11 Best Free Car Insurance Calculators for 2024

The topic of the car insurance will never get old. There are so many options on the market, which one to choose? Well, we would like to offer you to use the best free car insurance calculators to help you to make that difficult decision.

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GEICO Mobile – Car Insurance

GEICO Mobile, the popular car insurance app, has improved the way users manage their insurance needs. Join us as we explore the world of GEICO Mobile and its ability to calculate car insurance costs with ease.


  • Convenience to manage your car insurance policies anytime, anywhere, providing ultimate convenience and accessibility
  • Cost estimation to make informed decisions and choose the coverage that best suits their needs and budget
  • Policy management to view and modify your policy details, make payments, and access important documents through the app

Main features:

  • ID cards
  • Policy details
  • Claims center
  • Roadside assistance

To begin calculating the car insurance cost, users need to fill in essential information, including vehicle details (year, make, and model), driving history, desired coverage levels, and personal data (name, address, etc.).

GEICO Mobile is a great tool for managing car insurance that will help you to get rid of all your worries about cars.

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance1
GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance2

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Insurance Calculator

Insurance Calculator has made quite a name for itself in the segment of car insurance calculators. While it may not be the most popular app out there, it does offer some functionality for those seeking quick estimates of their insurance costs.

Insurance Calculator aims to provide users with a convenient and straightforward way to estimate their car insurance costs. With a range of features and tools, this app attempts to streamline the process and help users make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.

The app features a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to enter relevant details such as vehicle information, driving history, coverage preferences, and personal data.

Insurance Calculator can be useful for a variety of users. Whether you’re a new driver exploring insurance options or a seasoned policyholder looking for a quick estimate, this app claims to cater to your needs.

Main features:

  • Car insurance estimation based on the information you provide
  • Personalization to customize your coverage preferences and adjust details to see how they impact the estimated costs
  • Simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and enter the required information

Insurance Calculator has its limitations. It primarily focuses on providing estimates for standard car insurance coverage types. In terms of safety, it’s important to exercise caution when entering personal information, as data security measures are not explicitly highlighted.

While Insurance Calculator offers basic functionality, it falls short in several areas. The app lacks advanced features and tools for comprehensive policy analysis. Furthermore, it may not provide accurate estimates in certain scenarios, leaving users with questionable results.

In general, Insurance Calculator aims to provide users with a quick and convenient way to estimate their car insurance costs. While it may not be the most popular or comprehensive app in the segment, it offers a basic set of tools for those seeking quick estimates.

Insurance Calculator1
Insurance Calculator1

My Car Insurance Calculator

Car Insurance Calculator attempts to be a one-stop app for managing your car insurance needs. From calculating premiums to tracking payments, it claims to provide a range of features to help you navigate the world of car insurance. 

Car Insurance Calculator allows you to calculate various types of payments related to car insurance. From premium estimates to payment schedules, it promises to assist you with the financial side of your car insurance journey.

The main menu of Car Insurance Calculator, has a mishmash of icons, buttons, and confusing navigation paths.

Main Features:

  • Premium estimation
  • Payment tracking

Car Insurance Calculator offers a range of additional features. However, don’t be surprised if some of these features are hidden behind paywalls or require in-app purchases.

To sum up, I can say that Car Insurance Calculator may not be the most popular or reliable app in the segment, but it offers a range of features to assist with car insurance management.

Car Insurance Calculator
Car Insurance Calculator

Root: Better car insurance

Root: Better Car Insurance has made quite a name for itself in the realm of car insurance calculators. With its innovative approach and catchy marketing campaigns, it has managed to gather a significant following.

This app claims to revolutionize the way we calculate car insurance costs. By utilizing telematics and personalized data, it aims to provide more accurate premium estimates.

Root takes a unique approach to calculating car insurance premiums. Users need to download the app and drive with it for a specified period.

The app then collects data on driving behavior, such as speed, braking, and distance. This data is used to determine the insurance cost, potentially resulting in lower premiums for safer drivers. 


  • Potential savings
  • User-friendly experience

Main menu Sections: 

  • Profile
  • Policy
  • Claims
  • Drive

Main Features:

  • Telematics-based premium calculation to offer personalized insurance quotes
  • Claims management to track insurance claims conveniently from within the app

While Root may offer a fresh approach to car insurance, it does have limitations. For example, the data driven premium calculation method may not suit everyone’s driving style or privacy concerns. Additionally, coverage options may be limited based on your location.

The user interface of Root is well-organized, featuring a clean and modern design. The color palette is predominantly green, reflecting the app’s branding. The interface offers a smooth navigation experience, making it accessible for users of varying tech skills.

