11 Best general knowledge apps for Android & iOS

Every educated person should know what’s going on in the world. It is very important to maintain general knowledge in all areas. This can help you feel more confident and better support any conversation.

It is also important to have the general knowledge to get a good job. So, for all these purposes, there are interesting and cognitive applications available.

This list contains the best general knowledge apps. Here you can find both informative applications and various quizzes.

With the help of the first, you will get access to an extensive database of information. The second one will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice.


WikipediaThe importance of Wikipedia is hard to overestimate. Today it contains tens of thousands of articles in almost three hundred languages.

Wikipedia has long been recognized as an authoritative and reliable source of information. The service refers to official documents and publications.

The Wikipedia application combines all the conveniences to find the information you need.

At the first launch, you need to choose the language in which the articles will be displayed. The language can always be changed in the settings.

Immediately after the launch, the start page with the selected article is loaded.

The upper part of the page contains the familiar search line. Internal links to Wikipedia are loaded immediately in the application.

The first icon allows you to view an open article in a different language. “Nearby” is an intuitive search function for information in the application.

The ability to bookmark a page works great. Saved pages are cached for offline viewing. A link to them is added to “Saved Pages”.

Wikipedia Wikipedia

“More” shows the list of extra actions. “Forward” works in the same way as the “forward” button in the browser. In the “Settings” you can change the language, font size, and view information about the app.


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TED The TED app is a virtual speaker’s platform where you can learn about a variety of topics.

The first time you turn it on, the app will determine your system language and offer it for subtitles. After you are finished, you will be taken to the home screen.

The first “Recommended” tab contains two sublevels: “New” and “Popular”. You can switch between the tabs using the usual piles.

The next item is “All performances”. It’s hard to imagine, but here really all the performances. They are divided into categories in alphabetical order.

“Languages provide the opportunity to watch videos with subtitles in a specific language. “My speeches simply store the recordings you have uploaded or added to your bookmarks.

Once you have selected a video category, you will be asked to state how much time you would like to spend watching it. From five minutes to one hour. Depending on the time, you will be offered one or two clips. Or you can choose a whole thematic playlist.

Watching the video is quite convenient, with no complaints. You can also upload the video for viewing offline.


This application combines a variety of topics. Here you will find exactly what you did not know before.


World General Knowledge

World General KnowledgeThe World General Knowledge app is a collection of quizzes on a variety of topics. In total, the game has more than 2000 questions, most of which are given detailed answers.

The topics of questions are very diverse. Art and science, sports and geography, history and religion, music and cinema. And this is not a complete list.

In fact, this game is a kind of museum of curious facts. Some of them will be a real revelation even for the savviest erudite.

The choice of the game occurs when you first turn on the application World General Knowledge. Change the quiz can be on the main screen.

To do this, click on the button with the camera image or the name of the current game. If you have difficulty answering, you can use the tips.

You can also ask your friends for help through social networks. Not enough coins to answer all the questions? You can get them for being active on social networks and watching videos. Besides, 100 bonus coins are awarded every day for logging in.

World General Knowledge World General Knowledge

This free application will help you to expand your knowledge on a variety of topics in practice.


General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App

General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App is a popular collection of quizzes on almost any topic. Here you can take a survey on cooking or the plot of your favorite series.

This intellectual game has two modes. Classic, where players answer questions in different categories. For example, art, cinema, games, cities, great people, etc.

There is also a quiz section here. Based on the name of the latter, it is clear that this is a simple quiz with thematic issues. Here you have to go to the end and give the largest number of correct answers.

The app General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz stands out for its stylish and minimalistic design. It does not distract and adjusts to the full immersion in the game.

You can play alone, or fight with live opponents in online sequences. They consist of five rounds and are very fleeting. Winners are those who answer more questions.

If both players gave the same number of correct answers, the winner is determined by time. Questions in online quizzes are asked only in the current quiz.

General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App  General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App 

Real people take part in the game process. You can raise your level and get a stronger opponent.



QuizUp The QuizUp app is a competition in knowledge between people.

You can try your hands on many topics. For example, serials, sports, history, cartoons, art, geography, animals and much more. Themes are constantly added. After selecting a theme server will begin to look for the enemy.

The app QuizUp has a built-in asynchronous multiplayer. This means that the search for the enemy will be fast enough.

You do not need to answer questions at the same time. The system remembers that the opponent answered before and shows you the answer.

The duration of one game is about a minute, seven questions are asked. Whoever answered most of them correctly wins.

If you connect your account via Facebook, you can play with your friends. Asynchronous multiplayer allows you to avoid two friends in the game at the same time.

You’ll just see your friend in the game, but you’ll feel like you’re playing at the same time. There are seven questions in the game. For the very first give the most points, for each of the next points gives less.

For the correct answer to the final question, you will be awarded a double bonus.

QuizUp QuizUp

The app QuizUp contains statistics, in which you can see your losses and achievements. There is also a rating of players. As among your friends, and compared to the rest of the world.


Kids GK Quiz App – Lot of Categories

Kids GK Quiz App - Lot of CategoriesIn the Kids GK Quiz App – Lot of Categories app, you fight one-on-one with live opponents from all over the world.

Opponents can be found both randomly and by inviting your friends. To do this, log in using your account on one of the social networks.

The fight consists of seven rounds. In each of the rounds, you need to choose one of the four options to answer the question.

