11 Free Song Merger Apps for Android & iOS

Do you ever dream of creating the perfect custom playlist, seamlessly blending your favorite songs into one continuous masterpiece? Look no further! This article presents your key to unlocking that dream, unveiling 11 free song merger apps compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or just seeking to personalize your listening experience, these apps empower you to effortlessly combine music tracks, crafting unique sonic journeys. Dive deeper and discover which app perfectly suits your needs, allowing you to effortlessly merge your favorite songs and unleash your inner audio architect!

For enthusiasts eager to take their musical creativity further, explore these free AI music generators from text, a perfect follow-up for seamlessly transforming your text ideas into captivating melodies.

Audio Editor & Music Editor

“Audio Editor – Free Music Editor, Sound Editor & Audio Mixer” boasts a comprehensive set of features for editing audio and creating music on your mobile device. While it goes beyond simple video merging, its capabilities in this area are worth exploring.

The app allows you to merge multiple audio files and split existing ones, offering flexibility for combining clips or extracting specific sections. This functionality, combined with the ability to trim audio precisely, makes it suitable for basic video merging tasks by treating the video as an audio file.

Beyond merging, the app offers various audio editing tools like volume adjustment, format conversion, and audio extraction from videos. These features can enhance your video merging projects by allowing you to adjust audio levels, convert incompatible formats, and even incorporate soundtracks from videos.

While not solely focused on video merging, “Audio Editor” provides the necessary tools for basic merging tasks and additional functionalities for enriching your audio experience. However, it’s important to remember that for more complex video editing needs, exploring dedicated video editing apps might be more suitable.


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MP3 Cutter, Converter & Merger

MP3 Cutter, Converter & Merger transcends its name, transforming into a powerful audio editing suite for Android and iOS users. It empowers you to meticulously cut and trim audio files with pinpoint accuracy, guided by visual waveforms.

Beyond basic editing, you can seamlessly convert between a multitude of audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC, while offering compression options to optimize file size. This functionality extends to video files as well, allowing you to extract audio and choose the desired output format.

Batch processing tackles repetitive tasks efficiently, handling multiple files for cutting, conversion, and merging in one go.

Furthermore, the app breaks down barriers by enabling the merging of any audio format into a single cohesive track. This versatility is complemented by impressive processing speed, making it a time-saving choice for regular users.

The app’s transparency regarding its use of the open-source FFmpeg framework fosters trust and potentially opens doors for community contributions.

In essence, MP3 Cutter, Converter & Merger transcends its initial impression, emerging as a feature-rich and user-friendly solution for anyone seeking comprehensive audio editing capabilities on their mobile devices.


Music Audio Editor, MP3 Cutter

Super Sound aims to be a one-stop shop for audio editing on Android, offering a wealth of features for both beginners and experienced users.

Super Sound goes beyond basic editing with tools for mixing, fading, adjusting volume and tempo, and even changing voices. Users can even edit videos by adding audio, adjusting sound pitch, and extracting audio from video files.

For complex projects, Super Sound offers multitrack editing capabilities. This allows splitting audio into tracks, adding background music, and mixing multiple audio files together.

The app boasts format flexibility, allowing users to convert between various audio formats like MP3, WAV, and FLAC, and even compress audio for sharing.

Super Sound throws in bonus features like vocal removal, audio pitch adjustment, music equalization, and the ability to create blank sound files, making it a versatile tool for diverse audio editing needs.

However, while advertised as free, it’s important to clarify if all features are truly free or require in-app purchases. Additionally, the app description relies heavily on promotional language, making it crucial to research user reviews and independent evaluations before downloading.


MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Beyond ringtone creation, MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker offers a comprehensive suite of audio editing tools for Android and iOS users.

Effortlessly cut audio with millisecond precision, aided by waveform zooming and fade-in/out effects. Work with various audio formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, and FLAC, ensuring compatibility with your needs.

Edit audio tags, convert formats, adjust bitrate for quality control, and even boost or reduce volume for optimal listening experiences. Craft unique ringtones for each contact, adding a personal touch to your communication.

Merge or join multiple audio files, creating custom playlists or soundtracks. Experiment with the built-in audio mixer to blend your favorite songs.

The app automatically identifies audio files on your device and SD card, streamlining the selection process. Re-edit previously saved audio clips within the app, ensuring flexibility and control over your creations.

This app goes beyond ringtone creation, functioning as an MP3 editor, audio trimmer, and notification tone maker, catering to diverse audio editing needs.

MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker empowers users to personalize their audio experience with its intuitive interface and diverse functionalities.


Audio Editor: Cut, Merge, Mix

Audio Editor: Cut, Merge, Mix boasts a comprehensive suite of features for both basic and advanced audio editing on mobile devices. While the app description highlights its video editing capabilities, its core strength lies in audio manipulation.

Seamlessly combine multiple audio files into a single track or precisely cut out unwanted sections with intuitive editing tools. This makes it ideal for creating custom ringtones, podcasts, or even mashups.

The app goes beyond simple editing, offering features like audio mixing, fading effects, and voice changing. This allows for creative control over the sound, enabling subtle adjustments or dramatic transformations.

Fine-tune your audio with the equalizer for a personalized listening experience. Convert text to speech for creating voiceovers or presentations, and adjust the volume for optimal balance.

The app’s user interface is not explicitly mentioned in the description, but its functionality suggests a focus on ease of use. With features like video trimming and audio conversion, it caters to a broader range of editing needs beyond just merging and mixing.

Audio Editor: Cut, Merge, Mix appears to be a well-equipped mobile audio editing app with a feature set that caters to both casual and more experienced users. However, it’s important to consider user reviews and explore the app firsthand to get a clearer picture of its usability and performance.


