11 Best Revision Apps for Students (Android & iOS)

Do you have your exams coming up and you need a way to get yourself organized for it? This article has you covered!

There are lots of revision apps for students for Android and iOS that can help you manage your exam preparation. Those apps give you access to study materials, practices, and also track your progress. Besides, some of those apps can plan your schedule and empower you to take handy notes on the go.

If you want to know the best apps for college students, be sure to read this article.

Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Class Timetable


Let’s start with an app called Class Timetable. This is a schedule organizing app that won’t let you miss any of your classes.

The main aim of this app is to give you an easy to use platform to map your lesson schedule. The app has a simple white interface that is not overloaded with buttons. Thus, you can modify your timetable for each day of the week and mark all the lessons with different colors. You can name the lessons and mark the homework that needs to be done.

When its time for the lesson the app will send you a notification in case you’ve forgotten about it. Each lesson will look like a loading bar and the app will show you how much time do you have until the end of it. Therewith, you can form a shield of your exams and attach the themes and cards you need to learn for it. You can even create an individual schedule for the learning topics and project deadlines to never forget what needs to be done.

The app syncs across all the devices you have it on and all the changes appear automatically. You can give some people access to your schedule, so they would always know when you’re in class. Furthermore, when it’s time for classes the app can automatically mute your mobile device.

All in all, if you want to plan and revision your learning schedule, be sure to try the Class Timetable app.

Class1 Class2


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BBC Bitesize – GCSE, Nationals & Highers Revision


The next app is called BBC Bitesize is an app that can help you manage your exam preparation.

In the first place, this app is made for 14-16 years old students that will soon need to pass an exam. The app has all the info you need to prepare for math, English, and other exams you may need to pass. All the exams are split into sections and it’s easy to find educational materials for the one that you need. All the info is also categorized by chapters so if you want to study a certain theme you can easily do that.

Besides, you can search for keywords and themes if you just want to find some info for your homework. The app also has lots of flashcards you need to memorize some information quickly. There’s also lots of info in the forms of graphs and vids for better perception. Therewith, you can try quizzes and tests with time limits to examine you knowledge.

Furthermore, the app has glossary cards for the cases when you need to remember definitions. You can add the cards and the topics you want to reread into favorites for quick access. You can also set up the notifications and the app will remind you to go back to studying after a particular period of rest. The same thing goes for reminders to regularly practice that show up every day.

To sum up, if you have exams coming, give the BBC Bitesize app a try.



Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards


Quizlet is a revision app that helps you to study using flashcards.

The main feature of this app is the ability for you to make your own flashcards with any info that can help you to study. You can create categories of classes and lessons and sort new flashcards you add in between them. Furthermore, you can use all the cards that have been added by other users. That said, there are both students and teachers adding flashcards to the app.

Into the bargain, the app has a powerful searching engine so you can search for the name of the exam you want to prepare for and the app will show you all the flashcards. Therewith, you can search by the keywords related to the theme or by the classes. The app also includes some games that can help you learn and memorize study materials and make your studying more interactive.

Besides, you can make your own tests and quizzes to examine your knowledge and pass the tests from other users as well. There are millions of quizzes already available in the app so you can easily find something that matches your requirements. There are some tests that imitate the way the real exam goes and has deadlines for answers.

Overall, if you want to prepare for the exams with flashcards, the Quizlet app is your cup of tea.

Quizlet1 Quizlet2


Temple GCSE


Temple GCSE is an app that can help you productively prepare for your GCSE exams.

The main strategy of this app is to help you learn by quizzes and tests. Thus, you will be able to determine your knowledge level and become more confident with the topics you’ve already learned. In the beginning, you will have the foundation of your temple building. When you successfully pass the test your building will increase and develop. To complete the temple you need to learn a subject.

Thereby, you can trace how your progress grows stone by stone while you’re studying. If you’ll master all the classes included in the app you will form a collection of beautifying temples of your knowledge. All the tests you see in the app are formed by professors and teachers so you can be sure they are all effective for you exam. The tests simulate the real GCSE format so you can be prepared on how your exam questions will look.

Besides, you can try an exam mode that has time limits for the questions. The app also covers all the topics you can potentially get on the exam and there are new quizzes and questions are being added regularly. As for the subjects, the app includes chemistry, biology, physics, economy, and languages.

In a nutshell, if you want to prepare for the GCSE exam, be sure to try the Temple GCSE app.

Temple1 Temple2



PadletPadlet is an app that imitates paper on your screen and empowers you to do whatever you want with it.

The app permits you to take notes, draw, build graphs, make checklists, and whatever else comes to your mind. You start with a blank canvas and you’re allowed to express your creativity in any way. To be more accurate, you can attach vids to your docs, add photos, and make a collage. You can also load some documents if you want.

Therewith, you can set up a group mode so other people could add something to your projects. That’s great for all kinds of group projects work as all the changes appear automatically on the screens of all users with access. Besides, the app can work with a massive amount of file formats from mp3 to excel. You can also customize the look of your page and make it lined or squared.

Furthermore, you can play with the themes of the app. You can even pick the shade of the text, change its font, and even adjust the shadows. The app includes some layouts for different types of work that you can use if you don’t know where to start. It’s also easy to send the project o any format you want.

To crown it all, if you need a platform to comfortably work on group projects, try the Padlet app.

