11 Best Fetish Dating Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Are you looking for new ways o diversify your intimate life and have more fun? Then you should definitely explore the best fetish dating apps that we have prepared for you down below.

And for those who also want to speak on hot topics with strangers while remaining anonymous, we recommend exploring the article about the best stranger chat apps without login.

Kink D – BDSM, Fetish Dating

From the name of this app, you can clearly understand what it is for. If you have any hidden fantasies you can have them released here. All the users in this app are extremely open-minded and are ready for experiments.

Moreover, here you don’t have to worry about your safety or privacy since all the members have to go through the verification with the pictures. There are two types of versions: the free one and the premium one. The latter comes with an unlimited number of swipes.

Kink D1

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BDSM People: Kinkd dating app

This is also an extremely guarded app that only trusted and verified members have access to. You can choose your role and get new amazing experiences.

All you have to do is to create your account and get it verified. Concerning the likes, here everything works similarly to the previous app – you just swipe right those profiles you liked. If they like you back you can start a convo.

One interesting feature of BDSM People is it has an in-built automatic translator and therefore, you can chat with people all around the world forgetting about the language barrier.

To see the profiles who liked you first and to get access to the unlimited number of swipes, you can switch to the premium account which is not so pricy.


Whiplr – Kinkd BDSM Chat

The whole concept of this kinky dating app is based on the idea of video calls. So if you’re not that introvert, this option is yours. Moreover, one of the unusual features of this app is that you can get registered as a couple.

The algorithm of the registration and swiping is pretty much the same as in the two previous apps. However, since here you have to chat via video calls, the rules are more severe than usual. You’re not allowed to share obscene content.


Kinkoo: Kinky, Fet BDSM Dating

For those who are standing for ethical non-monogamous relationships, Kinkoo might be an option. Once again, the app is made for open-minded people to celebrate their sexuality and liberal views on their sex life. But keep in mind that in this app the male audience prevails.

We don’t really know what to say more about this app, since it would repeat everything you’ve already heard about the previous ones. However, in Kinkoo the process of verification is that strict so you should keep this in mind when choosing strangers for a chat or a meet-up.


KinkLife: BDSM Dating & Fetish

Another BDSM app that claims to be the most elite and private club for the BDSM community. The developers promise to take you into the world of open-minded and free people who are ready for new experiments. Moreover, KinkLife claims, that this is the MOST private and well-protected life.

In the reality, the app has lots of fake profiles and many users complain about it. Moreover, there are issues with the registration process. So, we wouldn’t recommend it as your first best option – you can still try, but be aware of all the undertones that you might face.


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open Polyamory & ENM

Unlike the majority of apps on our list, this one is not exactly a BDSM app, but an app for those who want to find non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships. But remember that you must be over 18 years old to register here. You can also get registered as a couple.

Moreover, open is really “open” to people with fetishes, and if you have those you can list them on your profile. Another interesting feature that makes this app stand out is it’s totally free and doesn’t have any special premium features. Find what you’re looking for without the extra hassle!


Obedience: BDSM habit tracker

In comparison to all the other apps, this is not a dating app, but it can be really helpful to those who practice BDSM dating. This app helps partners establish the roles and rules, punishments, and rewards. It has quite a simple interface design, so its functionality is very limited. And it’s for iOS users only.

VU: BDSM Dating Fet Life Style

To be completely honest, this app doesn’t really look trustworthy, but several authoritative sources point it as one of the best BDSM dating apps so we decided to give it a chance.

Despite the app looks extremely obsolete, there are still people using it. Maybe, VU has gained some reputation in the past so it’s still more trustworthy than newer apps. Here you can find all types of connections you want: non-monogamy relationships, fetish dating, BDSM dating, and more.

Another feature of this app that reveals its age is it actually contains articles on BDSM subjects and about the safety measures and appropriate behavior.

The main idea of VU is that here you can message all members for free without mutual likes. But if you want to unlock more features you will need to buy the premium subscription.


FNTSY: ENM, Polyamorous Dating

An interesting app for those who are looking for non-monogamous relationships or fetish dating. It is available only to iOS users, unfortunately. The main criteria to which you are searching for people in the app is your interests!

You can choose a category/interest and see who also shares it with you. In total there are more than 500 of them. Apart from that, we noticed that FNTSY has such a cool interface design, much better than the majority of dating apps on this list. Moreover, FNTSY has positive feedback from users.


Date, Fetish BDSM, Kinky: Fetd

Both single people and couples can use this dating app. Here you will also find an open-minded community that supports your fetishes and BDSM motives.

Non-monogamous relationships are also possible. In other aspects, it’s a typical app in this category, where you need to create your profile, swipe other profiles and chat via messages. You are allowed to use this app when 17 and older.


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KinK, BDSM & Fet Dating:KinkR

This kinky app is a newbie on the market but it seems like it’s evolving drastically. But the main distinctive feature of it is that it’s the only fetish dating app for the LGBTQ community. In general, this is another BDSM app where you can create your profile and find the people that share your interests.

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