15 Best Period Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

Are you looking for a period tracker to help you monitor your cycle? Did you know that such apps along with tracking your period can predict ovulation, show the fertility window, and give contraception advice? Besides you can plan pregnancy with the help of the app.

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We have collected an actual list of the best and popular period trackers that are available for iOS and Android devices. Check it out!

Clue Period Tracker

Clue is one of the best and trusted period trackers apps that helps women all over the world to be aware of their menstrual cycle. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and it has 5 stars rating. It’s an exclusively advanced and convenient application.

 Here is what you can attain from the app:

  • Full control over your period flow. The app will calculate your cycle schedule upon received data from you. Therefore you will always know when your next period will start and be prepared for it. It always will make you aware of your upcoming PMS and its symptoms.
  • Period calendar with stats and schedule. In the calendar, you can see your past period days and the predicted ovulation day. All data in the calendar is according to your input, data that you logged. Be aware of your cycle and your fertility in order to know when is the highest possibility to get pregnant.
  • Receive Notifications. Set up the app to send you to push notifications to remind you about important days. You will receive predictions from the app about the approximate day of starting PMS, fertility period, ovulation, and period itself.
  • Monitor your period flow, symptoms, and your overall condition during period and PMS. Thus you can conclude whether you are in good health or you need to set a doctor`s appointment.

The app is free for Android and iOS and millions of women already took advantage of this helpful mobile software.

Clue Clue


App Store

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The second app on our list isn’t just a period tracker and ays counter for your menstrual cycle. Besides all general features, Eve has a community of women talking about relevant topics. You can find various discussions about women’s health, sex, and relationship issues, some period-related topics and problems.

The forum contains a lot of useful scientific information and will help you to comprehend what is ovulation or how IVF works.

No doubt that such information is vital because every woman has to know all about the female organism and its mechanisms in order to be more careful about it. Thus Eve gives a chance to monitor observe and control everything that happens in the uterus throughout a month.

You must know well when is your period gonna start, how long the menstruation and the length of your cycle overall. Is it stable or not? And when is your precious ovulation is coming. This significant information is what each woman must know.

The app calculates everything related to your period for you. Fertility days are highlighted as the most high-risk period for sexual intercourse in case if you are not planning a pregnancy.

Those who are planning must pay more attention to those days. This app is helpful for many women. It’s free and easily accessible. Download it from Google Market or Apple Store.

eve p trackereve p tracker


App Store

Period Tracker

Period Tracker will help you to control your cycle, fertility, and overall health condition. By adding different data into the app you can observe the regularity of your menstrual cycle, your weight fluctuations, and symptoms throughout your period.

The app requires to create a personal account in order to log in. Thereby you will have all your data and stats saved under your email login. In case if you have to switch to another device all your period data will be transferred to a new device.

The app will help:

  • To track your period cycle. Simply tap on the “The period just started” button in the beginning and “Just finished” at the end of a period. This is more than enough for the app to create a calendar for you where the predicted days will be marked. Thus you will see when is your ovulation, next period.
  • To monitor your health condition, flow, intercourse, fertility. All this in one calendar. Don’t forget to take daily notes for your condition mentioning symptoms (acne, backaches, bloating, cravings, etc), your lifestyle: the amount of water you drink, counted daily steps, weight, and sleep.
  • Monitor your period stats. How many days it was in previous months. Is your cycle stable or have something to worry about?

Get full control over your special days and health with Period Tracker.


App Store

Flo period tracker

 Flo is another handy app that will supply you with predictions about your period. This app is a functional tool created to help a woman to estimate her pregnancy chances, displaying a fertility window in the calendar with an ovulation day. For such data, you are just required to log the first day and the last day of a period. Logging flow details can help you to analyze it throughout some period of time.

The most valuable and important features of Flu period tracker:

  • Prediction of your first day of the period.
  • Giving you accurately collected data about your period schedule.
  • Prediction of an ovulation date.
  • Estimation of the amount of water you drink, your weight, and your sleeping time upon your regular input.
  • Countdown of your pregnancy.

