Indefinite App Review

Do you want to play an involving game that will help you to train your memory? In this case, we have found an excellent solution for you. Indefinite is an intense interrogation simulation game where you are a suspected terrorist in an unfair interrogation. Your task is to prove that you are innocent.

First of all, we would like to mention that Indefinite does not take up much storage space, so you will install it in a couple of seconds. But how should we play this game?

You probably think this game is rare, and it kinda is. However, we could find more text-based games for you.


In Indefinite, you will have to answer a wide range of questions to make your story as truthful as possible. When you receive a new question, you will have to instantly tap on the appropriate answer, as the game comes with a timer. By the way, the built-in timer is customized by the question’s length.

But keep in mind that if you forget something or you don’t answer in time, you will be found guilty and punished. At first glance, the game seems extremely simple, but it will not let you relax. When the game is over, it will show you the full report based on your answers.


As for the game’s interface, it is very convenient to navigate. All the answers and questions are located on a dark background. Therefore, we can surely say that even novice players will understand how to play this game in a few seconds. The majority of users are fully satisfied with this game, as we have not found any negative comments about it.

And for all the fans of detective games, we prepared a special collection.

Entertaining gameplay, convenient interface, and thrilling questions – all these things are waiting for you in Indefinite! Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Indefinite will guarantee you a pleasurable time spent. So, hurry up to try it – you will definitely like it!



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