15 Free Websites to Stream Movies Online Without Signing Up

When the Internet became available, people had a huge number of opportunities. Serials and movies became more popular – after all, it is incredibly convenient. You don’t need to go to a movie theater to watch a new movie with your favorite actors, or buy a disc or tape to watch it again.

After such open access to content, filmmakers decided to make money with this opportunity. That is why it is difficult at this time to find services that are free.

Basically, the popularity acquired online cinemas, which offer you to buy a subscription for a certain time or pay for each movie separately. In this case, you already pay for the Internet, television, buy new equipment and in general have a lot of expenses.

This is why many users are looking for the most convenient way to find content. We decided to help you in your search and found 15 Free Websites to Stream Movies Online Without Signing Up.

It should be noted that most of the sites may be blocked in your country or have limited access. In this case, you should read 11 Free proxy server apps for Android & iOS article.


YouTube service in the representation of ordinary users is still a service with video content. Here you can watch videos and bloggers’ shows, watch short videos, tutorials and lectures, and much more.

But not everybody knows that YouTube also has full-fledged feature films and documentaries that are in the public domain. In 2011, the service launched its own section of Movie, which published various legendary tapes available for free viewing.

In fact, over time, YouTube has also introduced paid content. So, for example, now it is often possible to find films for which you need to pay a certain amount, and it is different for everyone.

The cost depends on the popularity and the year in which it was released. But there are also free options for watching. Unfortunately, all of them are accompanied by advertising – but no more than the standard videos on video hosting.

The playlist has so many films that you will not be able to watch all of them even if you do it every day.


Go to YouTube website.

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Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is one of those sites that does not have a permanent URL. So if you don’t watch movies all the time, but only a couple of times a week, you will have to look for it again every time.

The fact is that such sites with an abundance of content are often blocked and its administrators have to change the domain. This is due to the fact that the movies published on the site, in most online cinemas are paid, and this alternative viewing deprives them of profit.

On Yes! Movies you can easily find both new and old collections of films, series or TV shows. All of them are divided into specialized categories and have filters where you can find something interesting.

Every day the administration of the site adds new content, so you will definitely not get bored. The division into genres is done in a standard way – Yes! Movies just offers you to choose action movies, comedies, melodramas, and so on. But it is impossible not to note the advertising – it is on the site just everywhere.


Go to Yes! Movies website.


If you watch movies, TV series and shows, and now want to find a free service for this, you can choose Crackle. Crackle is a website that allows many people to watch different video content on their smartphones, computers, and other devices all the time.

Just like watching TV, a few times any video will be interrupted for short ads that cannot be rewinded or missed. This inconvenience allows all users not to pay for watching while paying for the work of the service team.

On a permanent basis, Crackle contains about a hundred films, as well as about the same number of series and anime. This small number is due to the fact that the content is not permanent.

Movies are constantly deleted from the site so that new ones can be downloaded and users can enjoy it. So if you can’t watch the whole movie, it is likely that tomorrow you will not find it on Crackle.

It also allows you to constantly add new movies for watching, perhaps even those that have been recently released. The service has its own application designed for Android and iOS, so you can continue to watch it anywhere.


Go to Crackle website.


Vumoo is one of the very first services for streaming various videos. You may have heard about it more than once, as most users do visit it frequently. By using the site to view it, you can be sure that you will find the content you are interested in.

Vumoo has a simple design that will not allow you to get confused in categories, as well as tell you what is popular with people now. Countless videos that can be downloaded or broadcast will surely appeal to you.

Most importantly, Vumoo has no impact on your online security. You will definitely not download anything with the virus and will not go to suspicious sites. For this reason, it is not recommended to click on ads located on the service.

If you decide to find something specific, Vumoo will act as an ideal search engine. The service collects all the data from other resources where you can find content, as well as provides a direct link to it. You will contact only the original downloaders, not the site server.


Go to Vumoo website.


If you like to watch movies with excellent IMDb ratings, you always need to find this information before you start watching them. That makes it a little complicated, but you can simplify the process.

FMOVIES is a streaming service that provides users with movies, TV series, and shows for free viewing. It is worth noting right away that the service is considered pirated in many countries, which often changes the site address, and previous versions are blocked.

