8 Best Live Flower Wallpaper Apps for Android & iOS

In the mood for some cute flowery wallpapers? Then take a look at this article!

We’ve picked up the 8 best live flower wallpaper apps for Android & iOS for you to liven up your home screen. Regardless of if you’re into spring flowers, wildflowers, sakura, or even cactuses — these apps have you covered. Plus, the good news is all the wallpapers are optimized to not consume too much of your battery power, so no concerns about that. Have a look!



Let’s start with an ultimate live lock screen app to boost your screen.
Although this app is not fully consecrated to flower wallappers, it still has dozens of options with this thematic. Plus, you get plenty of moving bgs in lots of other categories like animals, abstractions, anime, and more. The wallpaper collection gets regulate updates, so you won’t run out of lock screen covers.

Beyond that, all the bgs are HQ — the app even covers some 4K options for you to try. All the bgs support a landscape mode and are compatible with both phones and tablets. You may also choose if you wanna set some wallpaper as a lock screen cover, home screen one, or both.

Additionally, you get to make a slideshow out of several pics and set the rotation intervals. As for the moving part, the app covers various video FX you may add on top of pics. There’s even a pack of ringtones and alarm sounds you may use if needed. The wallpapers are specially made to consume the minimal out of your battery, so it won discharge too fast.



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Flowers Live Wallpaper

flower live wallpaper

This is a live wallpaper app that will cover all our flower-loving needs.

This is a compilation of flowery-themed bgs to liven up your lock screen. It needs to be said, the variety this app gives you is not wide — there are around 30 moving bg options for you to try. To be more precise, there are 11 standard flowers, 9 falling ones, and 14 options that work with the bubble effect.

Herewith, you may rather pick one or make a slideshow out of them all. In case you’ll go for a slideshow, you’ll get to regulate the transition intervals. Besides, you may for a random mode that will pick up a random lock screen for you. You’ll also get to change the style of flowers and the amount of it.

As for the animation, there are several modes you get to try. Thus, you may rather add a flying butterfly or a bee or go for a bubble effect. The bubbles are interactive, so you can pop them by touching them. Plus, you can just randomly move your finger across the screen to move the bubbles if needed.

flower live wallpaper 1 flower live wallpaper 2


Live Wallpapers 3d

This is another all-in-one moving bg app to animate your lock screen.

This app provides you with a wide range of live bgs of all the themes. All the bgs are categorized by themes, so it’s easy to navigate and look for smth specific. There are such sections as nature, flowers, cars, superheroes, and more — there’s basically something for everyone.

All the pics are visible as thumbnails, so you don’t have to open them to view them. You may also add the pis you like at your faves to use in the future. It’s even possible to share a wallpaper with mates if needed. The new bgs some up regularly, and you can view them all in the new arrivals’ folder.

Speaking of the moving effect, some pics move on their own while the others require an extra animated effect. The list of animations is not extraordinary — there’s a standard bubble effect, glitter one, snow now, and so on. All the effects are interactive, so you can move the elements by touching them.

Live Wallpapers 3d 1 Live Wallpapers 3d 2


Cactus Flower Live Wallpaper

cactus flower live wallpaperNext, we have an app that lets you animate your screen with a stunning white flower.

The concept is of this app is pretty unique. The thing is, there won’t be plenty of bg options for you to choose from – there’s only one. Yeah, sounds a bit boring but this I more than just a usual lie wallpaper so don’t hurry to move on to the next app.

This app shows you a while epithelium flower growing in a piece of green land. They bring color contrast with dark green moss background, so it looks truly magical. Although the flower looks realistic, it’s not an actual video — it’s more of an HQ cartoon animation with some fantasy vibes. The app is fully free to use — with no ads or paid tools.

