7 Best Sliding Block Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

If you often find yourself in situations where you need to stand in line or wait for a few minutes, then you can use this time to distract yourself from your daily routine and relax. Various time-killer games that appeal to its simplicity and addictive gameplay will help you.

This genre has many well-known representatives. For example, runners, simulators, Tetris, card games, and many others.

We decided to expand your collection and make your free time more interesting with the help of these best sliding block puzzle games for Android & iOS. So let’s take a look at them.

Jewel Sliding™ Block Puzzle

Jewel Sliding Block Puzzle is a game that invites players to connect different elements to create new jewels.

The game offers a unique combination of different game modes and difficulty levels so that you can choose the best fit for you. In this game, you will collect crystals of different shapes and colors by connecting them into lines or groups.

The more crystals you collect in one turn, the more points you earn. Each level has its own conditions and limitations, and if you can’t meet them, you lose.

One of the main advantages of the app is its ease of operation. You can literally control the game with one finger, which makes it accessible to any age and skill level. Besides, the game has bright and colorful graphics, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and allows you to fully enjoy the process.

This game also offers several levels of difficulty for completing missions. You will get prizes for each one of them. The app offers a unique rewards system, where you can earn bonuses for completing certain tasks.

This puzzle game provides many levels and opportunities for you to enjoy it for a long time. The game is free, and you will be able to play it even offline.


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Slidey®: Block Puzzle

Slidey is a fascinating puzzle game for those who like to have fun and enjoy solving complex problems. Here you will have to move parts, create new combinations, and pass levels of different duration and complexity.

The app contains many different levels and tasks that will help you to develop your creativity and logical thinking. Besides, the game contains many lessons on design and style.

This app combines puzzle elements, as well as many steps with different levels of difficulty. The player’s main task is to move the colorful blocks across the playing field in such a way that they fall into a cell according to their shape.

With each new level, the game gets harder and more interesting, and you’ll have to use all your mental abilities to pass them all. One of the features of the game is its simplicity, but at the same time colorful and bright design.

The whole interface of the app is made in bright colors, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and a good mood.

The game has user-friendly controls that allow you to quickly and easily move the blocks on the field. Also, these pieces can be presented in the form of cats, which makes the puzzle even more interesting, cute, and attractive.

The app offers more than 2,000 levels, each of which is a real puzzle game.


Move the Block: Slide Puzzle

Move the Block: Slide Puzzle is an app that will help you develop your logical mind and thinking.

The game contains many different levels and tasks, in which you will have to move wooden blocks of different colors so that they fall into the right cells and disappear, thereby freeing up space.

During the game, you’ll face different obstacles and difficulties, but for winning missions you’ll get prizes. The further you progress through the levels, the harder the tasks become, but the more fun you’ll have in solving them.

The game is suitable for both children and adults, and it allows you to distract from your everyday worries and plunge into the world of puzzles and logical problems.

The developers of the game constantly add new levels and updates, so players don’t get tired of the same missions and can always find something new and interesting.

There is also an achievement system in the game, where you can check your results and find those levels where you don’t have the maximum number of stars in the reward. You can always re-run a mission and earn a lot more stars to be a true leader in this game.


Jewel Slider: Drop Down Puzzle

Jewel Slider: Drop Down Puzzle is a game in which you have to move different elements around the field to clear all the space and win the level.

The puzzle game allows you to enjoy the process of moving and destroying gems. It offers a unique combination of missions and levels of varying difficulty to make it more and more fun to play each time.

In this game you will collect crystals of different shapes and colors, connecting them into lines or groups. The more crystals you destroy in one movement, the faster you pass the level and the more points you get.

Also here you have to blow up the blocks to release the screen and get closer to victory. You will be able to keep track of each level you pass and the rewards you get for it.

This game allows you to relax because it has interesting and modern graphics, as well as a nice melody. You can move through the levels to gradually master more complex missions. Even after completing a mission, it will be possible to return to play again if you are not satisfied with the result.

All levels will be open to you for free, so you can enjoy the game for an unlimited amount of time.


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Slidom – Block Puzzle Game

Slidom is a puzzle game that allows you to stretch your brain and enjoy beautiful graphics and sound accompaniment.

In this game, you have to move blocks and create lines of gems to make them disappear from the playing field. Each level will be more and more difficult.

You’ll have to apply your logical and strategic thinking to pass all the missions. Here you will be able to track your achievements and even see what place you are in the ranking.

It will allow you to stay the leader in the game and pass the levels with the highest score only. Each mission takes no more than 5 minutes, and the faster you pass it, the more points you get.

You can also replay the level to get more points than you got before. To do this, you just need to go to the main menu and find the mission where you don’t have a high enough reward. Unlock and pass levels for free.

The game also has no ads and no paid features, which makes it as accessible and convenient as possible for all users. You can download it on any gadget if you have an Android operating system.

Also, new levels and updates are constantly being added to this game, so you can constantly pass new interesting missions.


Sliding Puzzle: Jewel Blast

Sliding Puzzle: Jewel Blast is a game in which you have to move colorful blocks across the screen so that they fall into place and disappear from the field.

This will allow you to complete the mission quickly and easily, and get the reward you deserve for it. It will be displayed on the main page, and you will be able to keep track of your achievements in real-time.

This will allow you to always stay aware of your place in the overall ranking of players. You can also re-run the levels where you got the least points.

There are a huge number of different levels in the game here, with difficulty levels varying from the easiest to the most difficult. This addictive game combines the elements of puzzles and jigsaw, where you need to find a certain place for each block.

Also, you can play this game even if you are completely disconnected from the network. Also, the game and all its levels are available for free. During the missions, you will not have any time limit.

You will be able to solve logical problems by virtue of your thinking and imagination. Everything will depend only on you, so you can choose the time to complete the task or the mission by yourself.


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Jewelry Blast: Sliding Puzzle

Jewel Blast: Sliding Puzzle is such a modern game that has many different levels and tasks that only get harder and more exciting each time.

In this game you will be able to collect blocks of different shapes and colors, connecting them into lines or groups. You will have to do it as fast as possible to earn more points and stay at the top of the ranking.

The game has a simple and user-friendly interface, which the player of any age will understand.

Also at the first levels, you will be assisted by artificial intelligence, showing the technique of the game and the peculiarities of passing the missions. You’ll quickly learn how to move blocks from place to place, so they connect, explode and free up space.

The fewer blocks you have on the screen, the more likely you are to win. Keep track of your achievements even during the game. Points will be accumulated during the levels and displayed on the main screen. If you want to get even more points, you can pass the levels with the lowest score.

Enjoy the process of collecting beautiful gems for a long time, as new missions and tasks are constantly appearing here. You will only be able to access them if you pass all the previous missions.

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