Padlet1 Padlet2


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GCSE Maths Super Edition Lite

GCSEGCSE Maths is an app that can help you to prepare for the math section of the GCSE exam. This app covers all aspects of math, including geometry, numbers, stats, and algebra. You can choose to prepare for a particular category of math or try mixed cards. There are more than two hundred educational notes on the app and almost three thousand questions for you to answer. All the flashcards are split into categories and you can search for it by keywords or the names of the topics.

By the same token, the app has various quizzes that simulate the real exam. There’s also an ability to go through fifty random questions related to the theme or the math aspect you’ve learned. The app tracks your progress and gives you regular stats about it. You can also set up the app to remind you to study.

Besides, when you complete the quiz you can read all the answers to all tasks in detail. When you’ll learn all parts of the math you can try the exam-like test that contains the questions of all categories and gives you deadlines for answers. The app stores all your progress and if you make a mistake in any task you will be offered to try over and over again.

In conclusion, if you need to prep for a math exam, be sure to try the GCSE Maths app.



GCSEPod – Education on Demand


GCSEPod is an app that you can use to study using audio files.

The main aim of this app is to empower you to manage and revision the info you get on your lesson in the handiest way – by the sound. Thus, you can listen to shot pods on various themes. While being short, the pods still are very detailed and narrowly focused so you can be sure they will be helpful.

Therewith, the app covers almost thirty subjects related to the exams and has more than six thousand records. All the pods are split into sections and then into themes so it’s easy to find something specific. You can also look for pods using a search engine and filter the results. The pod’s collection gets regular updates and reacts to all the changes in the GCSE program.

You can save the pods and listen to them without the Internet. Besides, you can view the history of your listenings and trace the progress of your learning. Once you’ll learn any theme or subject you can try to pass the test related to the theme to examine your knowledge. All the mistakes will be marked and you will be able to use detailed answers to those.

All in all, if you want to get ready for you exam listening to short records, try the GCSEPod app.



EdPlace: Learn & Revise Smart


EdPlace is a revision app that permits you to learn sciences and prepare for exams.

This app holds thousands of educational materials and docs in different forms. Thereby, you can use practice workbooks, view educational docs, infographics, graphs, and vids. That sais, all these materials are aligned to the examination programs and will be a helpful addition to your preparation.

Into the bargain, all the materials are categorized and it’s easy to find something you need. After you’ve studied you can practice tests that simulate the real exams. Once you’ll complete the tests you will get your results and will be able to see the detailed answers to the questions you’ve mistaken of. You can also set your aims and track how close you are to complete them.

Furthermore, the app will give you recommendations on what materials you need to study next and what you need to reread. You can mark your age and the app will automatically pick us studying program suitable for you. There’s also a parent app related to this one that empowers the parents to track their children’s progress.

To sum it up, if you need educational materials to get ready for the exam, try the EdPlace app.

EdPlace1 EdPlace2


Remember The Milk


Remember The Milk is an app that permits you to make all kinds of to-do lists.

The main goal of this app is that it is as flexible and customizable as it can be. Thus, you can form your lists and modify it in various ways to match your preferences. There are several ways to organize your lists and you can also split them into categories. Besides, you can attach the lists to your calendar you never forget a single thing.

By the same token, you can attach the particular tasks from the lists to the time. Therewith, you set up the alerts that will tell you to do something when its time for it. The same thing goes for the lists attached to the days – you can choose the app to remind you about the task sometime before that.

The app also syncs on all the devices and the changes appear immediately everywhere. You can set up the group access to share your lists with someone else (great for team project work). All the tasks from the lists will be marked as completed or deferred and you can view the stats on how many tasks you’ve accomplished.

Overall, if you need an app that will handle all your to-do lists, give the Remember The Milk app a try.

Remember 1 Remember 2


Google Keep – notes and lists


Google Keep is an app for making notes and lists.

This app aims to level up your organization. Thus, you can make and manage docs, checklists, and notes. Furthermore, you can even record voice memos on the go and the app will automatically transcribe it into a text note.

That said, there can be small mistakes there if your sound is not clear but you can easily correct them when you have time. Into the bargain, you can make checklists and share them in a few taps. You can also set up collaborating access so other people could add changes to the lists.

Therewith, you can customize your text as you want by highlighting the headlines and important things with colors. You can also use the search engine to look for the old notes. The app syncs on all the devices immediately and the changes will appear on all of them. You can even make to-do lists and attach reminders to them.

In conclusion, if you need an app to organize notes and docs, try Google Keep.

Google1 Google2


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And last but not least, Penultimate is an app that empowers you to make handwritten notes.

The app permits you to make all types of handwritten notes on your mobile with the ability to access them later on any device. The app syncs with all the devices and the changes appear automatically on all of them. There are no limits on how you take your notes so you can rather write, draw, or make graphs.

That said, the app works better if you have a stylus. Besides, the app offers you several brushes for writing or drawing and you can change the size and the color of them. You can change the look of the “paper” you’re writing on and make it lined or squared.

You can also attach the pics and the links to your notes. Therewith, you can mark your notes with keywords for easy searching. You can also categorize the notes as you want and set up group access to them.

To crown it all, if you’re into handwritten notes and you want to access them on all your devices, try the Penultimate app.

Penultimate 1 Penultimate 2


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