To conclude, Root: Better Car Insurance offers personalized premiums based on individual driving behavior. While it may not be for everyone, its innovative approach and user-friendly experience have attracted a substantial user base.

Root: Better car insurance1
Root: Better car insurance2

Clearcover Car Insurance

Clearcover Car Insurance aims to simplify the car insurance process, offering a user-friendly app that allows you to manage your coverage with ease. It promises competitive rates, personalized policies, and hassle-free claims. 

Clearcover Car Insurance allows you to calculate and manage your car insurance payments directly within the app. By providing some basic information about your vehicle, driving history, and coverage preferences, the app generates personalized quotes and payment options.

Main Features:

  • Policy management to easily view and manage your car insurance policy details, including coverage limits, deductibles, and add-ons
  • Claims filing to track insurance claims conveniently from within the app
  • Digital insurance ID cards to display your insurance ID cards digitally, eliminating the need for physical copies
  • Payment options to set up automatic payments or make manual payments directly from the app

Clearcover Car Insurance offers additional services, such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement, to enhance your coverage. While the app strives to provide a seamless experience, some users have reported occasional bugs and glitches. 

Finally, I find Clearcover Car Insurance a user-friendly app that simplifies the car insurance experience, however, you can choose a more reliable app from the list in this article.

The General Auto Insurance App1
The General Auto Insurance App2

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Esurance Mobile

Esurance Mobile has gained significant popularity in the segment of car insurance calculators. Known for its user-friendly interface and convenient features, it has carved out a reliable reputation. 

Calculating Car Insurance Cost: To calculate the car insurance cost, users need to provide some basic information about their vehicle, driving history, and desired coverage. The app uses this data to generate personalized quotes, helping users understand their potential insurance costs.

Esurance Mobile allows users to calculate and manage their car insurance payments conveniently within the app. It offers multiple payment options, including one-time payments, scheduled payments, and automatic recurring payments.

Main Features:

  • Policy management including coverages, deductibles, and discounts
  • Claim filing to track insurance claims seamlessly from within the app, making the process quick and hassle-free
  • Digital ID cards to display your insurance ID cards digitally, eliminating the need for physical copies
  • Roadside assistance in case of emergencies

In order to calculate the insurance cost, users need to fill in details such as vehicle make and model, driving history, desired coverage levels, and personal information.

Esurance Mobile offers additional functions such as policy renewal reminders, a virtual assistant for answering questions, and the ability to request policy changes or updates.

While Esurance Mobile offers a wide range of insurance coverages, it may have certain limitations based on specific state regulations. Users should ensure that the app supports the type of insurance they require.

In general, Esurance Mobile is a popular and reliable app in the car insurance segment. With its user-friendly interface, convenient features, and hassle-free insurance management, it has won the hearts of many users.

The General Auto Insurance App1
The General Auto Insurance App2

The General Auto Insurance App

The Ge­neral Auto Insurance App has gained popularity in the­ car insurance calculator segment. Although it may not have­ the same leve­l of recognition as other insurance apps, it has e­arned a reputation for reliability among its use­rs.

This service strives to offe­r users a convenient platform for managing the­ir car insurance policies. This innovative app provide­s a wide array of features that he­lp users stay informed about their cove­rage and access crucial policy details while­ on the move.

The user-frie­ndly main menu offers convenie­nt access to essential fe­atures and sections, allowing users to e­ffortlessly view policy details, make­ payments, and file claims. With its intuitive inte­rface, the app require­s little to no technical expe­rtise for seamless navigation and manage­ment.

The Ge­neral Auto Insurance App provides assistance­ to users who have car insurance policie­s with The General. This use­r-friendly platform is specifically tailored for custome­rs of The General Auto Insurance­ company, allowing them to conveniently manage­ their policies directly from the­ir smartphones.

Main menu sections:

  • My policy
  • Make a payment
  • File a claim
  • Policy documents

Main features:

  • Policy management to review and update policy details, including coverage levels, drivers, and vehicles
  • Digital ID cards
  • Claims filing that simplifies the process for users

The app offe­rs users several conve­nient features. The­se include reminde­rs for policy renewal, access to contact information of insurance­ agents, and the capability to reque­st updates or changes to their policie­s.

The Ge­neral Auto Insurance App offers se­veral useful feature­s. However, some use­rs may find its functionality limited compared to more compre­hensive insurance apps as it may not provide­ extensive policy manage­ment options or additional tools for estimating insurance costs.

To conclude, I want to say that the Ge­neral Auto Insurance App offers a use­r-friendly platform for managing car insurance policies conve­niently, even while­ on the move. It provide­s a wide range of feature­s that simplify policy management effe­ctively.

