11 Free Tax Return Calculator Apps & Websites for 2024

A proper calculation of all of your existing credits and tax deductions will help you get the maximum possible refund. Besides, there are many other parameters that should be considered in such calculations.

You may not have an in-depth knowledge of economics, but special tools can help. They include these free tax refund calculator apps & websites for 2024. Try them all or choose the best one. 

Keep all of your expenses under control with these best tax manager apps.


Working with finances requires care and special skills. Taxfile mobile app will help to cope with the difficult task of calculating income tax refunds.

It will be an indispensable assistant for professionals and users with no economic education. To make full use of all the features offered by the calculator, just download it to your cell phone or tablet and enter the data.

This app is freely available and accessible to residents of all countries. With Taxfile, the user can independently calculate the amount of income tax refund, thereby saving on the services of a specialist.

The app is great for home use. The clear menu without redundant features is suitable for users of all age groups. When calculating the amount of reimbursement, you need to fill in fields about the family situation, sources of extra income, and the presence of dependents.

Obligatory items are also questions about real estate, mortgages, and student loans. Depending on the tax situation of the user, the number of questions may vary.

Using Taxfile, every taxpayer will be aware of the finer details of taxation. It is best to use the calculator as soon as you are familiar with the contents of the annual tax documentation.


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The EasyTax mobile app allows you to find out the amount of sales tax and calculate the rebate as quickly as possible. It is easy and simple to use right in the store when shopping.

You can estimate the number of your purchases on your own before you pay the money for the items you buy. The app automatically calculates the number of discounts from the final cost of purchases.

The calculator does not take up much space on your phone and is suitable for all gadgets. You do not need special skills and knowledge to use it. You only need to fill in 2 fields out of the 4 offered for exact calculations.

Enter the starting and ending price of the item, the total tax percentage, and the tax value. After entering the data, the two empty fields will be filled in automatically.

The app will be useful for buyers and sellers. Small business owners will be able to make necessary calculations quickly, easily, and on time.

With Taxfile, the shopping experience will be even better. Buyers will be able to calculate the price of goods before the cash register and protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers.



The TurboTax mobile app is a comprehensive set of options and functions for calculating taxes. Depending on their wishes, the user can calculate their own income tax refund.

You can also get help in checking the completed tax return or entrusting the work to professionals. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. English and Spanish versions are available.

All types of tax returns are accepted regardless of their complexity. Specialists of this service guarantee the correctness of calculations and the protection of consumer interests.

The user can contact the experts on any issue of interest in the field of taxation. Comprehensive expert advice can be obtained when chatting in live chat or during personal conversations online.

Many years of experience and the excellent reputation of the experts allow app users to be confident in the correctness of calculations. Specialists closely monitor changes in the tax code and build their work in accordance with the new legislation.

After sending a file with up-to-date information, the user will be able to get information about the stage of their documentation. Besides, a notification will be sent to the specified phone number when the result of the calculations is received.

To start working with the app it is necessary to take a clear photo of tax documents and fill out a questionnaire.



Sawhney Systems has developed the TaxMode app for efficient tax management. It is designed to make accurate and fast calculations in the field of taxation.

The tax calculator is suitable for financial experts and ordinary users. Bright and colorful designs, charts, and tables will help to reflect the real situation.

The app has recently been updated, making it possible to calculate profits and compare plans for recent years. It can be used to calculate income tax, self-employment and business tax, and investment tax.

The app helps estimate tax refunds for minors and dependents. If you enlist the help of specialists, you can check the result. In addition to calculation functions, the app contains a large amount of up-to-date information on tax laws.

When amendments are made to the law, the developers of the app update the data already available. For the average user, the TaxMode app will calculate income tax, refunds, and the impact of each individual item on the financial situation.

For experts, it will help take into account the fine details in complex returns, cut the likelihood of error, and analyze the investments made.



With TaxSlayer mobile app, filling in tax returns will no longer be a problem. The specialists of this service will provide support and help at any stage of the calculation.

You can now claim the maximum refund you are entitled to by law. You can use the app to fill out and file your federal and state tax returns.

TaxSlayer gives you a real opportunity to get the maximum income tax refund. Simple returns are accepted and processed free of charge. Other cases have various options available at the user’s request.

To make the process as easy and fast as possible, the app uses your previous year’s report. Besides, you must upload a photo of your W-2 form. By automating the process, the risk of erroneous calculations is minimal.

Tax experts can be contacted by phone or email. They will give you sound advice and help you sort out any difficulties that may arise. The app has an intuitive interface and is available in English and Spanish.

The developers of TaxSlayer are really serious about protecting the personal information of their clients. Log in to the program is securely password-protected.



