7 Best Makeover Games for Android & iOS

Removing the dirt, making makeup, and selecting clothes and accessories – all this brings aesthetic and moral pleasure. Going through this process is satisfying and even relaxing.

If you are a fan of games in dressing up, creating makeup, changing hairstyles, preparing models for the runway, and many others, then this review is for you.

Here we have collected the best makeover games for Android & iOS. They include all the above processes and more, which will definitely be able to surprise you.

Makeover Match – Swap & Style

Makeover Match is a simulation app in which users can create unique looks and experiment with makeup. In this game, you can select different colors and textures of cosmetic products to create the perfect look.

Besides, the app offers many makeup tutorials and skincare tips. In addition to makeup, in this game, you can choose the right characters for you and transform them to your liking.

Try different clothes, makeup, and hairstyles to get the perfect model. Also, each character has their own unique story of destiny, which you can learn about after choosing a model for your experiments.

To capture the results of your work, you need to choose the most appropriate location. To make it look even more attractive, you will need to decorate it. To do so you will have a variety of tools and inventory available to you.

Choose a location with the same theme, so the image of the model will look more organic in it. The game will not only let you learn the basics of makeup but also your attention because here you will have to pass a lot of different levels.

During the game, users will find items that must be collected for the successful completion of the mission. To pass the levels, you will also be able to play mini-games that are collected here for extra points and rewards.


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Family Town: Match-3 Makeover

Family Town is a game in which you can create different images for your models, as well as change their appearance to your liking.

The app allows you to choose items, cosmetic products, and even hairstyles from a variety of choices to create a unique look for your character.

Besides, the game contains many levels and tasks to help you develop your makeup artist skills. In addition to makeup, you also have to transform your surroundings.

In the game, you have to create your own city and buildings, as well as decorate rooms and change the interior. You will be able to make the city of your dreams, where your own characters will live. To come up with images and embody them in your characters, you need to choose them.

You will be offered several models, each requiring a personal stylist, makeup artist, and hairstylist. For creativity and creating images, you will get a range of all the necessary tools and cosmetic products.

Try on your own hairstyles on your models and choose the most suitable for them. But besides make-up and hairstyles, you will have to create and choose ready-to-wear clothes. In this game, you will transform unkempt models into real princesses.

For each image creation and passing mission, you will get rewards. These rewards can then be used to buy new tools, decorations, and cosmetic products.


Fashion Show: Makeup, Dress Up

Fashion Stylist is a game for those who love fashion and style. In this game you will be able to invent and implement images for your models, choosing different clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and accessories.

The app also contains many lessons on fashion and style, which will help you to develop your taste.

Go through different levels and missions where you will create different looks and learn the basic skills of a stylist, hairstylist, and makeup artist. Choose models for yourself, which you will use for your experiments.

After choosing the clothes, style, and make-up you can compete with the other players. Whose image will be better, and who wins? You can present all your models, even if they are presented in different ways. For victory in the competitions with other participants, you will receive awards.

It is possible to get both diamonds and special tickets, which will accumulate on the player’s balance. In the future, you can spend your savings to buy new items and accessories for your models.

The larger the range, the more likely to win contests. Play the game for free cause all the necessary tools and items to create the image are available in the app for all participants.


Love Paradise – Merge Makeover

Love Paradise Merge Makeover is a puzzle game in which you have to combine different elements to create new items and decorations for the image of your models.

This game has many levels and tasks to help you develop your creativity and imagination.

In addition to playing puzzle minigames where you have to connect the pieces, you will also have to create from scratch an image for your chosen characters. There will be a lot of models of different heights, ages, and types available to you.

You will be able to change the appearance of your hero, turning ugly girls into real queens. To do so, you can use the available accessories, hairstyles, and various cosmetic products.

For the completion of levels and missions, you will receive rewards, which will allow you to buy new items for your creativity. You will be able to compare your models before and after the transformation.

All information about your balance and achievements you will find on the main page of the game. There will be presented the amount of money and diamonds earned. Later you will be able to dispose of them independently to expand the inventory or to improve their own skills.

Also in the game, you can choose a companion for your character. You can even choose the cover of the magazine, on which your model will be depicted.


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Project Makeover

Project Makeover is a puzzle game compatible with a dress-up game in which you have to go through various obstacles, collect coins and create new looks for your models.

The app contains many levels and opportunities to develop your dexterity, reaction, and sense of taste. In the game, you will have to invent and implement images for your characters.

To do this, you will have access to a large assortment of different accessories, hairstyles, and other extras. You will be able to try on different outfits, that will make your models even more attractive and unusual.

Also, you will have to clean your heroes from the dirt, stains, and other details, that may spoil their appearance. You will be able to choose the protagonists, with whom you are going to work.

For each of them, you will be able to make an individual image, that will emphasize their uniqueness and originality. Also, you have to pass different mini-games and solve charades. For them, you will get prizes and rewards.

Further savings can be spent inside the game to buy extensions and various elements of the image. Save your images on the covers of the glossy magazine, which you can also choose and edit according to your preferences and desires.


Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars

Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars is a game in which you can create your own fashion empire. The app allows the user to choose different clothes and accessories for their characters to create a unique design for their fashion line.

Besides, the game has many different levels and tasks in which you can develop your fashion business and get new opportunities.

In this game, you will have to choose fashionable bows for your models. To do this, there is a wide range of shoes, clothes, and other accessories in the app. Also here you will be able to choose different hairstyles and hair accessories for your characters.

In the end, you will be able to compete with other participants in the game for the best fashion image. You will be able to rate fashion looks with their likes and stars.

For each victory, you will receive a variety of awards. For example, you can get special tickets, money, and diamonds. Then you can exchange them for other goods and accessories to create your images.

In the game, it is possible to create a fashionable image literally from the ground up. You will have to choose not only the clothes and hairstyles but also the eyebrows’ form and even the size of your lips.

Thanks to the victories in the competitions with other players you can become a real trendsetter. This will allow you to set your own rules and dictate your own terms to the other participants in this fascinating game.


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Makeover Merge

Makeover Merge is a puzzle game in which you have to move and change different elements to create new objects and decorations. In the app, you can develop your imagination and fantasy.

There are many levels, for winning which you will receive different rewards and prizes. These will be accumulated in your account, after which you can spend them on in-app purchases.

Also, you will be able to change not only the image of your characters but also the interior of your rooms.

Also with small fascinating mini-games, you will be able to test your level of intellect. To do so, you will have to pass one of the proposed levels and complete all assigned tasks.

You will have to help the characters to change their appearance. For this purpose, in the app, there are a lot of levels and missions of different difficulty, where you will have to clean the cuts, bald spots, torn clothes, and other illnesses.

Here you can try yourself as a cosmetologist, who will help the models to improve their skin and remove acne, bruises, and other imperfections. There is a story in the game, where you need to help the characters to solve problems in their personal lives.

You will be able to answer virtual messages from your models’ boyfriends, helping them to arrange their relationships. You can also dramatically change their image to make them even more attractive to the opposite sex.

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