The General Auto Insurance App1
The General Auto Insurance App2

Compare the Market

Compare the Market is a popular and reliable app in the segment of car insurance calculators. Known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive coverage comparisons, it has gained a loyal following among car owners seeking insurance quotes. 

This is a car insurance calculator app that enables users to compare insurance quotes from multiple providers, helping them find the best coverage at the most competitive prices. With a few simple steps, users can quickly receive personalized quotes tailored to their specific needs.

While Compare the Market strives to provide accurate and up-to-date quotes, it’s essential to note that insurance rates are subject to change based on various factors.

The app’s calculations serve as a useful starting point, but it’s always recommended to double-check with the insurance provider for precise quotes.

To initiate the calculations, users need to fill in information such as their zip code, vehicle make and model, year of manufacture, and driving history. These details help tailor the quotes to the user’s specific circumstances.

Main features:

  • Quote comparison to help users easily identify the best options
  • Coverage customization to adjust coverage levels and deductibles to see how they impact the insurance premiums
  • Savings opportunities to discover potential discounts and savings available for specific policies or insurers
  • Easy contact to connect with insurance providers directly through the app to get further details or initiate the policy purchase process

Compare the Market offers users access to various additional functions, including information on insurance types, helpful articles, and tips to consider when purchasing car insurance. The app aims to educate users on the different coverage options available.

The app allows users to calculate payments for a wide range of car insurance policies, including liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and more.

So, to my mind, this insurance calculator app is pretty useful and lets you try a lot of valuable options.

compare the market1


NerdWallet is a comprehensive car insurance estimator app that allows users to calculate their potential insurance costs based on various factors. It aims to empower users by providing them with insights into different coverage options and facilitating informed decision-making.

To calculate car insurance costs, users need to input specific details such as their zip code, vehicle information, driving history, and desired coverage levels. NerdWallet’s algorithm then analyzes this data and generates estimated insurance costs based on the entered information.

NerdWallet’s main menu is neatly organized, featuring sections such as “Car Insurance,” “Home Insurance,” and “Life Insurance.”

The user interface design prioritizes simplicity, making it accessible to all users. The color palette employs calming shades of blue and white, evoking a sense of trust and reliability.

Main features:

  • Insurance estimation to calculate car insurance costs based on personalized information
  • Quote comparison to find the most competitive rates
  • Coverage recommendations to receive personalized recommendations on suitable coverage levels based on the user’s inputs
  • Savings opportunities to discover potential discounts and savings available for specific policies or insurers

While NerdWallet provides a comprehensive estimation process, it’s important to note that the app’s calculations are based on estimates and may not reflect the final premium.

Moreover, while the app itself is free to use, it may recommend or link to external services that require purchases or subscriptions.

One potential drawback of NerdWallet is the limited availability of insurance providers in certain regions. Users from less populated areas might find a narrower selection of insurance options compared to more densely populated areas.

Finally, NerdWallet is a reliable and convenient way to estimate insurance costs that can become your best companion for all “car needs”.


Car Insurance Calculator

Car Insurance Calculator is an app designed to assist users in estimating their car insurance costs. With a user-friendly interface and an array of features, it aims to simplify the complex world of car insurance and help users make informed decisions.

What sets the Car Insurance Calculator platform apart from other similar tools is its comprehensive approach. Not only does it calculate insurance costs based on standard factors such as vehicle type, location, and driving history, but it also takes into account additional payment options.

Main features:

  • Car Insurance estimation
  • Customizable payments
  • Coverage recommendations

The Car Insurance Calculator app goes the extra mile by offering additional features like a glossary of insurance terms, expert advice on choosing coverage, and tips for saving on premiums. These resources cater to both novice insurance seekers and those seeking a deeper understanding of car insurance.

All in all, Car Insurance Calculator is a good platform for estimating car insurance costs. With its comprehensive approach, customizable payment options, and educational resources, it caters to a wide range of users, from insurance novices to savvy shoppers.

Car Insurance Calculator1

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ValuePenguin is an app that empowers users to estimate their car insurance costs efficiently. It has a range of features and a user-friendly interface, this app aims to simplify the complex process of calculating insurance premiums.

Main features:

  • Accurate estimates
  • Comparison capabilities
  • Payment flexibility

User Categories:

  • Novice insurance seekers
  • Savvy shoppers
  • Cost-conscious consumers

ValuePenguin’s user interface is comprehensive and well-organized, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

While ValuePenguin provides robust estimates and comparison features, it’s worth noting that the app’s accuracy is contingent upon the accuracy of user inputs. In addition, as of now, there are no in-app purchases or limitations that restrict access to essential features.

In conclusion, ValuePenguin is a popular and reliable app in the car insurance calculator segment. It offers accurate estimates, comparison capabilities, payment flexibility, and educational resources – so, I can recommend it to you.

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