11 Best graph paper drawing and digital drawing apps for Android & iOS

Statistical data shows that most of us percept the information better in a visual way. From our childhood, we like to look through the book in order just to find a cute picture. As adults, we often make impulsive purchases lead by a pretty image.

In other words – we like visuals and they don’t lose their popularity ever. Want to try to create your own image? A picture? Do you need to present graphic information to someone? Do you need to represent a statistic data in front of the audience? Need unique images for an important presentation?

The list of the following apps will help you not only to create any kind of drawing you want but also to present the information that you are trying to pass to this world in an interesting and structured way.

Bamboo Paper

The profession of a designer is a creative one. You can turn your ideas into reality, using your imagination and inspiration. As an advantageous bonus, it is well-paid. Actually, nowadays, in the era of social media marketing, designers are at high demand. Want to practice your own designer skills? Then try out this app.

Now you can fix all the ideas that hit your head immediately and save them in this app. Turn your phone into a mini-studio! You can create your own colors, the range consists of 36 of them and you can choose different shades. Many people may have a concern that it is not that comfortable to draw using the mobile device. On the opposite, here it is quite convenient to make sketches and drawings thanks to the special technologies.

Another function is that you can add your own photos to the app and edit them by drawing on them. Again, an advanced palette of colors will give you a chance to do something unusual. Lots of people using apps like this know, that it has always been problematic to add thin lines to sketches. Well, in Bamboo Paper you can make your lines extremely thin without any damage to comfort, thanks to the scaling technologies.

It is also a great co-working system both for designers and people who like to draw. You can unite and create your mutual paintings, putting your efforts in one. You can register yourself, post your drawings, share your ideas with others.

For those who prefer using both paper and digital appliances, there is a way to unite these 2 options. Create your sketches with a pen on the sheet and then transfer it to the app by scanning a picture and edit it as you like. This is a good way to mix handy drawing adding a curious digital element to it.




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Draw on a graph paper

Have you seen all those videos with people creating masterpieces with their fingers on their smartphones’ or tablets’ screens? Well, if you want to try to do the same then get this app. Watch, maybe, a tutorial on YouTube to understand basic techniques and steps for beginners.

It is convenient that the app has the lined paper so it will be easier for you to scale your drawings. You can straighten your lines and see how much space your drawing will occupy. In general, this app is more than simple, comparing it to the previous one and it will probably be suitable for beginners or for those who like challenges and want to try to create something intricate with the minimal set of tools.



Drawing Grid

Not everyone is good at drawing but many people try. In recent years drawing has been getting more and more popular though it is not something you can learn in a couple of lessons. You should take your time and put your practice for acquiring the skill you want and then hard work pays back.

This app allows you to create both the paintings from scratch or paint on already existing images. All you have to do is to upload your picture and make a sketch. Draw your own grid on the paper. Choose different colors. What is more, you can cut the picture in squares and then copy them separately on your device.



Paper by WeTransfer

Drawing is also used in psychotherapy to help people to pour their emotions out. Drawing helps you to concentrate on the image you would like to present to the world, meanwhile calming you down and letting you go off the heavy thoughts. When you focus on drawing, both your eyes, hands and brain are working simultaneously with emotions which is really good for your mental health.

This is one of the most popular drawing apps on the market. Chosen by more than 25 million people, it will let you get all your ideas into reality. All kinds of painting – sketching, typings, drawing – are possible. With fast, gesture-based navigation it’s easy and natural to use Paper.

Now you don’t have to worry about your picture being imperfect. Tools in the app help you to polish the lines and sketches, tailoring it to the shape you want them to be. You can use one of the templates and see how it works as well.

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a mess. Add multiple photos to a single page and cut, stick, move and fix without the fuss of complex layers. To get inspired, use mood boards or storyboards. Compile your best ideas to create interesting drawings and paintings, because you never know where the inspiration catches you.

It can happen that learning how to operate the tools in the app take you tons of your time. Here you will be getting quick navigations on tools usage which makes the whole process easy to understand and happens simultaneously with your drawing. Add multiple photos to a single page and cut, stick, move and fix without the fuss of complex layers.

When it’s been a while and you already have a collection of your paintings you can organize them together in a beautiful album. The app will provide you with choices on how to decorate one. All the covers are customizable so you can pick your leftovers into one album.

The wide range of tools, thousands of variants of design and the convenient interface will help you to be as creative as possible with no limits. The app is currently evolving so it is possible that there will be some more positive changes in the future.



Tayasui Sketches

They say an artist has a special soul. Well, what we can say is that an artist is always an extraordinary person. Maybe, from the earlier painters, you can’t say that for sure (probably because all their works were mostly ordered by wealthy people). But later we could see that such artists as Picasso or Dali showed the world that there is a certain place for personality when you paint.

So release your inner self. With the refined sketches brushes, Tayasui Sketches brings you an opportunity do draw the best pictures of your life. The friendly and easy interface is comfortable to use along with letting you dazzle sketches, cheerful paintings and smashing illustrations on the go. Each stroke behaves vividly and truly like a brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle, and width to your movements. It’s an effect you have to see to believe.

Import your own photos to paint on them. You can, for example, make your own beautiful photo and make it even more eye-catching and special by editing it with hand drawings. Over 20 ultra-realistic tools will help you to do that. Watercolor brushes will surprise you with the level of realism they paint. Or for more precise results you can edit your brushes making them more suitable for the type of sketch you want to create.

