8 Free Giveaway Apps to Get Stuff (Android & iOS)

In the era of the Internet, it’s not that hard to get some free stuff — you just need to know where to look for it.

There are thousands of giveaways coming up every day — people give stuff they no longer need, brands and influencers host random giveaways, and all that. That’s why we’ve gathered together the best giveaway apps to get stuff (Android & iOS) that lets you keep up with all the best offers nearby.

Some of these apps are virtual garage and yard sales, while the others are aggregators for the hottest offers from top brands worldwide. Plus, these apps cover all the possible categories of items from clothes to gift cards, so there’s something for everyone.

Here are the 8 free apps in that category you may try. Have a look!



Let’s start with a giveaway app that functions as a neighborhood community.

The main goal of this app is to let you get rid of stuff you won’t need by passing it to someone from your neighborhood and getting things from them as well. Frankly speaking, the overall concept is pretty similar to the garage sale but online. This app is a perfect place for parents to exchange kids’ clothes, toys, and more.

Plus, this app is not limited to free and almost-free stuff — it also lets you find a side job nearby. In other words, you can use the app to offer your services to get in-app points that you can use to get items you need. The app usually shows you offer within 5 miles from your location, but you can regulate it in the settings if needed.

As for adding your own item, the process is fast and simple — just a make a quick shot, rite a brief description, and that’s it. Then, the users will offer in-app credits to get your free stuff and the auction will pick the winner. Only the person who wins will be able to send a message to the giver, so you won’t need t to communicate with lots of people.

GiveAway 1 GiveAway 2


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Freebie Alerts

free stuff alerts

As you may guess by the name, this app lets you keep up with all the free stuff offered in your neighborhood.

The concept of this app is simple — it tracks the posts from several giveaway platforms like Nextdoor, Letgo, and more, and alerts you if there’s something available nearby. Thus, you won’t have t spend hours researching various giveaway platforms hoping to find something — this app will do it for you.

As for the mechanics, you just need to install the app and allow it to use your GPS data, and that’s it — you’re ready to go. Then, each time your neighbor will make a giveaway post, you’ll get notified and get the chance to pick the free stuff up first. All the alerts are being sent in real-time so make sure to be web-connected to not miss anything.

Beyond that, the app lets you pick the categories of items you’re interested in, so you won’t be notified about everything at once. To be more precise, you may pick the keywords you’ll be notified about, customize the list of websites, and only get the alerts of the items with images.

free stuff alerts 1 free stuff alerts 2




This app is a different breed — it keeps you updated on all the hot offers, free stuff, and coupons, so you won’t miss any freebies.

The idea of this one is pretty similar to the previous app, but it is much more ambitious. The thing I, this app monitors freebie offers from all the top worldwide brands s you don’t have to. To be more precise, it tracks over 90k brands and notifies you of all the giveaways, ht sales, coupons, prizes, and all that.

It may seem like too much, but the app comes with an intuitive UI and simple navigation, so you won’t get lost in the sea of freebies. Thus, you’ll get to set the list of brands and categories of items you may be interested in. You may even follow some brands individually to keep up with the latest sales, and all that.

Additionally, the app runs its own giveaways regularly and the prizes are usually quite generous. It needs to be said, all the info on this app goes through a stick verification process, so there’s no scam here. In case you’ll find an offer that doesn’t work — make sure to report to the support group, so it could be fixed.

Myner 1 Myner 2


Free Stuff Finder

free stuff finder

This app helps you find free stuff and hot offers, along with saving up to 50% out of your everyday purchases.

The main idea of this app is to let you save money on everything you buy on a daily basis. To cope with that, it provides you with daily coupons for all categories of products — from toilet paper to electronics. You may think that won’t affect your savings that much because coupons are not the same as free stuff, but imagine not paying the full price of a wide range of times ever again!

More to say, once you’ll use this app for some time, it will remember what type of products you usually buy, and start sending you custom coupon lists. The app cover coupons for all the top retailers like Target, CVS, Walmart, Amazon, and more. You may also adjust the list of retailers you’re most interested in.

Along with that, the app also publishes daily lists of free samples you can get and giveaways you may join. Plus, the app covers both online and offline deals, so there’s something for everyone. Herewith, if we’re speaking offline deals, you may need to print a coupon so make sure to check such things out.

free stuff finder 1 free stuff finder 2


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Free Things – Fresh Giveaways

Free things

This is a giveaway aggregator that lets you participate in online giveaways.

The app covers multiple giveaways you may join and all of them are categorized by the type of prize. For instance, there are gaming giveaways, phone ones, the ones for travelers, gift cards, and so on. The new offers are being added daily, so you won’t miss anything important.

Herewith, the app gathers the giveaways from various sources — from brand ones to the ones hosted by influencers on Youtube and IG. The UI and navigation are as easy as they can be — just move through the categories and apply to any giveaways you want. Besides, you may use a search engine to look for specific giveaways and offers.

There are no limits on the amount of gives you may apply for, so feel free to apply for them all. The application process is simple — you just need to create an account and make sure there are no extra terms you should fulfill. The app comes with ads, but other than that — it’s entirely free to use.

Free things 1 Free things 2




This is an ultimate sale aggregator that lets you find items with up to 80% off.

The app overs plenty f categories of items — from clothes and jewelry to electronics and gadgets, so everyone could find something for themselves. All the times are sorted by categories, and you can add the ones you’re most interested in at your faves.

Plus, you get to like individual items to your custom which-list to have quick access to them. The pricing for the times starts with $1 and regardless of how much you’ll buy — you’ll get free shipping. Of course, there may be some extra terms, so make sure to check out each offer precisely to avoid unexpected situations.

The new deals come out hourly so act quickly before they are out of stock. Apart from that, the app also hosts quick, 90-second auctions that let you bid to get stuff for free. The app is fully free, but it comes with ads that you can’t get rid of.

Tophatter 1 Tophatter 2


Fancy Giveaways & Cash App

Fancy Giveaways

Here’s an app that lets you win gifts. However, the concept is not as simple as you may expect it to be — you will need to earn points that can be exchanged for free stuff.

The main goal of this app psi is to motivate you to reach your goals and stay active with your life. The concept is pretty simple — you get the app, earn points, submit them into giveaways and win (or not, it’s a question of luck and persistence).

Herewith, there are new giveaways with different gifts every day, and you can join them all. Beyond that, there’s a huge giveaway coming out every month, and it usually comes with some cool gift like a smartwatch or a laptop. Other than that, the gifts are usually gift cards, vouchers, and all that.

In case you’re one of these people who like to create multiple accounts to participate in giveaways — it won’t work with this particular app. Moreover, all your accounts will be blocked if you’ll try to do that or cheat in any other way.

Fancy Giveaways 1 Fancy Giveaways2


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The Coupons App

the coupons

And lastly, we have an app that lets you save money on your day-to-day purchases.

Even if you’re not a fan of coupons and consider it to be a total time waste (which is wrong, actually), don’t pass by this app without checking it up first. The thing is, this app is not just a coupon aggregator — it gathers together all the sales and hot offers from top brands around the globe.

As for the categories of items, the app covers fashion, food, beauty, and more. The app even lets you save money on gas stations which is a rare category for such kind of service. Plus, it comes with a full-on section dedicated to all kinds of free samples, and all that. The app also covers thousands of giveaways you may apply to right away.

The app works for both online and offline offers, so there’s something for everyone. Herewith, you get to regulate the location radius for offline offers if needed. The new offers come out every day so make sure to allow notifications to not miss any cool freebies.

the coupons1 the coupons 2


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