9 Best Restaurant Management Games for Android & iOS

Have you ever wanted to open your own restaurant? Well, now you can have one right on your phone!

There are lots of restaurant management games for Android and iOS that empowers you to lead your own cafe to success. These games give complete freedom to your entrepreneurial talents as it will be you who hire the staff, decorate the place, and builds bonds with clients. You will also need to attract new customers, promote your restaurants, and make sure all the orders are served on time.

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Here’s the list of 9 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

Let’s start with the game called Cooking Fever. This is the game that places you in the position of a cafe manager.

Your main aim in this game is to serve all your customers on time. Wherein, you need to cook all the meals that have been ordered and do it well. If you’ll mess the meal up the client will return the order and you’ll have to recook it.

In the beginning, you get s small cafe with a short menu and simple recipes. But when you’ll move forward in the game the menu will enhance and the meals will get more complex. Plus, the number of visitors will grow with each round, and they will order more meals. With every success order, you will get the money that can be spent on decorating your cafe or buying new equipment.

Herewith, you can unlock various native menu sections like Chinese food and all that. Each section of the menu comes with its own kitchen appliances you can try. You can basically cook anything from pizza to popcorn and ice cream. Furthermore, you can make freebies like cupcakes or cookies to raise the loyalty of your clients.

Cooking Fever 1 Cooking Fever 2


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Food Street – My Cafe and Bakery Story

Food Street

The next game is called Food Street and it empowers you to supervise a restaurant.

This game is basically a full-on restaurant simulator and your main aim is to make sure all your clients are happy with their meals. Thus, you can design your own restaurant and decorate it as you want. Plus, you can also but kitchen supplies, cook dishes, and even plant some berries and vegetables to lessen the ingredient expenses.

In the beginning, you have a limited amount of decorating options and all that because you’re just starting your business and you don’t have lots of money. But when you’ll move forward in the game you will earn more coins that can be spent on developing your restaurant. And when you’ll make your first restaurant perfect you can open another one.

Wherein, you can renew the decorations, enhance the menu, buy new kitchen supplies, and all that. You can even build new rooms in your cafe and add a terrace. Plus, you can pick the uniform for your staff. The number of customers will also grow from round to round, and they will order more food so you will always be busy with something.

Food Street1 Food Street2


Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls

Hungry Hearts Diner

Hungry Hearts Diner is the game that imitates restaurant supervision.

This game empowers you to take the role of an old lady who runs the diner at the edge of Japanise city. Your aim here is to develop the family’s cafe and bring more customers to it. In the beginning, you don’t have the many clients and the orders so its quite easy to serve than all. But it will get more complicated from round to round as there will be more guests, and they will order more dishes.

It needs to be said, the game has an outstanding visual in the old-fashioned Japanese style so it’s a pure pleasure to play. Plus, all your clients are drawn in detail, and they are all different ad unique. As you can already guess, all the dishes served in your restaurant are classic Japanese food so you can even learn some interesting recipes.

When you’ll move forward in the game you will earn some money that you can spend on new decorations and kitchen supplies for your place. Plus, some of your clients will have a story to tell and you’ll need to listen to it. You can even take some pets to make more people come to your diner.

Hungry Hearts Diner1 Hungry Hearts Diner2


Animal Restaurant

animal restaurantAs its name suggests, Animal Restaurant is a game that aims you to rule the restaurant in the world full of animals.

The game has the cutest visual ever and all the animals are drawn in a minimal style and with pastel colors. In this game, you play the role of the restaurant owner and you pick a stray cat to work at your place. At first, you will have a small cafe with not that many decorations going on but you can turn it into a full-on paradise.

Each order brings you some money that you can spend on decorations, new kitchen appliances, and more. You can also enhance the menu and unlock new dishes (just make sure you have equipment for that). You can choose various types of furniture and the uniform for your staff. Plus, you can pick the cats you hire for staff and chiefs.

On top of that, you can make thematic parties that will bring more clients. Some of your clients will have stories to tell you and you can even affect their lives. Plus, you will decide how to deal with claims of your clients so you can rather argue with them or try to make amends.

animal restaurant1 animal restaurant2


Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures

Potion PunchPotion Punch 2 is the game that empowers you to have a fantasy restaurant under your command.