Period Tracker Flo  Period Tracker Flo


App Store


MagicGirl is a small app for tracking the periods with the minimum functions. The whole app looks like a calendar. The interface design is anime-alike, so it is fair enough to say that the main audience for this app will be teenage girls. That’s why the app contains the answers to the most common questions about teenagers’ health.

For the more precise statistics, it is recommended to put in the information about your state during the periods, so the app can compile a graph. After the first month and after your cycle will be clear to the app, it will be able to provide tips and recommendations for your cycle. It will also be sending reminders about your next periods.

mg1 mg2


Ovia Fertility

Ovia Fertility is a lovely period tracking apps that millions of women found convenient cozy and careful about their health. You will find all the common functions in the app. Besides, there are useful daily tips and recommendations for your health and body.

Let’s check at a list of primary features:

  • Calendar. Have easy access to your personal schedule to see when was your last period and when is gonna home next one. Home many days is the menstrual cycle and when are fertile days. Taping on an exact day you can get an explanation about your cervix current condition and chances to get pregnant.
  • Health and wellness tracker. There are built-in step counter and work out counter where you can see count time spending for different sports activities like swimming or dancing.
  • Daily-tips and articles. Valuable information can be found on a daily basis. You may find out more about a woman`s health. For example, the ovulation process and basal temperature method as a pregnancy planning.

Be conscious about your health with the help of Ovia Fertility.

Ovia Fertility Ovia Fertility


App Store

Dot Period Tracker

Dot`s main goal is to help women to control their fertility according to period cycle and data they log in to the app. It has been claimed that the modern technology used in the app is to precisely attain the data about the chances to get pregnant.

Main`s Dot features:

  • It plays the role of your menstrual, period calendar predicting the day of the upcoming period. Add the first day of your period constantly month after month and the app will present a calendar for you giving an exact prediction about the start of your period.
  • It will inform you about risky days of pregnancy. So you can use the moment if you are planning a pregnancy or to use contraception in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Dot is a period, ovulation, fertility, mood, and symptoms tracker. Add all data about your health condition into the app.
  • Countdown pregnancy mode. Dot will count days down for you to the baby. Open it anytime you wanna see how many days are remaining.

Though this app is fantastic, you have to be aware that it can’t give guaranteed information about your fertility as sometimes the body can produce an unplanned ovule.

Dot fertility trackerDot fertility tracker

google App Store

Period Diary

Doesn’t it look like a real diary? At least its icon does. A Period diary app is devoted to helping women to track their period, control their fertility status, and overall being aware of your feminine health status.

It’s well known that to a big extent the health and mood of a woman depend on her cycle. Hormones play and fluctuate. Its a part of a natural manifestation. But it doesn’t go smoothly for mood.

For example, the body`s capability is different at the beginning of a cycle, in the middle of it, or during PMS that preceding period itself. Thus, the period cycle monitoring will help you to lead a comfortable life.

Period Diary is designed to be An app that will replace a woman`s paper diary. Where she would be able to add secret information about her personal intimate life.

Noone one will know that you have such an app because the name of the icon is just an abbreviation P.D. The passcode protection will secure all your data from unexpected intervention.

Period diaryPeriod diary


App Store

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First of all, this is one of the few periods tracking apps that is available in several languages (who knows maybe that’s the feature you’ve been looking for).

It is also remarkable for the intuitive user interface – it means that when you mark the period days in the calendar, the app will remember it and will count all other cycles automatically, will count all other aspects of your ovulation schedule, and will always remind you about the upcoming periods.

For the better precision of tips and analysis, add some additional details, as the intensity of the flow, pain, belly bloating, and mood swings.

If you add details regularly, you will receive the more precise period predictions. For even more details, you can always consult with the doctors in the app online. Using the ovulation calendar, you can increase your chances to get pregnant.



App Store


Luna is yet another functional application with a bunch of useful tools for feminine days. It has all features a woman needs: period tracker calendar, ovulation, and fertility tracker, pregnancy countdown, and health condition tracker.

If you are one of those girls that have never tried such apps this is a good time and a good example to begin. Try out the Luna app instead of struggling to memorize your period dates. Believe us it worths downloading. Plus it’s free and for any kind of device( Android / iOS).