Beyond that, the flower here is fully interactive, so you can tap your finger across the screen to see it moves and all that. Plus, there are plenty of little details that are so addictive to watch. For instance, there’s a tiny fairy in a lightweight dress that may fly straight to the flower and hang out there. And if you’ll get to tap on her at that moment, you’ll see her move to the side of your phone and disappear.

cactus flower live wallpaper 1 cactus flower live wallpaper 2


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Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper

spring flowers lw

If you’re into spring nature vibes, you’ll fully enjoy this app.

It’s a moving bg app fully dedicated to spring flowers with all its vivid colors, sunny fields, and all that. The app covers a wide variety of flowers — from roses and tulips to lavender and sunflowers. All the images are HQ, so you can’t go wrong picking any of them.

As for the mechanics, you may rather go for a single image or make a slideshow out of them all. The slideshow is fully customizable, so you get to set the transitions and the time each pic stays on your screen. The bgs suit the majority of modern devices — both phones and tablets — so you won’t have issues with that.

Speaking of the animation, the flower pics themselves are static, but you may add moving effects to liven them up. Thus, you may add flashes, lights, bubbles, and so on All the FX are interactive, so you may tap to move them or blow up the bubbles. Plus, the bgs will fall asleep each time you don’t use your mobile to avoid battery draining.

spring flowers lw 1 spring flowers lw 2


Flower Live Wallpaper

flowers lw

This is another flowery wallpaper app to brighten up your screen.

First of all, if you need a wide collection of images to choose from — this app is not it. It only covers 10 flower images for you to pick from. However, if you won’t like any of them you get to set your own custom pic, which is nice. As for the apps’ collection, all pics are bright and HQ, so you should at least give me a try.

Beyond that, the app covers numerous animation FX that will actually turn images into moving lock screen. To be more accurate, there is such FX as water, smoke, raindrops, steam on a window, and more. All the FX are interactive, so you can move the elements around to kill time.

Plus, all bgs support vertical and horizontal orientation, so you won’t have issues with that. As for the compatibility, the bgs work on both phones and tablets. All the bgs are also made to only consume minimal battery power, so it won’t discharge your device. Besides, the bgs go asleep when you don’t use your phone for battery-saving purposes as well.

flowers lw 1 flowers lw 2


Live Wallpapers Forever

Live Wallpapers Forever

Here’s an all-in-one live bg app to renew your phone’s screen.

This app covers diversify anthology of moving bgs. There are hundreds of images you may try in dozens of categories — from animals and flowers to abstracts and movie characters. Yeah, the app is not about flowers fully, but all the wallpapers are strictly categorized, so you won’t have any navigation issues.

Plus, the app regularly updates all categories in its collection, so you’ll have loads of choices. You may add the bgs you like at your faves for future use and the app will give you personal recs according to that. You may even share some pics with friends if needed.

All the bgs are animated by themselves, so there’s no need to add any extra FX. Plus, all the bgs support vertical and horizontal modes, so you won’t face any issues with that. Speaking of compatibility, the bgs work on both tablets and mobile phones. The app is fully free with no paid options or subscription packs.

Live Wallpapers Forever 1 Live Wallpapers Forever 2


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Sakura flowers live wallpaper

Sakura flowers lw

And lastly, we have a moving bg app for all the fans of the Sakura aesthetic.

Needless to say, this app is quite narrowly themed — all the bgs portray pinky Sakura flowers. You get a wide range of options, so no worries here. All the bgs are high quality as well.

As for the moving part, the pics are static, but you may add FX to liven them up. There is such FX as glitter, magic touch, water drops, smog, and more. All the FX are interactive in their own way, so you could have lots of fun testing them all. Plus, you get to adjust the amount of moving elects of the screen by your will.

In case you’re not in the mood for moving wallpaper, you may always disable the FX and go for a static pic. The bgs support a landscape mode and run on both tablets and phones. And if you’re worried about the bg draining your battery, it gets inactive when your device is not used, so your battery power is safe and sound.

Sakura flowers 1 Sakura flowers 2


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