15 Free Anime Mobile Games for Android & iOS 2022

Anime is a Japanese animation that is popular all over the world. It is available both as a full-length film and as a series. Works made in the style of anime have many features, but the most important is the visual style. Anime-style backgrounds, animations, and characters are hard to confuse with anything else.

We decided to collect notable mobile games made according to the canons of Japanese animation. We tried to make sure that the list also included games for the understanding of which it is not necessary to watch hundreds of episodes of any series.

This review collected free anime mobile games, among which you can find exactly what you like. By the way, if you love anime movies or series, you can watch them online using legal apps.

Epic Seven

epic1Epic Seven is an epic game with an animated RPG world. Anime lovers will absolutely love this game.

In the app, there are over 1000 stories, fully playable 2D animation, strategy that is shaped by story, interesting raid labyrinth, PvP arena, and many other enjoyable features.

In the app, you will be provided with the virtual assistance of cute drawn characters. The interface of the Epic Seven is super colorful and easy in use.


One of the needed settings in the game is the ability to find flexible multilingual support. This means that you will have the possibility to change the display and voice language.

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Azur Lane

Azur Lane logoWe all know, that eastern culture is totally different from the western one. Azur Lane is a perfect example of these differences.

The game is a mix of RPG, 2D shooter, and strategy. The main peculiarity is that the characters in the game are anime girls-ships.

You’ll pump them up, and then put them on the battlefield and dodge enemy shells in real-time. The ships will automatically shoot at your opponents.

Here you have to collect anthropomorphic girls who act as warships.

Subsequently, you will use them in battles against the bad guys. Events unfold in an alternate universe from World War II.

Aside from the obvious similarities to the Kantai Collection series, the story borrowed some characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia and Armored Trooper VOTOMS.

Azur Lane screen 2 Azur Lane screen 1

It’s a pretty good collector’s game, especially for fans of the genre.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd logoMany anime-style games are either visual novels or jRPGs whose gameplay dynamics leave a lot to be desired.

But there are more spectacular games for fans of Japanese animation. One of these is Honkai Impact 3rd.

It’s a full-fledged three-dimensional action game in which you control a group of characters and can switch between them.

Each of the Valkyries has unique abilities that set them apart from the others.

Honkai Impact 3rd has a full-fledged story, but there are also multiplayer elements with the co-op for cooperative play.

Honkai Impact 3rd repeated the path of Azur Lane in many ways. The universe began with a mobile game and ended with its own anime.

Honkai Impact 3rd screen 1 Honkai Impact 3rd screen 2

Basically Honkai is not different from the usual gacha games, but the emphasis is on action, hack-and-slash, and RPG elements.

BLEACH Brave Souls – 3D Action

BLEACH Brave Souls - 3D Action logoNow some games for anime cartoon fans.

Bleach Brave Soul is a project based on the Bleach series about Ichigo Kurosaki.

Ichigo is a fifteen-year-old high school student who suddenly gets the powers of the death gods and is forced to fight against evil spirits and protect people.

Brave Soul is a full-fledged three-dimensional action game, but with simplified graphics compared to the TV series.

BLEACH Brave Souls - 3D Action screen 1 BLEACH Brave Souls - 3D Action screen 1

The game has a story, and familiar characters, and the ability to compete with other real players.

Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind logoOf course, we could not do without a representative of the MMORPG genre.

The most notable with anime graphics is a project of Neocraft studio – Tales of Wind.

The action here takes place in the city of Laplace, on which the shadow has fallen. Now it is up to you and the other players to bring back the light.

You will be pumping heroes, catching pets and riding animals, fighting monsters, participating in PvE-events, and decide who is stronger in PvP-modes.

Tales of Wind screen 2 Tales of Wind screen 1

Fans of the genre should be familiar, and the cute anime artwork is a nice bonus.

Manga Clash – Warrior Arena

manga1Manga Clash is a turn-based RPG game with hundreds of heroes, from anime and manga, who are ready to be placed in the team for the fight. The game will perfectly suit anime fans.

In the application, there are cross-server battles, where you can become a champion and beat players from other servers. The formation of the system can be customized and be based on each hero’s position and abilities.

One of the enjoyable additions is the combined skill of Hero that caused a big amount of critical damage and you.

manga2 manga3


DRAGON BALL LEGENDS logoDragon Ball Legends is a fighting game with a little bit of RPG, collectibles, and an admixture of action, where there is a story mode as well as PvP-battles with other players online.

You can also collect a huge number of Dragon Ball anime characters.

The mechanics are similar to other conventionally free mobile fighting games but consist mostly of a series of simple taps and swipes.

This series of games has always seemed a bit boring, and Dragon Ball Legends is not much different in this respect.


But, fans consider it the best for the mobile platform.