If you need expert help calculating your taxes, use the TaxCaster app. This tax calculator will help you make the right calculations and save you time.

The developer company TurboTax has released a convenient and simple app. You can use it to accurately calculate your income tax refund, benefits, and investments.

It is constantly updated, so it contains only the latest and most up-to-date information. Use TaxCaster before you start filling out your tax return. Over a million users have already installed this useful app.

All you need to do to get results is to carefully fill in the suggested fields. If you are using the app for the first time, you need to send the initial information for a full analysis and matching questions.

TaxCaster also allows you to simulate life situations such as a wedding, the birth of a child, or a job change. Find out how this or that event will affect your financial stability. It is available in English and Spanish.

TaxCaster helps to correctly fill out tax paperwork and assess the user’s financial situation. 


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Income Tax Calculator

The target audience of the Income Tax Calculator app is users who are subject to taxation.

The functionality of the app allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the amount of income tax for able-bodied citizens and for persons of retirement age.

The program contains all the necessary information and offers to perform income tax calculations. The Income Tax Calculator menu will be understandable for users of any age.

After installing the app, all you need to do is enter the correct information and answer the basic questions. The speed and accuracy of the calculations will pleasantly surprise you. In addition to the tax calculator, the app contains expert advice on how to fill out and properly file a tax return, and choose an ITR form.

The app will help make changes to last year’s report in accordance with the adopted amendments to the legislation. The information is taken from official sources and complies with current law.

Income Tax Calculator allows you to share your results with other users. The app supports PDF files. Customers have the ability to save and reproduce a tax report for another year. You can open the report and continue your work at your convenience.


Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator mobile app is created for quick and quality tax calculations at home. By using a Tax Calculator you minimize the possibility of erroneous calculations and significantly speed up the whole process.

After you install the program on your phone or tablet, you will have access to the whole range of services. The app can be downloaded for free. It is relevant to residents of many countries.

Before using it, you need to select the tariff rate that is valid in your country. The app will save the data and use them in the future. This program will help the user to calculate the value of sales tax, value-added tax, and GST. This feature is especially popular with travel enthusiasts.

The function of calculating income tax, movable and immovable property tax is available. The experts of the app carefully monitor innovations in the legislation and make the necessary amendments in a timely manner.

If your country has an administrative fee added to the taxes, it is definitely worth taking this into account.

From the functionality of the app, it is worth noting separately the preservation of the once-entered tax rate, compatibility with most devices, and night and day modes. The program does not take up much space but is really useful.


Tax Refund Calculator

Tax Refund Calculator will become an indispensable assistant for those who want to calculate their taxes quickly and correctly.

The mobile app works in accordance with the adopted laws in the field of taxation and is constantly updated. For the app to work correctly, it is necessary to enter current wage data (basis, additional sources of income).

It can be used to calculate income tax refunds in one touch for residents of any of the 52 states. For more accurate results, you need to specify marital status, the presence of children and dependents, health insurance, and investments.

You can manually select the period of interest (month, quarter, half-year, year). All data should be entered once, at the beginning of using the service. If necessary they can be corrected.

The developers of the program care about the privacy of their customers, so they do not track the coordinates of their location.

The app does not require personal information, credit card numbers, or exact addresses. It is freely available to all interested parties.

The support team provides expert advice if you encounter any difficulties using the app. Questions and suggestions for improving the program can be sent to the developer’s email.


Tax calculator by H&R Block

The Tax calculator by H&R Block is a simple assistant for complicated calculations. To get the amount of taxes paid or debt owed, enter the number of your income. Keep in mind that tax is not just money withheld from your paycheck. You may have debts or overpayments.

You will distinguish between a tax deduction and a federal tax. This will help account for the amount of the tax credit when paying off debts. Record your tax credit and awarded income, and the platform will tell you what paperwork to prepare for it.

Proper tax return preparation and filing are also included in the training section. All of the platform’s advisors have more than a dozen years of experience.

Choose your interaction format: remote, phone call, online conference, or chat. Find out the truth about your tax situation and plan for the future today.

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Tax Refund Calculator by Tax Rebate Services

Tax Refund Calculator by Tax Rebate Services can help you get a percentage back on your taxes paid. There are many circumstances in which citizens have credited a percentage of taxes paid. You have to figure out the issue on your own and file the appropriate paperwork. This platform will help you.

Find out what you are entitled to. To calculate, you need to specify your tax year, your income, and the full amount of taxes paid. Different metrics are used to determine how much will be refunded. Among them is the benefit level above which you don’t pay tax and other income, such as pensions.

You should also consider the tax rate and the main indicator – the tax code. This service will show you the approximate amount you’ll get back.

This valuable information will benefit you in many ways. Know that you qualify for a tax refund and don’t miss the opportunity.

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