Frankly speaking, this game empowers you to manage more than just one restaurant. Thus, you will be able to run all the magic shots in town along with the diner and the restaurant. Each new round brings you new magic recipes and items you will need to quickly cook. Your aim in the game is to make all your clients happy.

In the beginning, you won’t have than many customers and orders so it will be easy to place. But get ready to rush cause the number of clients will grow with each round and you will need to serve dozens of orders as quickly as possible. You can also make thematic parties at your places to attract more customers. Each successful round will bring you points that you can spend on renewing the furniture and kitchen appliances for your cafes.

You can also hire barkeepers, chiefs, and other staff and make them matching uniforms. Besides, some of your t clients will have the stories to tell and you can affect their lives. Plus, when you listen to the customer you build bonds with them and it might be helpful for you in the future.

Potion Punch 1 Potion Punch 2


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Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Food Truck PupFood Truck Pup is another game that empowers you to run your own food truck. The setting of this game is the animal world and you take the role of a Shiba Inu who owns a food truck. Your aim in the game is to serve the meals for all the customers on time and make them happy. The game has cute graphics and all the animals are drawn in the very details. You start with a simple truck and a short menu as you won’t get lots of customers at first.

But when you’ll move forward in the game the number of hungry clients will grow and you will need to cook faster and faster. Each order brings you some money that you can spend on decoration your truck or buying new kitchen supplies. You can also unlock new recipes.

Plus, you can make a terrace around your truck and ire the dogs to be waiters When you’ll have enough cash you can open another food truck in your town and do it over and over again until you’ll reach the global crepe. You can also promote your place by handing out some flyers. The game also has a cooking mode that empowers you to get into cookery.

Food Truck Pup1 Food Truck Pup2


World Chef

World Chef

As you can see by the title, World Chef is the game that enables you to run a restaurant.

Your main aim in this game is to start a successful business and make all your customers happy. You start with a small place and not so many options for furniture and decorations. At first, you will also have a short many as you won’t get many clients and orders.

Herewith, when you’ll move forward in the game the number of customers will grow and you will need to cook quicker to serve them all in time. Each order brings you some money and you can spend it on decorating your restaurant and renewing kitchen supplies. Plus, you can unlock new menu positions and ingredients.

The game covers the recipes from over 20 nationalities and you can try to recreate these recipes in a real life. You can also pick the staff you hire and give them matching uniforms. The game also has limited holiday collections and modes you can use to make parties.

World Chef1 World Chef2


Bakery Story 2

Bakery StoryBakery Story 2 is a game that empowers you to run and enhance your own bakery. Your main aim in this game is to build a bakery, name it, and lead it to success. As always, you start with a short menu and a few design options for your place.

But as you’ll get more orders and earn money you will be able to place the furniture you like and decorate the bakery as you want. The game has bright 3D graphics and al the deserts look cute and yummy. You can also spend the money you earn on unlocking new recipes. Besides, you can buy new kitchen supplies to make ice cream or use chocolate fondant.

Herewith, you can promote your bakery with fliers and all that. You can also decide who you want to hire for staff and even design a uniform for than. Furthermore, each new round brings you more orders so you will need to hurry to decorate your cakes and cupcakes.

Bakery Story 1 Bakery Story 2


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Sushi Three!

sushi2In this game, users must choose special strategies to clear the table of ingredients and create delicious sushi.

The sushi master will oversee the preparation and encourage the players. Users must create combinations in horizontal, vertical or oblique directions.

Also, in this game, there is a share of creativity and originality, because users can create their own combinations and get unique sushi. For the successful completion of levels, users will be able to receive special gifts in the form of food.

These gifts can be:

  • precious wasabi
  • soy sauce
  • delicious ginger, and many other ingredients that are indispensable in the preparation of sushi.

The design and interface of this game is quite simple and at the same time beautiful. There is nothing superfluous here. On the table right in front of the player are all the ingredients, and at the top you can see the score and the “stop” button.

In order to earn bonuses, users can perform combos by swiping multiple ingredients at once. With the use of sushi as the main object of the game, this application becomes unique.



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