Free Qualitative Data Analysis Software for Android & iOS (Top 5)

Any business owner is interested in improving all metrics, which will lead to positive development and increased profits. If you are stumped and don’t understand what part of your business should be optimized, this review will help you.

Here is the best free qualitative data analysis software for Android & iOS. Their main advantage is that they work perfectly on mobile platforms. This means that you will be able to solve relevant questions and tasks at any time right on your phone. 

Keep all your documents in a digital format with the help of these free apps that read texts from pictures.


Tableau is an in-demand and accessible service for analytical activities. Information is the foundation of your business. Tableau will be a universal tool for achieving objectives. Information management in the first place determines the success and prestige of the company.

Take advantage of the site’s resources and understand why millions of people tend to trust it. A group of like-minded people will give you inspiration for further growth regardless of your location. You can work with cloud storage or on local sites.

For convenience, there are data sharing, integrations, and visual demonstrations. You don’t need to learn the basics of programming to work on the platform. The site is intuitive. You can explore the information without interrupting your analysis process.

Realize the value of your investment in analytics, speed up your progress, and improve the quality of your customer communications with your new partner, Tableau.

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Qualtrics CoreXM

Qualtrix is a new tool for working with information. The company will no longer have difficulty collecting and analyzing information. Thanks to the intuitive interface, all employees of the company will be easy to work with. Projects and marketing developments will rise to a new level.

All data should be checked for accuracy. No matter whether the information is structured or not, the platform uses AI-based analytics. If all of your data is on the same platform, there will no longer be a need to change the software. It’s a more secure option.

Every worker will be able to increase productivity with easy-to-use tools and templates that are designed by professionals in their field. Complex processes are solved with a single click. Try automatic data analysis in the free version.


Voxco is an easy-to-use information-handling tool. Enhance the customer experience with analytics methods! Learn about their opinions and needs. Business growth will not make you wait – you will get increased revenue, customer loyalty, and reduced customer abandonment.

The following tasks will be performed: forecasting future customer actions, visualizing marketing dashboards, collecting data on customers, taking into account possible risks, and developing personalized offers.

You will have four phases of work ahead of you. The first is collecting customer feedback from all sources. Then there will be a satisfaction assessment. Implement the selection of priorities with the help of artificial intelligence. The result will be a reflection on the results and the creation of a new strategy.

The Voxco Research tool is designed to collect feedback. Voxco Online will help collect data from social media, pop-up questionnaires, and emails. Everything will be stored on one platform. Voxco Telephone serves for in-person communication, and Voxco Audience serves for online demonstrations.

Voxco Intelligence is used to collect and analyze all the information. Artificial Intelligence combined with machine data processing guarantees quality feedback. Automate tasks to prevent errors, and make work more efficient and safer – identify fraudsters. Optimize your business operations together with Voxco!

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Experience is knowledge, it accelerates development. Discuss platforms will accelerate the exchange of information. Logistics, analysis, and decision-making are now times faster. As a team member, the platform takes on these tasks and gives you invaluable time to spend on strategy development.

Through persistent interaction with customers, you’ll know their needs and dissatisfaction with reality. This will further enhance your performance: frequent innovations and relevant products or services. Discuss works in many countries and is popular because of its simple interface.

The team provides everything from technical help to training. All activities are protected by regulations. Try the free version of the site with a feedback option.

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A company’s profit is directly dependent on analytical revenue analysis. Hypersonix is a handy tool based on artificial intelligence. It combines automatic machine counting and a management system. The platform will provide predictive data and tell you which step to take next to increase revenues.

This way you can make strategically correct decisions. By analyzing the information you will have an idea of supply and demand fluctuations, competitiveness, and seasonal trends. Minimizing risk has become even easier.

When revenue charts take an abnormal shape, the platform will send you a notification with a further action plan. You’ll learn how to optimize advertising, promotional offers, and discounts. All of your business-related electronic systems will be integrated into one for easy operation.

No more wasting hours to get analytical information. You are one click away from a graphical display of your company’s development. Get quality advice that is based on reviews, facts, and information from customers and suppliers.

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