Music Editor: Cut and merge mp3

Music Editor is a free mobile app offering a surprising range of features for audio editing. While its name suggests a focus on merging music, it also boasts functionalities for audio trimming, video-to-audio extraction, and format conversion.

The app’s interface is designed for ease of use, allowing you to effortlessly cut unwanted sections from your audio files and seamlessly merge multiple tracks into a single composition.

Music Editor goes beyond basic merging, enabling you to extract audio from videos, making it a handy tool for creating custom ringtones or soundtracks. Additionally, the format conversion feature ensures compatibility with various devices and players.

The app caters to different audio quality preferences by offering adjustable settings during video-to-audio extraction. It also provides a centralized location for managing all your edited audio files within the app’s designated folder.

Music Editor emerges as a versatile and user-friendly mobile audio editing app, offering a feature set that caters to both basic and more advanced audio editing needs.


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Audio Editor – Merge Music

Audio Editor – Merge Music goes beyond just merging songs. It offers a comprehensive suite of audio editing tools for Android and iOS users, making it a versatile option for various audio needs.

While the app’s name highlights its merging function, it also allows users to trim music with precision, extract audio from videos, and even record voice directly within the app. This versatility makes it suitable for creating custom ringtones, splicing audio clips for creative projects, and basic audio editing tasks.

Furthermore, the app supports exporting edited audio in various formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC, catering to different user preferences and compatibility requirements. The ability to import and export files through Wi-Fi and directly from other applications streamlines the workflow and enhances user convenience.

Audio Editor – Merge Music provides a feature-rich experience for those seeking a user-friendly audio editing solution with merging capabilities. Its diverse functionalities cater to various audio editing needs, making it a valuable tool for both casual users and those requiring more comprehensive audio manipulation.


MP3 cutter and Merger

MP3 Cutter and Merger is a versatile mobile application designed to simplify audio editing for both Android and iOS users. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, it caters to various needs, from creating custom ringtones to crafting unique mashups.

Effortlessly trim unwanted sections of your favorite songs or merge multiple audio files into a single track. The intuitive interface allows you to select desired segments with ease, making ringtone creation a breeze.

Beyond basic cutting and merging, the app boasts additional functionalities like format support for various audio types, ringtone preview before saving, and the ability to set custom names for your edited tracks.

Unleash your creativity by crafting personalized mashups for dance performances or other audio projects. The drag-and-sort feature in the merging function facilitates seamless arrangement of different audio files.

MP3 Cutter and Merger presents a valuable tool for anyone seeking a convenient and versatile mobile audio editing solution. While a more detailed analysis of its specific strengths and potential limitations would require hands-on testing, its feature set suggests it can be a beneficial addition to your mobile toolkit.


MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger

MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger offers a user-friendly solution for editing and merging audio files on Android and iOS devices. This app goes beyond simple MP3 cutting, allowing you to combine various audio formats like WAV, AAC, and OGG into a single file.

One of its key strengths is the intuitive interface. It displays all your music files, making it easy to choose the ones you want to edit or merge.

The built-in waveform view provides precise control over the cutting process, letting you zoom in for accurate selection. Additionally, you can preview your edits before saving, ensuring you achieve the desired outcome.

Beyond basic cutting and merging, the app boasts several handy features. It includes a built-in audio recorder for capturing sounds on the go. You can then seamlessly edit and integrate these recordings into your projects.

Furthermore, the app lets you manage your created ringtones, assigning them to specific contacts or setting them as your default notification sound.

MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger is a versatile tool for anyone who wants to edit audio files on their mobile device. Its user-friendly interface, diverse format support, and additional features make it a valuable asset for creating custom ringtones, merging audio clips, and personalizing your audio experience.


Handy Audio Editor – Mixer

Handy Audio Editor is a free app available on Android and iOS that caters to users looking for a straightforward audio editing experience. While it boasts various functionalities, its core strength lies in merging and trimming audio files.

The app excels at combining multiple audio snippets into a single track. This feature is particularly useful for creating custom ringtones, mashups, or compiling playlists seamlessly. Users can import MP3 files and arrange them in the desired order for effortless merging.

Handy Audio Editor also offers basic editing tools like trimming unwanted sections from audio files. This functionality proves helpful for removing silence or extracting specific portions of a recording.

Beyond merging and trimming, the app provides a built-in audio recorder for capturing voice notes or quick audio ideas. It also allows playback of edited files directly within the app and sharing creations via various social media platforms or email.

While Handy Audio Editor is suitable for casual users seeking a user-friendly interface for basic audio editing tasks, it might lack advanced features found in professional audio editing software. For complex editing needs, exploring more comprehensive audio editing tools might be necessary.

Handy Audio Editor serves as a convenient option for those looking to merge, trim, and share audio files on their mobile devices.


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Unlimited Video & Audio Merger

Unlimited Video & Audio Merger is a free app available on Android and iOS that allows users to join multiple video or audio files into a single file. While it boasts features like unlimited merging and video/audio mashup creation, its functionality seems limited for more complex editing tasks.

The app is advertised as user-friendly, requiring only selecting the desired videos or audio files and merging them. This simplicity might appeal to users who need basic merging without extensive editing options.

Despite claiming unlimited merging, reviews suggest a 30-second limit per file in the free version. Additionally, features like trimming audio and saving with custom names are basic and might not cater to advanced editing needs.

Unlimited Video & Audio Merger might be a suitable option for users looking for a straightforward way to join short video or audio clips. However, those seeking advanced editing features, unlimited merging without restrictions, or professional-looking mashups might need to explore alternative apps.

It’s important to note that user reviews and independent testing are crucial to confirm the app’s functionality and limitations before relying solely on its advertised features.

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