11 Best Moon Phase Calendar Apps for Android & iOS

The moon has long been magnified, worshipped. Our ancestors guessed about the great influence of this space object on living beings.

Today, in the era of high technology and explanation of most phenomena, anyone can dig through the Internet.

Everyone can understand what the white satellite of the planet does to a man. And if desired, this knowledge can be supported by a special application for a smartphone and actively used in everyday life.

You will be able to coordinate your plans and intentions with the Moon, and the usual calendar – with the lunar calendar. It is for this purpose that the best moon phase apps are collected in this review.

If you want to find a moon to take awesome photos or to get its precise position then try these best moon location apps.

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

You can’t surprise anyone with a horoscope on your iPhone today. This information is available today.

All you have to do is enter a query in the search box and you will see a list of programs with the appropriate functionality.

But what to do if you want something more serious. For example, applications with a lunar calendar.

This program provides the user with a mass of all kinds of information about phases of the moon, different parameters of the moon and the sun.

The visible surface of the Moon, its age, position, and state at the present time.

After starting the application you get to the main screen. Here the amount of information is immediately entered into the stupor of an unprepared user.

Without going to other screens, you can see not only the current time but also the quarter in which the Moon is located.

There is also the time of sunrise and sunset, azimuth, elevation, percentage state of the moon phase, and a lot of other information.

The background of all these numerical values is the sign of the zodiac. It is currently the only satellite on Earth.

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

In the upper right corner, you can see a small icon with information, by tapping which you will call up a menu. It allows you to calculate the parameters of the moon for any date.


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My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

Closely pressed together blue, green, yellow, orange inscriptions against a black background.

That’s about what it looks like in this app. Those who remember the first applications like this will love the interface.

It gives a lot of astronomical information.

Apart from the typical parameters: quarters, sign, rising, sunset, there are degrees of ascent and declination.

It comes with the information about azimuth, stellar time, Julian day, and other numbers. The degree block is set up as a counter.

You can see in real-time what second, minute, and degree the moon is. The seconds of the sign is constantly running and it’s fascinating.

You’ll find a calendar in a special bookmark. But this calendar is different from the dates we’re used to seeing in it.

They are used to calculate the distance and the shift of the Moon’s extreme points to Earth. Also, thanks to this application, you will be able to know that it will be full on the selected morning.

Examine the question a little deeper and spend the night looking at the largest moon all year round. In doing so, you can appeal to facts in the app such as the moon’s zero shift or stellar time.

For example, the hour angle of the vernal equinox. It is used by astronomers to determine the telescope’s direction when necessary.

The last menu is the settings screen. Here you can specify your exact location by selecting a settlement from the list.

You can also configure many locations by entering the latitude and longitude of the desired city, or by selecting from the list of listed cities.

The application is quite informative. It is intended for both simple users who want to get acquainted with the mysteries of the only Earth satellite.

My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases
My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar & Full Moon Phases

It is also suitable for well-prepared, capable of extracting not only useful information. But also enjoy the data presented in the application.


Moon Phase Calendar

Moon Phase Calendar

Based on its functionality, this app is more like a professional tool than entertainment and cognitive software.

There are a lot of information blocks, the screens are filled with a variety of values and characteristics.

To use the program, you will need the smallest amount of knowledge in this area – this must be taken into account.

All this data array is logically grouped in the Moon section into several screens, they are switched with horizontal strokes.

A separate tab contains the Calendar tool that calculates the full calendar of lunar events for the month. It also has the calendar of apogees and perigee, as well as the calendar of solar and lunar eclipses.

All calculations performed by this app are georeferenced to geographic coordinates and local time of your place.

It can be set manually or determined by geodata, the base includes more than 300 cities around the world.

Besides, the application allows you to perform calculations at any time in the interval from 1900 to 2050. In this case, it correctly takes into account the transitions between summer and wintertime.

The design of the program can hardly be cited as an example of minimalism and restraint. There is a lot of information for each pixel of the screen.

Moon Phase Calendar
Moon Phase Calendar

Developers had to separate some blocks of data from others graphically and in color. As a result, we have colorful and loaded menus.


Lunar Phase – Moon Phases Calendar

Lunar Phase - Moon Phases Calendar

This application contains a calendar of lunar days.

