7 Best Model Casting Apps for Android and iOS

It is evident that if you’re here then you are looking forward to a modeling career. Or maybe you’re a skout? There are hundreds of model casting apps on the market today, but not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. Hence, we don’t want you to spend your time on research but we have already found the best of these apps for you.

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Mostly referred to as Uber for models, Swipecast is one of the most popular model casting services out there. It keeps quite professional and tries to involve all kinds of professionals and talent in the modeling industry.

There are plenty of jobs for models, photographers, designers, hairstylists, make-up artists, etc. And that is not all. You may find designers, rental studios, industry influencers, and producers. Isn’t this the one place for creating a great team?

Once you have been registered in the application, you realize that you are dealing with a professional platform. Everything is in place and nothing excessive.

After all, Peter Fitzpatrick, who also owns Silent Models NY, developed the application. Maybe that is why the platform is called an “Uber for models” more than other similar apps.

Registration and identification are required to start applying for modeling and acting jobs in the application. It may seem annoying but makes the platform more reliable. Another great point worth mentioning.

Swipecast promises to work directly and even act as your advocate in case of a dispute with a client who violates the Terms and Conditions.

It’s free and available only on iOS. And of course, it charges you ten percent commission from each deal, which is quite fair compared to modeling agencies. After you finish the job with a client, and they can rate you too, no surprise.



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Model Now

Model Now is the app of modelmanagement.com available on both iOS and Android. With over 1.8 million models and about 300K industry professionals on the platform, Model Now is one of the most popular models casting apps.

This is a social network of the fashion industry, in fact. Imagine the stunning opportunities the platform may offer you as a new model. Another nice feature in modelmanagement.com is the Model Academy with great video tutorials and a final test.

Registration on the platform is free, but you can apply for one job only with your basic account. You should upgrade to Premium Starter whether Premium Unlimited for further surfing.

With this app, you are enabled to find any model casting and get enrolled in seconds. Seriously.

Moreover, it’s always stated in the app whether the job is paid or not – so you’re not getting fooled.

What do you get in it? Well, you can apply to castings and directly contact professionals with no limits. And access the Model Academy, of course.

Model Now is a must-have application for models, and industry professionals too, in fact. You get access to hundreds of thousands of professionals across the globe.

You may find an opportunity in a city you always dreamed to live in. You may collaborate with professionals you have seen on Instagram only. Or you may find a permanent job or collaboration with a brand that will change your whole life.

By the way, there is a small bitterness about Model Now. Sometimes there are issues with verification or payments may occur – in these cases we recommend text comments right to the store wall, the support will notice it fasten then.




Backstage Casting

If Model Now would be best for models, Backstage casting is focused on actors and performers first. It is an ideal place to surf, if you are looking for casting calls as an actor, singer, dancer, voiceover artist, etc.

Which does not mean models should not consider this app, as they may find great modeling casting calls here.

Like most of the platforms listed here, Backstage casting is a company with a rich history in the industry. For over sixty years, Backstage has served as the ultimate resource for talents to find their next job.

So this is a huge network with about five hundred thousand professionals joined looking for talents and about ten million members. Quite an impressive network, isn’t it?

Backstage casting is available only on ios, and that is kind of disappointing. But the pricing is quite fair and if you’re not totally broke you can easily pay that amount.

What does it offer to you? Unlimited applications to casting calls, unlimited media storage for your portfolio, and a huge talent job base, maybe more than on any other platform. What else do you need?

Actually Backstage offers online classes, in collaboration with the Institute of Performing Arts of New York University. But this is not included in the membership plan, as in the case of Model Now.

The interface design is not the most brilliant thing here, but it can be compensated by its functionality – there are hundreds of new castings that occur each day. You got a chance to be enrolled in the most famous projects and work with celebrities – so these flaws seem minor in this case.



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Newbook is not as huge as Model Now, for instance, but looks and keeps things quite professional. At least the interface design definitely has more thought than in the previous app. This is actually a good place for newcomers and non-professional models, who are just starting.

Create your account, add your portfolio and your pricing (per hour and per day) and start applying for new jobs. There are about a thousand models registered on the platform.

Sounds poor in line with others. But the platform is a newcomer itself. Though it already has some good feedback and great growth dynamics, which is encouraging. Moreover, Newbook functions much better than all the previous apps and all the bugs are immediately fixed by the developers.

Newbook is available on iOS and is free of charge for now.




Born in 2019 and expanded to over ten countries, Divo is one of the fastest-growing online model casting platforms now. Focused on the fashion industry and blockchain technologies, Divo is doing its best to ensure the best online experience for its stakeholders.

Divo is entirely focused on the fashion industry. The platform will be extremely helpful also for model agencies, scouts, fashion houses, promoters, producers, advertisers, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, and other industry players.

The only thing that we highly recommend while using this app is to be meticulous about the castings you’re applying for – some cases of fraudulence are still identified.

What is more, some users reported that errors might occur when you are using this app.

Despite all those nuances, it’s evident that the app has made significant progress since the day it was invented and it’s a worthy choice for those who are looking for model castings.

Available both on Android and iOS, this application is easy to register, surf, and chat with others.




One Model Place

One model place is a growing community of models, photographers, and other creative people, who look for a job or inspiration.

With over 200K of active participants and 1.5M monthly visits on the platform, you are sure you will find the talent or job you need to bring your ideas to life. There is a convenient filtering and search system in the application to find the exact talent.

Therefore, if you are looking for a job, you should consider filling in all the information the platform suggests. For instance, clients may search by location, race, experience level, and preferences. And this last feature is actually cool.

You can highlight the projects you are interested in. Actually, the fee depends on those interests, though most services are free of charge.

The interface design is quite bearable, at first you will have to explore all the features of the main menu and learn navigation but if you’re going to use this app more than several times it won’t become a great problem for you.

Another cool feature that the entertainment industry talents will absolutely love, is the service called iStudio. This part is for musicians, actors, choreographers, and models, who want to build a career in the film industry.

One model place is the platform where you can be sure about your security and privacy of personal data. Platform users may report for any scum or abusive activity to help prevent and exclude illegal practice there.




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We kept the nutshell for the end. Surprised to see IMDBPro on this list? Yes, it may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to modeling jobs. But in fact, IMDBPro is a great network of professionals in the filmmaking, beauty, and fashion industries.

And this may be the best choice for you if you are ambitious enough to jump in. You can join for a free trial month to test whether this is the place to be. If you decide to stay, an additional monthly fee will be charged.

And it is worth it, for sure. Thousands of casting calls from the greatest agencies, industry A-players, and small studios are there to find a talent like you. There are about 300.00 industry professionals registered in the network, in case you need numbers.

The application is available both on android and on ios, of course.

Every detail in IMDBPro is well thought out. The application is intuitive and easy to surf. Finding the right person for your project or the calls you are interested in the most will take you minutes.

IMDBPro is also highly preferred by professional studios, agencies, and other industry players. If Swipecast is considered to be the Uber of the fashion industry, IMDBPro seems to be the Linkedin of the entertainment industry.

IMDB’s traditional rating system is working for the application too, to ensure maximal transparency, professional attitude, and security out there.




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