We did not mention the rating in vain. FMOVIES immediately provides a list of movies available for watching, which are highly rated by critics and viewers. The look of the site is laconic and even too simple – you select a search criterion, genre or country of the film, and you immediately see the list of films available.

Of course, the whole site is full of advertising, but it is simply turned off with the help of browser plugins. But even if you don’t use them, FMOVIES still doesn’t put your device in danger because of the ads.


Go to FMOVIES website.

Pluto TV

For those people who are used to having music, movies or shows in the background all the time, it is sometimes hard to find something suitable. Pluto TV is a free streaming service that will become your free home TV.

At the moment the service is used by more than 20 million active users, which indicates high demand and good quality of the content offered. On Pluto TV you will be able to watch shows and other content from recognizable and popular channels, as well as other online videos that can be launched at any time.

Thanks to the linearity of the interface, you can immediately define the categories you are interested in. Are you interested in sports, politics or stars’ lives? Pluto TV will find for you the necessary videos that will not only be played automatically but will also be enjoyed by you.

In just a couple of clicks, you set up a complete filter for playback. In addition to streaming, Pluto TV also offers you to find content to search for – for example, an old release of your favorite show or movie. This service will help you to cope with loneliness or to diversify the workflow at home.

pluto tv

Go to Pluto TV website.


Sometimes users are looking for a service that has not only its own website but also its own application for easy viewing on the phone. ConTV is exactly what these people need.

The service has a well-designed website, which targets a specific audience. If you are a fan of horror movies, fiction, as well as love everything that is associated with comics, then welcome to ConTV. At the moment the service is only available in the United States, but you can always use it to connect to a VPN.

Initially, the service was based on Comic-Con, as well as actively supported by this audience. Previously, it was possible to find only anime, cartoons and movies, comic books, and feature articles.

Now the directory has been significantly expanded, and the number of interested people increased. ConTV offers you both a 24-hour broadcast and searches for films that are interesting for you.

Even if you do not want to watch something at the moment, the service will always tell you an interesting topic. You can read articles about fantasy, new games, events, and much more, as well as watch short themed videos.


Go to ConTV website.


We think it won’t be a secret for you what the name of this service came from. Popcornflix is a site with free movies, which does not limit its users in their interests. You can just go to the site at any time and find what you want to watch right now.

The whole search process takes a few seconds – just type in the name of the site in the search bar and Popcornflix will give you the video. You can also access genres to see a full catalog of available movies.

It’s worth noting that films are not sorted in the catalog – you just get a list of everything on the site. There is also a convenient feature of the service: Popcornflix has a separate website for children, which presents only films for teenagers and kids.

The quality of the movies you get is similar to the standard 720p quality, so don’t count on 4K and clear details. It’s all because there are no viewing fees, and that’s the same reason advertisements are shown. Usually, you have to watch small commercials on Popcornflix before the movie and a couple of times while watching it.


Go to Popcornflix website.

Movies Found Online

If you really care about the legality of viewing, then Movies Found Online is one of the best options for you. The service uses only legal content sources, which are officially free.

Video does not become bad or of poor quality – you just will not find here the latest cinematic novelties or any series from Netflix. Movies Found Online is perfect for those people who are not too demanding of movies for the evening and easily agree with watching classics.

There are even those movies that were released in the early 20th century. That is, if you really like old-style paintings or if you’re just a fan of black and white movies, then you’ll definitely find something to your liking.

Movies Found Online easily organizes your video selection process, providing not only genre division, but also other options. For example, a separate category includes short films, which usually last no longer than 40 minutes. On the home page, you can also see the latest news that has been added to the site.

movies found online

Go to Movies Found Online website.

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The latest TV series, the latest movies and any other videos that are popular with the public – all this you will find on GO STREAM.

This site will not only help you watch movies in the comfort of your own living room but also keep you entertained on the road, on the way to work and anywhere else. You just need to use your smartphone instead of your usual computer – and GO STREAM will be with you everywhere.

As some of the websites periodically clear their catalog, you won’t always be able to find the movie you’re interested in. GO STREAM also contains more than three thousand films of different genres, as well as different popularity and ratings.

You do not need to try to find it using a search engine – just go to the site and enter the title in the search box. It’s worth noting that GO STREAM publishes series or shows as soon as they are released for mass viewing, and you don’t have to wait too long to see what happens next.

Most importantly, the service does not change its domain for a long time, which greatly simplifies access to the movie catalog.


