GRBackPro Windows Server Backup Software Review

You no longer need to search for a fast and reliable backuper if you deal with Windows, both 32 and 64-bit version servers.

Meet GRBackPro – Professional Windows Server Backup Software.

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Download, install, set up schedules for different types of backups, maybe tasks after the end of backups or before them, and forget about it. GRBackPro will sit and quietly do whatever is required in the background. It will save all its activities in log files, and you can view them later if you want.

But you can also monitor the process through the Backup Admin dialog. Everything is very neatly systematized in tables, and it is not difficult to find any info if needed. If there are any backup errors – it will send you an email, just don’t forget to configure this option.

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There are many more options to tell you about, but here’s one of the most interesting and useful: Simulated backup. Before making a real backup, use it, then check if everything is in order and suits you.


Let’s quickly go over only the main functions and features of GRBackPro:

  • Restores backup
  • Facilitates verification
  • Supports the option to set a task to run before or after starting a backup
  • Synchronizes workstation backups
  • Synchronizes backup archives with source directories and files
  • Supports AES256 encoding
  • Compatible with WinZip
  • Offers split backup option
  • Keeps the history of backups


GRBackPro perfectly meets the peculiarities of Windows, and especially the security requirements. Not only can you backup the entire system, individual partitions, or data types but also simply copy or archive with it.

It saves compressed data in ZIP or ZIP64 archive forms. And here’s some dessert for you: the program does an excellent job with pathnames up to 1024 characters and Unicode names even inside ZIP archives!

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If you do not want to look for an intricate solution, spend much money, and get cracking on plenty of tangled manipulations, then you will definitely like this program. A lot of advantages and a lack of drawbacks!


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