To simplify your task you can use layers. When your image is ready you can export them as a PNG image. Import and export PSD layered files. In order to keep everything organized, create cutely decorated folders, expressing your personality and make collections of your personal masterpieces.



Adobe Illustrator Draw

Well, this is a developer, that everyone knows for sure. Try this Illustrator from Adobe to challenge your skills and upgrade them. As a result, you will get amazing pictures which you can use in your portfolio or just present to your friends and family. The app won a prize in PlayStore Editor’s Choice Award.

Create the arrow works with layers for images and sketches which later can be edited in Photoshop. Illustrators, graphic designers and artists now can enlarge the scale up to 64 times to see more details of a picture. The app has 5 customizable brushes with adjustable transparency, size, and color.

You can work simultaneously on several paintings and layers for drawing. Considering layers, now you can rename, double, mix and edit each of them. You can use it along with the following apps: Photoshop, Illustrator, Capture
Photoshop Sketch.

To find the background you need, you can use Adobe Stock to get some variants from there. Adobe CreativeSync technology synchronizes and updates your work for multiple devices so you can start drawing on a tablet and continue later with a smartphone. When you post pictures you created, other users can leave comments and you can leave your comments under other’s works as well.




ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

Did you have a dream in your childhood to become a painter? Was that kind of a dream that never came true? Fortunately, everything is possible in the contemporary world. As assistance, you can get an excellent app which will help you to develop your painting abilities.

ArtFlow will turn your phone into the digital album, with more than 80 painting brushes and various painting modes. Easy and understandable interface, big number of tools, an intuitive system of painting will make the screen of your phone to feel like canvas.

Use gradient filling to get better results. Set up the colors to your needs and regulate their brightness. You can put up to 32 layers, with 11 blending modes and controlling the transparency. All the canvas that you will b get will be in high-res mode. The app supports NVIDIA DirectStylus.

You can export your files in PSD, PNG or JPEG. Change your brush density with different pressure strength. Another useful option here is “Palms ignoring” which will help you avoid random strokes left by fingers and changing the scale of a picture by accident touch.



Infinite Painter

This app has one of the most advanced algorithms for painting. Enjoy the diversity of possibilities with more than 160 painting brushes a number of painting modes. Moreover, you can add and custom your own brushes to get the exact effect you want. All the settings are easy to change in this app so you can not be distracted by the external factors while creating.

Or you can see the experiment with 4 types of symmetry along with layering different levels of Photoshop. Create the thinnest lines with the help of specific tools. You can even create arts in 3D mode. Upload a picture in the app and make a drawing out of it. Wide possibilities for editing will help you to add personality to your pics.

You can reverse the picture and reflect it from both sides. Such effects as spiraling, shades or duplicating are available. Import and export files in PSD. For better convinience add tools to the upper panel of the screen.



Draw A Graph!

Remember all these complicated graphs you had to draw in school/university while studying math? Were you good at it? Well, even if you hated it with your all heart, this app will reassure you, because creating drawing here is captivating and exciting.

A hybrid between simple sketching and professional vector drawing apps, Draw A Graph offers a range of handy line drawing tools that are simple yet powerful. This app has an intuitive interface which will help you to make your drawing process easier. No more smashed lines! Besides, there are not so many confusing tools which you need to learn how to use wasting energy on it – everything is understandable within seconds.

In addition, you can take different objects, place them on the screen and then change the shape and colors of them. Check out the screenshots for some of the properties you can modify. The most complicated lines – parabolas, cubic curves, arcs – you can create in this app. There is also a function which is called group editing tool – choose multiple objects and edit them at once.

Define, how big your grinds will be and level of their color brightness. It’s like printing out your own grid paper. All the drawing you make will be saved automatically, you don’t have to worry about it. Then, you can share your full picture on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.



Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Another more or less professional app for.graphic drawing. This brand doesn’t need an introduction, the name speaks for itself. You can draw breathtaking sketches using pens, highlighters, paints, brushes with ink, brushes with soft pastel and aqua colors. Later you can export your drawings to other Adobe apps, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Access to the more than 11 colors is highly appreciated by the users. You can regulate the intensity of the color, brightness, and transparency. With Capture function, you can customize your brushes up to infinity. You can layer images, editing them according to your taste.

You can regulate the density of the stroke of the brushes and also choose its shape and trace. It is also possible to add geometric shapes and subheadings to the picture you’re editing. You can scale your drawing of the photo you upload before in order to insert little strokes which, nevertheless, later will add special impression to your sketch.

All the settings are adjustable and easy to understand. Though, for those you like an impressive set of tools and options this app will probably not be the first choice. All the functions represented here are basic and allow you doing things that many other apps can offer as well. The question is the ultimate quality of the picture – it’s where Adobe has always had an advantage.




Graph Draw Ad

If you would like to visualize any graph quickly and effortlessly, then you should use this app. This could be used, for example, by the startup owners to present the income of their projects to investors. Put your numeric data in the app and get a graph based on it.

Just go to the setup section and key in your numbers. Another way, you can choose a text file from your device and upload it to the app. Make sure the data you are putting in is precise and realistic, otherwise, the app will not work. The maximum limit of numbers is 40-60. At Process section, tap Graph to select the list and set some graph settings. Tap Draw Graph to see your line chart.

You can use different colors to highlight the graphs and make them distinct from each other. Put your formula inside the bar and the graph will count it. Choose the thickness of the lines, text color and title of the graph in order to make it more understandable and informative.



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