Go to GO STREAM website.


Don’t be confused when you first click on the link of this website and then see a small button at the top of the screen that says “go to the home page”. You can safely click on it and be redirected to the source where you can find free movies to watch without signing up.

Soap2Day is far from being the best-looking source, but if looks aren’t that important, you can use this website. What is more, it can be a little bit difficult to navigate at first – just take a look at the sections at the center of the screen closer to the left where you can see the categories that you can browse. Those include:

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Sports

Not much, but for this type of streaming service it is more than OK. One cool thing is there are lots of filters, that you can adjust to find something to watch: sort movies by genre, year, popularity, and format. You can just click on the movies and the player will be opened.

One important thing you need to know before watching – you need to shut down the ads block, otherwise, the player won’t run. There are two types of players – a new one and the old one. We recommend using the latter, since the first redirects you to the betting website.


Go to Soap2Day website.


Watching serials and movies online can be convenient for you on the CMovies website. Here you can find a whole collection of the most popular and latest series, as well as many Hollywood movies in good quality.

The film platform has no restrictions for users – you do not need to register, pay extra for your subscription, or watch a huge amount of ads. Administration CMovies of course has ads, but their number is significantly less than during the television broadcast.

On the main page of the site, you are immediately offered the latest updates on the world of cinema and TV series. So you can find out what movies or seasons are out at the moment, as well as what of them are already available for viewing.

Of course, you can sort everything by IMDb rating or choose only TV series. CMovies is a great platform to enjoy your favorite content or find something new for yourself, as each of the movies or series has a short description and a trailer.


Go to CMovies website.

Movies Counter

Bollywood is for some people an excellent movie producer. For fans of this genre, there is always a service where they can watch their favorite movies – it’s Movies Counter site.

Here you can find one of the largest collections of Indian movies that are publicly available. Also here you can find Hollywood, Tollwood and Collywood movies – although in much smaller quantities.

From the very beginning, Movies Counter was focused on Bollywood movies, which allowed fans of the genre to take almost no breaks between watching different films.

Since the catalog is constantly updated, you always have access to fresh content, as well as the ability to review old movies. Movies Counter allows you to download movies, cartoons, and other content in different quality to watch it on your device.

However, the interface of the site is quite simple and amateur – it is not exactly comparable to the largest platforms for streaming viewing.

movies counter

Go to Movies Counter website.


Before entering the website you will need to pass the verification – this process will take about a couple of minutes. Then, you’re redirected to the website, which seems a little bit chaotic from first sight, but you will see that it offers tons of free movies to watch.

Right at the homepage, you can see the filters to sort out the movies. You can sort by:

  • Genre
  • Year
  • Language
  • Release Date

M4Ufree also has its top of movies that you might want to explore. To watch a movie, just click on it, and the player will start the movie automatically. There are two channels in the player and you can switch between them, but we noticed that when you want to do that, you get redirected to the ads website.

It might take a while for each movie here to be uploaded, but overall, watching movies and TV shows here without signing up is possible.


Go to M4Ufree website.

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This website doesn’t require any verification when you open it and it’s looking surprisingly pretty. It has tons of free movies to watch and you can see it even on its homepage.

You can scroll down and see the latest movies added to the source, or search for a specific movie. What is more, this website is especially abundant for the various genres. TV shows can also be found here.

Another interesting feature is that you can browse movies by country – in the upper part of the screen you will notice the special icons. To watch any of it, you need to point the mouse at the movie (but don’t click on it, otherwise you will get redirected to the advertising website).

You see a player and you click on “play”. The drawback is that you’re going to be redirected to some scam websites several times before you were actually able to finally play the movie.

However, on the bright side, it doesn’t take for movies that long to upload here unlike in the case with other sources. For all of those who like watching free movies without extra hassle this one is a real gem!


Go to MovieStars website.

Some people disapprove of this approach to watching movies. Teams for TV series, feature films, and animators are making an effort to create content for you. However, it should be noted that not all of the presented sites offer you to watch the latest novelties, which were released just yesterday.

Many of them contain in catalogs old movies and series, which already have large box office receipts or are not available for official and large-scale viewing.

Either way, this way of entertainment will save you money and will not even require registration on the site. We hope that our efforts were not in vain, and you will use these services to find films.

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