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order logoFate/Grand Order refers to the ultra-popular anime series.

You collect characters from this large and long-lived anime universe and fight the bad guys.

There’s a story mode, online-PvP, plus it’s pretty friendly to F2P players who don’t make in-game purchases.

A nice bonus is a full voice acting of all the characters.

Fate/Grand Order screen 1 Fate/Grand Order screen 2

It’s one of the few mobile RPGs that supports landscape mode – the more space the better.

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ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE logoOne Piece Treasure Cruise is a collectible adventure game with RPG elements.

You’ve definitely played something like this before.

Here you’ll encounter over 1,000 characters from the anime, as well as great elements of the original story.

Combat mechanics are the usual set of simple taps, so in this respect, there is nothing interesting here, although for the style in general everything fits more than.


As for the quality, it’s a little above average.

Attack on Titan TACTICS

Attack on Titan TACTICS logoAttack on Titan Tactics is a mobile game based on the popular action fantasy series.

Developed by DeNA Studios, who also have Pokemon Masters and Final Fantasy Record Keeper under their belt.

But, this game is special: it is a mixture of RPG and strategy, generously spiced with gacha elements.

Players control many heroes from the original anime and lead them into battle against villains. The plot follows the events of the first season of the anime.

Attack on Titan TACTICS screen 1 Attack on Titan TACTICS screen 2

Fans of the universe, suffering from nostalgia, as well as new players who have just begun familiarity with the series will be satisfied. The mechanics of the game are simple and straightforward.

Game of Dice: Board&Card&Anime

dice1The Game of Dice is a game from a Joycity corporation with magic girls as the main characters that play the dice games.

When you first enter the application, the graphics will catch your eye immediately. You will surely be impressed and interested in the introduction to the story.

The interface is appealing and the animations (that sometimes show up to present the scene or the characters) are professional. The background consists of a table and the board where the dices are.

While playing, you will be provided with the main characters’ text bubbles that are often given to clarify some action.

dice2 dice3

The colors of the interface will give you the impression of passing a night in a club and feeling the right atmosphere. The system how the game is designed can remind some players of the system of monopoly.

Therefore, the Game of Dice is easily understandable. During the game, you will be drawn in and will feel the desire to win without fail.

Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin logoTales of Erin is a very popular series of RPG-games, anime, and other content.

But, at the moment there is no full-fledged game in this universe on mobile platforms. At least not available worldwide.

Thus, we will do just a very similar in all respects Tales of Erin.

This is a mobile RPG with a decent storyline, nice game mechanics, and elements of collecting.

Tales of Erin screen 2 Tales of Erin screen 1

It also boasts a good attitude towards F2P players and nice graphics.


TALES OF CRESTORIA logoTales of Crestoria is the latest product in Bandai Namco’s Tales universe.

The visual style, gameplay, and audio – the spirit of Tales are all over the place. You’re also sure to encounter many familiar characters.

The Crestoria universe doesn’t have its own anime, but the Tales series itself is rich in both games and anime, so there’s no question.

A vibrant game with plenty of interesting characters and lots of activities, you won’t get bored.

There are also seasonal events so that the game does not get boring, even for experienced players. There are built-in purchase and the ability to pay a subscription.


By the way, the subscription-only guarantees a regular drop of loot – there’s no need for it.

Crossing Void – Global

crossing1Crossing void is an anime crossover turn-based RPG game, with the characters from the Dengeki Bunko.

The developers of an app claim that while playing Crossing void you will experience authentic Japanese gaming (by the fabulous animated illustrations drawn by the world-class artists).

The unexpected fact is, Dengeki Bunko gave official permission to use their original characters in the game (there are icons of Kirito, Shana, Mikoto, and 22 other masterpieces).

crossing2 crossing3

In the Crossing void you can build your dream team in simple steps: preparing for the strategic turn-based PvP combats; unlocking, collecting, and upgrading characters; and exploring the cross skills between two opponents.

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Princess Connect! Re: Dive

princess1Princess Connect is an RGB action game for mobile and pc that has a magic tale as a plot.

When you download this game for the first time, you will be able to see the detailed graphics in the high quality, all the buttons are stylized and the music choice fits the vibe and the actions of the characters.

Furthermore, the background is developed; it makes the player dive into the atmosphere of the exciting game.

The characters are impressive and well-drawn. The designs are original and their appearances make you want to play. Their voices are appealing too.

The buttons are easy to reach and the app does not lag. The action scenes are detailed and adrenaline-inducing.

princess2 princess3

Almost all the voice actors are popular among the youngsters; this makes Princess Connect even more interesting to play. The cutesy style of this game, with the plot twists and the fighting scenes, are perfectly mixed.

The application offers with no clue an unforgettable and engaging experience.

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