It also has the position of the moon in the zodiac signs, as well as detailed recommendations for each day.

Besides, the calendar contains beauty tips for women, a haircut calendar, lunar health tips, and useful tips for business people.

The Moon Calendar helps you choose the right time to visit your hairdresser or beautician.

You will find out when to sign important contracts or to contact the authorities. You can also choose a day to go to the health center for fasting or sauna, and much more.

The application does not need Internet access after installation, so it also works offline.

The application contains the exact time of the beginning of lunar days and the arrival of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac, the time of new moons and full moons.

It is possible to set the exact location by GPS, as well as the possibility of setting the coordinates manually. There is a lunar calendar of haircuts and other cosmetic procedures.

Lunar Phase - Moon Phases Calendar
Lunar Phase - Moon Phases Calendar

The system of the search for favorable days for various domestic and business events makes the lunar calendar convenient.


Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon logo

The Phases of the Moon app is designed to track the state of Earth’s satellite. It is possible to find out the current phase.

The developers note that the utility uses a simulation of the lunar surface, which was created by NASA.

The app allows you to consider the moon from different sides. With the help of the simulation of the Earth’s satellite, you can find out the current phase.

In the settings, you can switch to a 24-hour time format, configure zodiac signs, turn on notifications of new astronomical events. Besides, you can select the desired hemisphere.

The measuring system is shown in international and English versions. That is, you can measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon in meters or feet. After reading the privacy policy and the rules for using the app, you need to allow access to the location data of your device.

This way, the utility will determine the feed information signal for the locator, which in turn will open a map with the position of the Moon. The current state of the Earth’s satellite is demonstrated.

Additionally, you can find out which lunar phase will start in the near future. You can see the distance of the Moon from our planet, the age of the cycle, and the light level.

Phases of the Moon screen 1
Phases of the Moon screen 2

The function of viewing lunar phases at any time of the year is provided. In other words, you can find out what condition was in the past or will be in the future.


Simple Moon Phase Calendar

Simple Moon Phase Calendar

This application is the most comprehensive collection of information about the Earth’s satellite.

A set of information, as well as the full lunar calendar, are combined in this stylish and very beautiful application.

When you launch the application, you are taken to the home screen. It immediately immerses the user in a wealth of different lunar information.

Here you can find, besides the current date and time, the coordinates of your current location. It also shows the countdown time before sunrise and sunset, the age of the moon, and the Zodiac sign where it is at the current time.

A three-dimensional model of the Moon is immediately available, which can be rotated to observe in real-time the phases of the Moon’s growth by date.

At the heart of the screen is a calendar. In a simple pile, it is replaced by a zodiac calendar or compass. The application works perfectly in both portrait and landscape mode.

A separate part of the screen is dedicated to various current lunar information. It is replaced by quite detailed settings of the program itself.

The main screen has four links that lead to other sections of the program. The first of them contains the lunar horoscope, detailed information about the current sign of the Zodiac.

Through this, the moon passes, as well as recommendations for gardeners. The adjacent section in this application contains an extensive set of Moon reference information.

It goes in the form of links to third-party resources on the web. The selection of information can safely be called exhaustive. On the other side of the screen are the transitions to the remaining two sub-sections of the application.

They contain an annual calendar of the moon’s phases, the time of rising and falling, and a schedule of past and future lunar eclipses.

The final section contains a detailed calendar of the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac.

Simple Moon Phase Calendar
Simple Moon Phase Calendar

It takes into account the length of the day and some other indicators. It can be called a detailed addition to the main application screen.


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Moon Phases

Moon Phases

Tracking the phases of the moon and observing natural phenomena, people have come to an interesting conclusion.

The rhythms of the surrounding world are consistent with the change of lunar phases. Harmony in nature is subject to the energy of the Moon.

Choose the right day, to realize their plans. Most of the failures happen precisely because we either rush events too fast or put them off.

The stars are pushing us to make a decision. We can be trapped in emotions and regret it by doing the wrong thing.

The lunar calendar for each day will help us learn how the stars affect us on that day.

A lunar day or day is the time that goes from sunrise to moonrise except for 1 lunar day. Sometimes the lunar month is 29 lunar days and sometimes 30. A 30 lunar day can also be a very short day.

