6 Best Parking Apps In the USA (Android & iOS)

Are you tired of driving in circles around the parking area looking for the right spot? Then this article is definitely for you! Nowadays, our car accompanies us everywhere we go as well as the problem of parking. Well, modern technologies can help us to deal with that either.

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Parking apps will quickly become your best friends that will always take care of your parking spot. These apps will also compare prices from different parking areas and offer you the lowes-priced ones with the possibility of booking right from the app. So, here’s the list of 6 best parking apps in the USA for Android and iOS users. Check it out!

SpotHero: Find Parking Nearby

SpotHero: Find Parking Nearby is a great app that will ensure that you’ll always find a place to park on. Let’s start by considering the pros and cons of this app.

To begin with, this app not only searches for parking places for you but also compares its prices and helps you to reserve it. Moreover, this app provides discount codes and coupons with up to half price off sale.

In addition to that, the SpotHero provides it’s own parking places in your local area. All those places can be reserved in a couple of clicks with a discount so that you can always be sure you have a place to park on. Furthermore, the database of parking areas consistently updating and the number of cities it’s available in is growing every day.

It should be noted that it will be a lot easier to find a parking place in large cities so if you’re living in a countryside area you might still have topless with that.

The other side of the coin is that every parking place comes with a discount so you’ll save money anyway. Besides, there’s also a possibility to share booked places with your friends through your social media.

What is more, if you’re running a business you can divide the parking fees for several accounts if you want to. Moreover, this app is completely ad-free and has no paid features.

To sum it up, if you travel a lot and want to be sure that you’ll have a parking spot in a place you’re going to, SpotHero is a perfect app for you. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Best Parking – Find Parking

Best Parking – Find Parking is a parking app recommended by dozens of popular magazines and newspapers. Using this app you’ll be able to find parking spots around you and book it right from the app.

It is important to note that this app will be your key to a huge amount of parking areas that are always ready for you to reserve a spot for you. Furthermore, this app is available in more than a hundred cities so there’s a big possibility for you to find a suitable option for you.

Another good thing about this app is that all parking spots can be sorted by price so you can quickly find a spot in your capability.

Besides, the app usually offer you discount codes so you can spend less money on parking. The number of parking areas is also constantly growing so even if you don’t find a suitable option at first, don’t forget to come back later and check it out again.

In addition to that, the unique offer of this app is it has options for parking spots in almost every airport in Amerika so if you’re going on a vacation or need to meet someone at the airport, this app will take care of your parking.

Moreover, this app does everything to make sure that every parking offer is verified and contain an accurate price and data. That way, if you’ll find an incorrect offer, the app will pay you $5 that you can spend on a parking spot or a coffee in Starbucks.

To sum it up, Best Parking – Find Parking is the app with full-on information about parking areas that also enable you to book parking spots with a discount. Give it a try!

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ParkMe Parking

ParkMe Parking is a great app with a large base of parking areas available in dozens of countries. Using this app you’ll be able to automatically compare prices and select the most suitable parking spots for you.

Let’s begin by considering the pros and cons of this app. The first thing that needs to be said is this app contains thousands of locations that can be compared so that everyone could find the perfect spot for themselves.

Besides, you can book parking spots right from the app and be sure that everything will be ready for you when you’ll come to the right place. By the way, you can reserve a place for up to two weeks in the future.

In addition to that, there’re various discount codes and sales available for ParkMe Parking’s usest so it’s pretty profitable to have the app on your phone. Every offer you see in the app exists in real-time so you’ll never face the situation when you’ve paid for a parking spot and it will be already taken by the time you’ll reach the parking area.

It should also be noted that the app also contains free street parking spots so it’s not always necessary to pay. Along with paid spots, the free ones are also constantly updating so you won’t have trouble with that.

To sum it up, ParkMe Parking is a parking app that unites everything you might need from an app like that. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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ParkWhiz- #1 Parking App

ParkWhiz- #1 Parking App is a Forbes recommended parking app that will take care of your parking spot no matter where you are. Furthermore, this app will save your money on parking fees as it contains various discount codes.

The first thing that needs to be said is this app might save you for up to 60% off the original price of a parking spot. Besides, this app will compare prices from different parking areas and offer you the lowest one near your target spot. You will also be able to book the parking spot right from the app with no need to visit extra websites.

In addition to that, ParkWhiz does everything in its powers for you to feel comfortable using it so every action might be done quickly. Speaking about discounts, the app provides it for almost any parking area no matter where it is located so you’ll get your discount with 99% possible.

Speaking about the cons of this app, you might face some trouble if you’re living in a small countryside area, but it’s not necessary. Moreover, the database of parking areas is constantly growing so be sure to check it out a couple of times before deleting the app.

To sum it up, ParkWhiz- #1 Parking App is a parking app with huge discounts going on so if you want to save money on parking, this is a great option. Try it out!

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Parking Panda: Book Deals Now

Parking Panda: Book Deals Now is another parking app form the Forbes top recommended list. By the way, this app is pretty unique and there’s a couple of features that make it stand out of the rest of similar apps.

The first thing that needs to be said is this app not only works with specific parking areas – it contains mall parking, stadiums parking, restaurants, and other places you might visit that have their own free parking areas. That way you can monitor real-life free parking spots no matter where you want to go.

Apart from that, if you’re looking for a paid parking spot, the app also has you covered. The app automatically compares the prices of all suitable parking areas and offers you the best deal of all.

Besides, you can also book a parking place right from the app with a discount that saves your money. What is more, the app enables you to earn free parking in a paid parking area.

It should also be noted that the app works in more than fifty cities in America so you’ll most likely find a suitable option for you.

Although you might face some problems in a farmland area, the app is constantly updating and the database of cities is growing. Speaking about earning a free parking spot, it’s actually pretty easy – you simply need to recommend the app on one of your social media accounts.

To sum it up, Parking Panda: Book Deals Now is a fully-featured parking app that contains lots of unusual parking spots you can book. Give it a try!

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Parker, Find available parking

Are you familiar with this feeling when you are driving somewhere and you’re completely not sure if you’re going to find a parking lot? Well, most probably this feeling is familiar to most of the drivers. Now you can avoid that nightmare by using the help of this app.

It will not only detect the parking places on the map but will help you to handle the parking tickets. Parker provides motorists with real-time guidance to available parking on-street and off-street lots and garages. Another really cool feature of Parker is the possibility to pay the parking lots by the mobile payment, where it is possible.

When you’re approaching your destination and you don’t know where is the closest parking lot, just open this app, open the map and search for the nearest parking spot. Then the app will build the route for you. When you will be approaching the spot the app will send the additional notification.

When you’re out of the car the app will save your car’s location so even if you parked at a giant parking place, you will escape minutes (or maybe hours) of searching your car among 1000 other.



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