else who can use your smartphone will see the downloaded content.

StorySaver+ by Abhinandan Chakraborty1 StorySaver+ by Abhinandan Chakraborty2


The service Stories in Instagram was created precisely in order not to overload your main feed with photos and videos, as well as to ease the load on smartphones and servers. The less data is stored in the public domain, the faster the application remains.

If you really have a problem when you don’t have time to watch the Stories, or if you want to save something important to yourself from another person, Story Savers applications will really help you.

It is not difficult to do it – just download at least one of the applications and do everything by the instructions. We hope that our article has helped you and now you won’t miss a single interesting story.

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