On reflection, it is given 10 seconds. The faster you answer, the more points you earn. The correct answer is given from 10 to 20 points.

The exception is the last round in which the points are multiplied by two. The winner is determined by the number of points scored and a draw is also possible.

That’s more than a thousand in the game. There are general topics – “movies”, “music”, “Internet”, “games”, “science”. And narrower topics – for example, “Game of Thrones” and “Apple”. And the total number of questions has already exceeded 600 thousand.

During the game, you earn experience points and get levels. There is a rating of players – both worldwide and within the country.

Kids GK Quiz App - Lot of Categories Kids GK Quiz App - Lot of Categories

If you are in the top ten of the best players in a particular topic in your country, you will be notified. These achievements are always displayed next to the name.


Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz

Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge QuizIn the Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz app, you need to answer the questions by selecting one of the four correct options.

Quizzes on a variety of topics are collected here. So you can improve your knowledge in all directions. Each time you learn something new.

The search for opponents is carried out in one of three ways. The easiest way is to choose a random opponent from a large number of users of the application Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz.

You can easily arrange a competition at any time. You can also add friends by their nickname or invite them from Facebook. To do this, you need to log in to your Facebook account.

The battle consists of six rounds. In each round, you need to answer three questions from a certain category. The winner is the player who has given more correct answers.

The app Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz has themes for every taste:

  • Music.
  • “Games of all sorts.”
  • “In the world of cinema.”
  • “Technological progress.”
  • “Around the world.”
  • “Granite of science.”
  • “In the world of sports.”
  • “Flora and fauna.”
  • And the others.

Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz

The question base is very extensive and regularly updated. Besides, it is possible to send your own question. Your question will be added to the game after moderation. Thus, the likelihood that you will come across the same questions is extremely small.


General Knowledge

General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge is a cool game in the form of a social network with puzzles, which is simply unrealistic to come off.

Here you will find questions on a variety of topics. Expand your horizons and learn something new every day.

You can try yourself in a variety of areas. See how well you know your favorite shows, books, movies or other things.

Compete with friends and strangers from all over the world. Prove that you know better than anyone else.

The gameplay process takes the form of a quiz. First, you choose the theme of the competition, and then you are looking for a partner. People are from all over the world.

When a partner is found the app General Knowledge generates questions for the quiz and the competition begins. Each round begins with a question.

After which you are given options for answers and start counting down the time. The sooner you answer, the more points you get for the answer. Only 6 rounds.

General Knowledge General Knowledge

For the first five rounds, you get up to 15 points or less. Double the number of points you get in the last round. Questions come in the form of text, images or even formulas.



Curiosity The Curiosity app will help you expand your knowledge in any field. To do this, you will have to take a variety of educational quizzes.

A huge number of different topics make the game very exciting and varied. For example, you can try yourself in movies or phrases from the games.

Then you can try the literature. So you will find a suitable topic, where you can not only answer questions but also to develop.

All topics are divided into blocks – new, popular and so on. There is also a breakdown of topics such as economics, literature, games.

For each duel, you get experience points. They are counted in the moneybox of the topic in which you play. There is no general level, it is worth considering.

The more answers you give, the more points you get and the faster you raise the level. There are also achievements in the game – 50 games won, 100 correct answers and so on.

The app Curiosity is incredibly interesting and exciting. Besides, it can be played every day. Constantly updated questions, topics, and other things.

Curiosity Curiosity

You can constantly look for new topics for games, expand your horizons and get a lot of positive from this. Besides, the application Curiosity does not need any built-in shopping.


Khan Academy

Khan AcademyKhan Academy is an exciting app where you can take a course in mathematics, chemistry, or prepare for tests.

This is a set of video lessons, of which there are already more than 1800. More than a million people watch them every month. It is the largest virtual school in the world.

With the help of the application Khan Academy, you can browse the lecture categories.

Look for what you are interested in and then watch more than 3500+ videos for free. You can also download video clips for local viewing.

Also in the application Khan Academy, it is possible to take quizzes on different topics. Rivals take turns choosing topics.

Over time, you will be able to select the categories in which you are strong. This will allow you to answer more successfully. In addition to the gameplay in the Khan Academy app, the social network features are implemented.

Each topic is a whole community of people’s interests. Here users post different pictures, conduct surveys and just communicate. It is possible to add friends and personal correspondence.

Khan Academy Khan Academy

The application Khan Academy is absolutely free and does not need extra purchases. Besides, there is no annoying advertising.



Udemy Udemy app is ideal for those who are used to moving at their own pace in the world of online education. All the lessons in the application, of course, are free.

No registration is required to watch the video. But, to access all the features you need to log in to the application Udemy.

It can be done through a Google account or Facebook. After that, it will be much more convenient for you to keep track of your achievements and progress.

On the Watch tab, select what you want to learn now. For example, algebra or economics. A convenient page opens, where lectures are arranged in ascending order of complexity.

In the “Practice” tab you will find exercises for different subjects. You can search both by the list and by the knowledge map.

The second method shows the connection of one field of knowledge with another. This method also helps to choose where to go next. After finding the right exercise, you will have to solve many problems.

You can also find statistics in your profile. For example, how many hours of video you have watched. Or which tasks you have completed and where you have made a mistake.

Udemy Udemy

This way you can see your strengths and weaknesses. This is especially useful for those who are not keeping up with the pace of teaching at school. They can pull up on their own so they don’t make mistakes in class.


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