7 Best Habit Trackers Based on Covey Method Apps

You must have heard of Tony Robbins, Nick Vuychich, or Steven Covey… Self-actualization is a bid deal in our society nowadays. If you don’t do it yourself, then you got a friend who’s into personal development for sure. There are a thousand speeches on YouTube about it, there are millions of books about it.

One of the most popular is “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Steven Covey. The problem is when you decide to form new habits and transform your life you’re often overwhelmed by all that informational flow and just lose track of what you do and eventually quit.

With the apps listed below, you will finally go from theory to practice and start monitoring your daily progress on a system, based on the book by Steven Cover, mentioned above.

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Qhabit is a habit-forming app designed that aims to help users develop good habits and break bad ones.

It is possible for you to create new habits you want to develop, set the frequency and duration, and track your progress using a simple interface. The app also offers personalized reminders and motivational messages to encourage you to stay on track.

While the graphics are simple, they are aesthetically pleasing and do not distract from the user experience. However, some users have reported that the app occasionally crashes, and there is a lag in syncing data across multiple devices.

However, you must pay a monthly subscription fee to unlock all the features, which may be a dealbreaker for some. Also, there is a lack of customization options and a limited range of habits available.

Qhabit is a solid habit-forming app that is worth using if you are serious about developing good habits and breaking bad ones.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Personalized reminders and motivational messages.
  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing graphics.
  • Positive impact on daily routines.


  • A paid subscription is required for all features.
  • Occasional crashes and syncing issues.
  • Limited customization options and a range of habits are available.
Qhabit: Daily habit tracker1

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7 Weeks – Habit & Goal Tracker

It is easy to form negative habits. But good ones are sometimes incredibly difficult to form. Many people try to eat more healthy, do sports, read books, not use plastic, but then they fail because they are simply not aware of the algorithm according to which new habits are formed.

With this habit tracker, you will form new habits within 7 weeks.  Based on Charles Duhigg’s bestselling book, “The Power of Habit” and the X effect method of completing goals. In this app, you are creating a new habit while achieving one of your goals at the same time.

Every day you will be receiving small tasks to accomplish in order to make this day meaningful in your personal development. Gradually, you become closer to the new you day by day and you can monitor the progress that you make. It increases your motivation, willpower, and discipline.

It is scientifically proved that 7 weeks are enough to form a new habit (49 days). Or you can use this time to break a harmful habit. The app is a widget and it is easy to use it right on the home screen. The design of the app looks neat and beautiful, with more than 15 customizable colors. And if you wish, you can go longer than 49 days to form a new habit.

You can compile your plan individually day by day or use the schedule presented in the app. All the notes are customizable. You can set several goals for each week and watch your progress as well.

7 Weeks - Simplest Habit and G1

Habit-Bull: Daily Goal Tracker

Have you ever noticed that all the prominent people of our society are maniacs of personal development? Now that we follow them on social media, we can see that they have numbers of useful habits and a lot of discipline.

They do things that we are lazy to do every day. But, mostly, they found a way to build-in this process into their daily routine and make it actually work for them.

Do you want to build a discipline and become one of them? Do you have really serious intentions to do that? Well, you should try this app out. As you can see, it has all kinds of habit tracking.

You can watch your food habits, and how well you’re doing on improving it, you can set one-day goals. The app will show you the percentage of action you took on a certain goal.

Days in the calendar will be highlighted in different colors. Each color is tied to one goal. If you’ve been working more on a certain goal one of the days, this date will have the color of that goal on the calendar. Some days, when you’re working proportionally on several goals, the circle will be a mix of colors.

You will also discover a lot of inspiring quotes that will assist you on your way of forming a new positive habit (or killing a bad one).

Reminders are built-in the app and the notifications are consistent, so you won’t skip anything.  Habits are no more than routines which you perform subconsciously. To build one – train yourself. To break one, find another one which is similar, yet different and nicer, and repeat it until it sticks.

Habit-Bull: Daily Goal Planner1

HabitHub – Habit and Goal Tracker

Because of our countless negative habits, we are often get caught in indulgence. We feel unmotivated and frustrated, feeling like not doing anything. The reason is that we need to achieve something in our lives, work on ourselves, otherwise, we are feeling down. Even the smallest effort can bring a lot of joy to your being.

