11 Best medical ID apps for Android & iOS

Online services allow you to manage your own medical records, available through mobile applications in your smartphone or through websites.

Medical records management services are designed to make life easier and healthier. This application contains the best medical ID apps that can be useful for you.

Echo112 – Medical ID

Echo112 – Medical IDIt’s a medical assistant for the whole family.

This medical app combines the functionality of the most popular mobile apps in the categories of “Medicine” and “Health”.

With this application it is possible:

  • schedule your medications
  • mark the start of the illness and the recovery
  • find a hospital or clinic near home
  • calendar health events
  • save information about procedures, test results, and history of medical appointments

This program is also convenient because you can connect the accounts of your loved ones to your profile, and enter data into your calendar.

This application will help you not to miss anything. It will keep a slimming schedule (weight loss), save heart rate, and pressure measurements.

Glucose (blood sugar) will be visible on a separate graph. A built-in reminder will help you not to forget about taking the pills.

Rest assured: when the body mass index comes back to normal, the pills can be forgotten.

Echo112 – Medical ID Echo112 – Medical ID

The application is available on iOS and Android platforms.

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MyID – Medical ID Profile

MyID – Medical ID ProfileThis is a mobile application that can store information about your health status. For example, weight, pulse, temperature, blood pressure.

It also allows you to always have different documents with you. For example, certificates, test results, vaccinations, sick leaves.

The program allows you to create medical events (for example, to schedule a trip to the doctor).

It will remind you in time to take your medicine or give you an injection. There is also a medical calendar and a calculator that allows you to check your vital signs.

This application will be useful for people who are diagnosed with diabetes of the 1st, 2nd type, or pre-diabetes.

Doctors always recommend measuring blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and recording blood sugar. And do so every time, that is, keep a diabetes diary.

Almost certainly, your doctor will point out weight loss in your recommendations. Especially if you have hypertension.

MyID – Medical ID Profile MyID – Medical ID Profile

The application is free, suitable for the whole family.


Health4MeIt’s a health monitoring service integrated with medical facilities. The service analyzes information from Apple Health.

It stores the history of visits and appointments of doctors and makes an appointment with the right specialist.

The app is also convenient because the data about your health go to the medical records of the program.

For example, the results of tests provided by any clinic of this service. The application brings together 490 medical institutions.

In general, if you value your health, then this application is exactly what you need. Moreover, with its help, you can send all your parameters to e-mail.

For example, to your doctor, who can remotely give you some recommendations. Besides, this application provides automatic backup of data to the cloud with the ability to restore it to other devices.

Health4Me Health4Me

The program is free.

AID Medical ID

AID Medical IDThis application is the equal of a paper medical record in a clinic.

Only data is stored electronically on your smartphone or tablet, not in paper form.

You can take photos of documents in the clinic, add and store them in the application.

You can download files from the mail, gallery, and any other sources.

You can search for documents by date, name of the diseased, name of the analysis, and the clinic. It is possible to send files to mail, via Facebook or messenger.

Developers declare full confidentiality, as the program does not support the “cloud” and does not send data anywhere. It is possible to store the documents of all family members.

Check all health indicators: the health of the husband, as well as the health of the child. A woman’s health needs attention, especially if you plan to conceive a child.

Track your menstrual cycle and weight management. Conducting a pregnancy is also convenient.

AID Medical ID AID Medical ID

Observe all changes in your body and easily give the data to your doctor.

Aetna Health

Aetna HealthIt is an electronic medical card that provides access to personal medical data from any country in the world.

In the event that you need emergency care, medical staff can quickly access your data, and in any country.

With this application, you can store health information in one place, track important indicators.

Here you will always be up to date on health news and consult with doctors. This includes the use of telemedicine technology.

The Diseases section of this app is basically your disease history. Diseases that have already been recorded, as well as those that are so to speak, are still being recorded.

By adding a new disease, you can record all the symptoms. For example, not to forget about them when you go to the doctor, and after that – the prescribed treatment and the name of the attending physician.

Besides, you can add a picture to each new entry. This picture may be, for example, a prescription that you have written so that you do not have to carry a paper version of it with you.

Aetna Health Aetna Health

If you do not need the original when you buy medicines. Everything has been thought out in detail.


FollowMyHealthThis service is a personal medical card on your smartphone. There are four sections in this mobile application.

The “Indicators” tab reflects information about temperature, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol.

Personalized sections can be added if required.

The “Diseases” tab contains a history of diseases. It includes symptoms, prescribed therapy, names of doctors.

It also includes photos of prescriptions for medicines prescribed by the doctor.

The “Reminders” tab is an alarm clock to remind you to visit your doctor or take your medicine. You can add comments to the alarm and adjust them to the tasks that the patient has set.

There is a calendar in the application, where you can mark upcoming medical events.

The Profile tab contains your personal information. For example, information about blood type, weight, height, vaccination, allergic reactions.