Luna app plays the role of a period and menstruation cycle diary.

  • Firstly, you will be asked to choose your plan: whether you planning a pregnancy or not.
  • Secondly, to add some data about your cycle. It can be done over time by adding a day when it started and ended each month.
  • And finally, constantly adding details about your health condition, mood, activities.

After all, the app will count your cycle, ovulation, fertility window and will notify you about potentially good days to get pregnant.



App Store


Once is yet another amazing period tracker app with all functions that you may need as a woman. Track your period, make notes into the app on your phone. Throw out all your paper notebooks that are off-date and uncomfortable to use.

Open this handy app at any time and any place if you want to see your feminine status. It will show you days preceding your next period giving a chance to prepare for it.

Features of the app:

  • Create a period calendar right inside your mobile. The app will build it according to the data you input. You will know when to expect the upcoming period.
  • Fertility, ovulation, and PMS control. You will always know in advance about your ovulation and chances to get pregnant. According to scientific studies, the ovule lives 24 hours while the sperm lives a few days. On the ground that the app will calculate potential days favorable for pregnancy.
  • You can add the day of intimacy to your calendar. Such precious and personal information always will be saved as the app has a password function. You will never lose your data even switching to another device as it all saved in your account under the login you registered.

Undoubtedly, This free app will help you lead a more comfortable life in balance with your organism.



App Store

Period Tracker

Period tracker can be called the most popular app among other similar as it has been downloaded more than 100 million times and still have the highest rate at about 4.8. It stands in first place in the Health & Fitness category in more than 40 countries.

This outstanding app has all the features that a woman may need: period, ovulation, fertility tracker. Moreover, all kinds of records can be done through the app: weight, temperature, cervical fluids, sexual intercourse, etc. Set all kinds of reminders for yourself. Contraception pills reminder can be an irreplaceable tool.

Check out this app for all other features it can offer. Sure you will choose it as it was chosen by millions of other women from different places on Earth.

Period trackerPeriod tracker


App Store

Mia Fem Period Tracker

Mia is a highly rated( almost 5 stars) period tracker, ovulation calculator that will help you to organize your menstrual cycle and support your feminine. Besides all the mentioned functions you will find in the app a lot of tips and advice from professional gynecologists, psychologists, and dieticians.

Each woman has to have a clear comprehension of her body and organism. For example from articles, you can learn about your sexual mood according to where in your period circle you are now.

With the app you will know:

  • When the first day of the next period is coming. The calendar will help you to know precisely the day X without tense apprehension. Track your menstrual cycle, knowing the ovulation day, fertility.
  • Track the exact ovulation day, your fertility, and chances to get pregnant. You will know which days are more matching for pregnancy planning.
  • Controlling your cycle you will always have an explanation about your mood a physical conditions, about your sexual drive according to biological processes. Observe your state through the app making notes about your symptoms such as level of bleeding, cramps, and pains.

Such apps like Mia are dedicated to helping women to live a better and comfortable life. The app is free for Android and iOS with a convenient and pleasant interface.

Mia period trackerMia period tracker


App Store


WomanLog is a pretty standard but convenient app for Android devices for period tracking. If you like the design of this app you can go for it.

The distinctive feature of Woman Log is that it has the cotton-candy girly interface design, but, at the same time, if you are related to the older audience, you can get yourself this app as well without feeling silly – there are no extra details in this app.

What is more, WomanLog can track your cycle on the calendar, despite if it’s fixed or not fixed. In the app, you will also find more than 100 articles about the symptoms that periods are accompanied by and some tips on how to make these days easier. The app also tracks your fertility schedule. By the way, WomanLog supports Google Fit.



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This is one of the newest apps on the market. It is remarkable for its well-designed and stylish interface. The calendar in the app is made specifically so it would be easy for you to mark the days of your cycle.

What is more, MyFLO gives you the chance to not just track your periods, but it also contains tons of useful information about different symptoms.

There is a lot of articles on how the foods, exercise, work, stress influence your state during periods. There is also a pregnancy calendar. In general, this app lets you learn a lot about your cycle and how to neutralize the symptoms.



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