Moon Phases
Moon Phases

The lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars on Earth, it is based on ancient knowledge of the moon’s movement through the sky.


You Know Moon Phase?

You Know Moon Phase?

This app looks great. Just four points per column on the main page with white letters on a black background.

That’s the most important thing. What you will end up using: a sign, a phase, and a position without a course.

There are also lunar parking lots – but they’re for the sophisticated. That’ll be all.

This app sends out case notifications. The moon has changed the sign – the notification will appear even on the screen off.

You can also set these notifications in a different way. It’s time for the moon without a course – get a reminder. And it’s very convenient.

It’s good to know everything about the Moon up to the point of ascent, but why? But to be notified that the moon has changed its sign exactly when it has changed it works.

Visually, this app looks great. The background of the application is an animated space. Any user action is accompanied by some kind of effect.

Unobtrusive background music plays throughout the work with the application. From the presentation of information to the visual design of the interface, everything is done perfectly.

Find something useful for yourself in the application can almost anyone because the volume of information is very large.

You Know Moon Phase?
You Know Moon Phase?

Even gardeners will have a powerful tool at their disposal for navigating the moon.

Luna Solaria – Moon & Sun

Luna Solaria - Moon & Sun

This app looks good. The big moon in its current phase at the center of the screen. Next to it, on a starry background that’s moving a little bit – basic information.

The fonts and the color aren’t overworked: font one, color one. That’s good. Nothing ruffles and is easy to read.

Basic information: sign, age, time of coming in and out. If you do not need extra data and time of the moon without a course, from free applications it is optimal.

Suitable for beginners in astrology. The app will give you a description of each lunar day, its symbols, stones, and characteristics. But if you install the application, it’s certainly not for them.

It’s easy to navigate. There’s nothing extra on the main screen.

The application will be obsessed with tips on gardening, food, and recommendations for business life. There is information on meditations every day according to the lunar calendar.

Also, the lunar calendar contains information on the meaning of dreams. It will give you some recommendations for working with dreams according to the lunar calendar.

The app contains information on the periods of the moon without a course.

Luna Solaria - Moon & Sun
Luna Solaria - Moon & Sun

There is a feature for recording any notes in the calendar and creating reminders.




This program contains the phases of the moon, a calendar of lunar days, and the position of the moon in the zodiac signs for each day.

It shows the exact time of the full moon, the beginning of lunar days, and the moon’s entry into the zodiac.

The information is presented in a convenient form in three different variants. For the current day, for the month as a standard calendar and in more detail for the week.

For each day, descriptions of lunar aspects, their interpretation, and recommendations are available. There is a precise location change based on GPS data. Support for different languages is available.

The program can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. This application is a real personal and accurate lunar calendar.

Your indispensable advisor, who will always be with you and now there is no need to buy paper editions of lunar calendars every year.

Every day you can adjust your plans for it. For example, when it is better to schedule a surgery to cut health recovery. Or, for example, you can cut your hair so that it gets lush and water the plants on time.


As well as updated recommendations on the comprehensive impact of lunar rhythms on our lives, health, and everyday life.


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The Moon Calendar

The Moon Calendar

This application shows the current phase of the Moon, the phases of the Moon for any month.

It also includes the other information about the Moon, the Sun, and the eight planets in the solar system in real-time.

The program allows you to see the position of the luminaries on the simplest celestial sphere, which can be rotated to your chosen angle.

The image of the phase of the moon with high precision corresponds to the real-time for a given moment.

All data are calculated on the basis of the user’s geographic coordinates and the current date. For the first time, the most precise algorithm for calculating the lunar day of the Internet is implemented here.

It allows not to worry about correct recommendations and not to miss the beginning of the lunar day. For ease of planning, this app has a function for calculating the nearest dates with similar characteristics.

The recommendations are based on many parameters, such as the moon in the zodiac sign, moon phase, lunar day, and so on.

For long-term planning, you can select any date in the calendar without any restrictions and schedule the event. Then, share it with friends on a social network or email, for example.

For the most accurate selection of recommendations, a database of settlements in the CIS has been added to the application.

The Moon Calendar
The Moon Calendar

Also, this application has a built-in forum for sharing opinions. There you will find answers to any question related to the lunar calendar, news from developers, user feedback.

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