The free version of the application allows adding up to 10 entries to each section. There is a function to copy information to the “cloud”.

FollowMyHealth FollowMyHealth

The program allows you to send all information by e-mail.


MyChartHealth is the most expensive thing we all have. Accordingly, health, as well as any other wealth, must be closely monitored.

This app can save you from losing and keeping your medical records and doctor’s recommendations.

This is your personal medical records, where you can store absolutely all your health records without fear of losing them.

The app consists of four sections – “Measures”, “Diseases”, “Reminders” and “Profile”. The first three of them are of the greatest interest to us.

A “Profile” is basically a normal user card with common indicators. For example, height, weight, blood type, rhesus factor, allergies, and vaccinations.

With this application, you will be able to track your medical parameters. You can check your weight, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature.

You can also enter the information about hemoglobin, cholesterol, glucose, body fat, blood sugar, and much more every day.

You can choose from a list of the indicators you want to measure and record today. If there is something you do not need in the standard list, you can add this indicator yourself.

In the future, you can view your entries as a list (you can sort them by indicators), or as a calendar. Here those days, when you made records, will be marked in yellow.

It is up to you to decide how often you should take notes.

MyChart MyChart

It is desirable to take notes every day, as it takes about three to five minutes. But, you will always have information about your health at hand.


MyHumanaThe clinic once lost my medical records. It’s a familiar situation, isn’t it?

This application will allow you to always know everything about your diseases.

It saves information about your visits to doctors, when and what kind of studies you have undergone.

You can always control, for example:

  • when you’ve taken this kind of medicine
  • the last time you saw a neurologist
  • and much more

It’s a mobile electronic medical card that’s always with you. You will never have to go through old prescriptions looking for the right information.

And that medical card will never get lost in the clinic registry.

This application has a handy “Reminders” section. Not hard to guess, it’s a slightly improved alarm clock. To each reminder you can, firstly, link a particular disease from the appropriate section.

Secondly, you can write a comment and, thirdly, add a picture. If necessary, any of the alarms can be disabled or configured to repeat them.

After all the above, you are a little surprised how such an application can be free. Especially since, as you may have already noticed, with its design, too, everything is on top.

MyHumana MyHumana

In fact, this application has built-in purchases. But initially, you will not be limited by either the time of use or functionality.

CVS Specialty

CVS SpecialtyIt’s a health calendar for you and your family.

Comfortable diary: blood pressure and pulse, weight, taking medication. Menstrual cycle, pregnancy management, and women’s health in general.

Your Universal Health Card: For the first time, all your health data in one application. It’s all free, with no advertising, no built-in shopping.

This application allows everyone to keep a health diary and send the data to your doctor.

Thanks to this application, you can check the health of all family members at once, which is valuable for elderly relatives.

In the section for women, there are menstrual cycle, contraception, and pregnancy management.

Health control: a night of healthy sleep and lifestyle, the ability to track the schedule of weight and height of the child.

It is also possible to check the health of the child and other relatives by keeping a family health diary.

All sections are formed with the participation of practicing doctors. It is not done by other medical applications and female applications.

Easy and convenient to use: personal health calendar. Combines women’s apps. There are also reminders.

So you will never forget the most important thing. The widest range of features, even half of which do not have many medical apps.

CVS Specialty CVS Specialty

For example, full health control, which is interesting for doctors (therapist).


GeoBlueIn this app, it is convenient and safe to store medical records of the whole family.

Store tests, examination results, prescriptions, medical records, notes on how you are feeling in one move.

The medical ID stores photos of documents from the phone gallery, test results, and other documents in PDF format.

Each document can contain several pages – jpeg or PDF files.

You can take a picture of the document you want directly from the application and save it like him. For a quick search, assign tags and labels to your documents, select a document type.

Swipe the document left to add or change tags, poison the document in your email, messenger, or cloud storage. Click the checkbox in the right corner to select and send many documents at once.

In this app:

  • save your medical records
  • create profiles for each family member
  • find the document quickly by type, title, name, date or tag
  • take notes on how you are feeling
  • send medical records to doctors for a prompt consultation

GeoBlue GeoBlue

This application is safe. It does not store or send your data. All documents, records, photos are stored only on your smartphone.

NiYO Benefits

NiYO BenefitsThis is a state-of-the-art application for recording and storing your health data.

It will allow you to keep a history of your appointments, prescriptions, lab referrals, results, discharges.

It will also help you remember diagnoses of diseases you have experienced, dates of surgery.

It also saves prescription medications and other important medical information.

This application will be able to collect complete information about your health in one place if there is an internet connection – on any device.

This program helps you organize your family health data for easy access in emergency situations. You start by entering some general information about yourself and your family.

In a few minutes, you will receive a profile of your emergency medical care. It includes your medications, allergies, diseases, and more.

You can connect your fitness gadgets to the service for automatic data collection.

NiYO Benefits NiYO Benefits

You can give access to this data to other people you trust and your physicians.

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