HabitHub is based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret, which involves building long streaks of days. The system is created in such a way that you are staying motivated throughout the whole process.

Your daily progress looks like a chain with circles that will light green as soon as you have accomplished a task. A visualization like this makes the whole process more simple and understandable.

Reminders will always catch up with you so you don’t miss anything. HabitHub sends out the reminders directly to your smartwatch allowing you to mark the days directly from the watch. Add notes daily and build your routine.

Any kind of habit you can imagine – you can put into this app: jogging, aerobics 3 times a week, reading 1 book a month, meditation 1 time a day, wash your car one time a week – everything! Useful graphs make everything even more clear. No excuses anymore – just act!

HabitHub - Habit & Goal Trackr1

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Strides Habit Tracker

They say that once you started a new habit ii’s extremely hard to break. However, the statistic shows, that around 45% of people who used to smoke and then quit get back to their habit after a while.

Bad habits are hard to break, especially if they are nutritional because we are used not to consider our food as something insignificant. The same is with our thoughts. We don’t notice it during our daily life but positive thinking is a habit itself requiring constant practice.

So it is better to stay consistent when forming a new habit or achieving an important goal. This app will help you with that. First, you set a specific goal with a certain date when you want to achieve it. In general, this is a SMART goals approach that says that goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

This app helps you to follow this principle. It will send you reminders at any time you set it – for example, your reminder can be at 7 a.m., 10 a.m., and 6 p.m. In the process, you will be filling the green circles in the calendar and therefore keep track of your progress. When you see it visually, it motivates and inspires you.

It can also display your budget or savings depending on the goals you set before. The system can also keep the record of your workouts and show your graduation status depending on how soon it will be. Drinking water is also significant for your health. With the necessary settings given, the app will keep track of everything.


Coach.me – Goals & Habits

The rhythm of modern life is intensive and demanding. We must always stay in the “hustle” mode, run as fast as we can, achieve more and more and more… Absence of discipline or bad habits is destructive in this case.

They make you exhausted, with a lack of power and a decrease in our mental abilities. When there is chaos in your thoughts, there is chaos in your life. So put your life together with the assistance of this app.

The hallmark of it is that you learn how to form new habits and achieve your goals smoothly, without overworking, but by questioning your choice and learning how to understand yourself more deeply.

That’s why the app is called this way – Coach.me – it is like coaching, where you are going to ask yourself the right question, in order to find the inner motivation. When you first open the app, you can choose the related category for your goal – is it personal growth, getting fit, living a happier life, or maybe productivity?

After you have chosen one category, you are going to receive special tips and exercises so it is easier for you to achieve the goal and form the new habits. What is more, there is a life coach in this app and you can ask him/her question online. Well, and the app itself is free, but after a trial period, you will have to pay the subscription for $4.99/month.

Coach.me - Habit Tracking & Bu1

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Habitica: Gamified Taskmanager

We all wish we were perfect people, with perfect behavior and habits. This idea of perfectionism rules in our society. Many people reach perfection but never actually achieve it and it makes them frustrated.

The first thing to understand here is that perfection is not achievable in general. However, there are techniques which help to improve our lives in many personal ways. We should not try to grab everything at once – repetition is key.

Do you still feel like you struggle to create new useful habits and you tried everything out there? This app is a revolutionary method. It makes the accomplishment of all your daily tasks a game. Just create your daily to-do list and check them out as soon as they are done.

For each task made, you will gain scores, and if you divided the tasks according to the difficulty level before, you’re going to gain scores for the 3 various aspects – the app will decide what those will be. When you gain enough scores, the app will transmit you to a different level.

It is not that serious, so even if you don’t gain enough scores, nothing will happen to you or to an app, but knowing that you are leveling up can really raise your vibe.

What is more, by accomplishing all the daily tasks you’re going to earn the special rewards in the game. By accomplishing your real-life tasks you’re going to fight the monsters you meet on your way.

Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks1
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