Mean-While Game Review

Tonight I would like to tell you about this game Mean-While, and it has proven to be an absolute delight in the realm of non-linear adventure games. The premise alone – two rival megalomaniacs forced to collaborate for survival – is both amusing and intriguing, setting the stage for a thrilling and comedic gaming experience.

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Being stuck as both Skeleman and Dr. Dangerous in each other’s fortresses adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay that I find incredibly engaging. The need to switch between characters to aid each other in their journey to the top is a unique mechanic that keeps the adventure dynamic and entertaining.

The retro-themed design of Mean-While adds a nostalgic charm to the game, and the combination of jumping, slashing, shooting, bombing, bashing, and grappling provides a diverse range of actions that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The comedic elements sprinkled throughout the title add a lighthearted touch, making the overall experience enjoyable and entertaining.

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The collaboration aspect between two characters with such distinct personalities – Skeleman and Dr. Dangerous – brings a comedic dynamic to the story. It’s not just a game; it’s a hilarious escapade filled with unexpected twists and turns, making each level a joy to explore.

“Meanwhile” is a unique and thought-provoking interactive graphic novel available on Steam that takes storytelling to a whole new level. Developed by Jason Shiga, this digital adaptation of his interactive comic book offers an immersive and nonlinear narrative experience.

The game unfolds as a choose-your-own-adventure story, where players make critical decisions that shape the course of the narrative. The central plot revolves around a mysterious time travel experiment gone awry, leading players through a complex web of interconnected stories and timelines. The choices made by the player have profound consequences, creating a branching storyline with multiple possible outcomes.

The interactive comic book format of “Meanwhile” allows players to explore the story at their own pace, making choices that lead to different panels and story arcs. The nonlinearity of the narrative adds a layer of replayability, encouraging players to explore various paths and uncover the full scope of the intricate plot.

Visually, “Meanwhile” stands out with its minimalist yet stylish art style. The black and white illustrations are complemented by a user-friendly interface, making navigation through the branching paths intuitive. The design not only serves the aesthetic appeal of the game but also enhances the overall storytelling experience.


One of the notable features of “Meanwhile” is its intricate puzzle elements. Players are presented with logical challenges and puzzles that are seamlessly integrated into the narrative. Solving these puzzles adds an interactive dimension to the storytelling, requiring players to engage their problem-solving skills to progress through the game.

The game’s soundtrack enhances the immersive experience, providing an atmospheric backdrop that complements the tone of the narrative. The combination of visuals, interactivity, and music creates a compelling and memorable experience for players who appreciate a blend of storytelling and gameplay.

In summary, “Meanwhile” is a captivating and innovative interactive graphic novel that offers a rich storytelling experience with its nonlinear narrative, engaging choices, and thought-provoking puzzles.

Whether you’re a fan of graphic novels, interactive fiction, or puzzle games, “Meanwhile” provides a unique and satisfying blend of these elements, inviting players to explore the consequences of their decisions in a complex and interconnected narrative.

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In conclusion, Mean-While has pleasantly surprised me with its unique premise, engaging gameplay mechanics, and retro-themed design. It’s a non-linear adventure that strikes a perfect balance between challenge and fun. If you’re a fan of comedic retro games with a twist, Mean-While is definitely worth adding to your library.

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