PocketTube App Review

In 2015, Google turned off the ability to manage subscriptions in collections, thereby making it impossible to sort the channels to which the user is subscribed.

For five years, Google has not offered a coherent alternative, so third-party developers had to get down to business, who created such a wonderful tool as PocketTube.

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PocketTube is a web service and extension that allows you to create categories for your subscriptions and sort them according to different criteria. The tool is available in the form of extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as applications for Apple iOS and Android.

After installing the extension on the sidebar of YouTube on the left you will have a new section “Subscription Groups”, if suddenly this does not happen immediately, restart your web browser.

To create a group, enter its name in the block text box and click the plus sign. This way you can create as many subject categories as you want. It is just as simple to add a channel to one or another group.

Open the channel page and click the plus sign next to the bell, – a drop-down list of the groups you created will appear immediately, click the appropriate group and the channel will be immediately added to it.

The created groups can be expanded and collapsed, sorted by newness, alphabet, the total number of subscribers to their channels, and the block itself can be moved to the upper or lower area of the sidebar by clicking the impromptu arrow buttons at the bottom of the block.

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There are also global settings in PocketTube, where you can set the appearance and behavior of the extension, for example, enable synchronization with your Google account, thus insuring yourself against the consequences of a browser failure or reinstallation.


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