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Everyone wants to sleep but the lack of time does not always allow you to enjoy a good sleep and a pleasant awakening. Surely everyone was tempted to sleep another 5 minutes after an alarm clock, which is fraught with delays and other problems. Together with the Sleep as Android application, we’ll reveal the secret of a good dream, after which you can start a new day with pleasure.

Scientifically proved that during sleep a person is in one of two phases – this is the phase of the deep and the phase of fast sleep. These phases alternate between each other during your sleep. Closer to the morning they change faster than immediately after you fall asleep. From what phase of sleep you wake up, depends on how easily you can wake up, as well as mood and well-being. Getting to work is always more pleasant when your mood is good, is not it? When you wake up during the deep sleep phase, you will feel tired and sleepy. If you wake up during the fast sleep phase, you will feel cheerful, and awakening will be easy and enjoyable.

The application Sleep as Android uses these features of the human body and makes your awakening easy and enjoyable. The principle of the application’s operation is based on the fact that during the fast sleep phase a person moves. Using an accelerometer, your smartphone can tell the program in which sleep phase you are in, which is necessary for the application to work.

To do this, you need to set the alarm for the time you need, connect the phone to the charger (otherwise in the morning, at best, you can be upset because of the low battery life of the smartphone, and at worst just oversleep due to the phone turned off) and by running the sleep mode, put the phone on the pillow next to you. By default, the wake-up period is set to 30 minutes, i.e. if you set the alarm at 7.00, then the application will wake you up from 6.30 to 7.00. This is done due to the fact that in the morning the phases of sleep are replaced approximately every half hour.

In the application, you can configure the optimal sleep time for you and the time for which you need to “to be gone to sleep.” If you still want to take a nap after the alarm, you should pay attention to the option “Duration of drowsiness”, which by default is 10 minutes. In Sleep as Android, you can adjust the speed of the alarm volume so that you do not get scared of a loud melody. Similarly, the authors of the application share your opinion that it is awful to oversleep and took care of checking your awakening. You can configure the application so that the melody is turned off only after solving a mathematical example (you can configure one of five difficulty levels) or enter a Captcha (the picture from which you need to rewrite letters or numbers). For those who are concerned about the impact of radiation on the human body, the developers have added the ability to turn off all signals directly from the application (flight mode).

In the application, there are many settings that allow you to make your sleep and wake up even more convenient. It will not be difficult to understand them since a description has been added to each option. The developer gives a 15-day opportunity to use the program without restrictions, but after they expire the application can be used.

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