22 Best Offline Music Apps for Android & iOS

Everyone loves music, doesn’t it? We listen to music on a bus, in the shower, and while we are doing house cleaning. Music controls our mood. Today we have access to a million different kinds of music. Everyone has a smartphone and everyone knows about the Internet. The Internet unlocks the ability to listen to music at any time.

And after you will pick up the coolest online music apps, don’t forget to install the best apps to connect your smartphone to car audio system.

But what can we do without the Internet? What if we are going to a forest or a long trip? You can listen to music offline! It is possible. There are 22 Andriod and iOS apps that can give you the ability to do it.


It is the number one music app. You can listen to music and podcasts there. The app has a convenient search list. You can find any song by artist, year, genre, or album. Make your personal playlists and share them with your family. There are thousands of podcasts. Some of them you can’t find anywhere else.

Connect the app with Apple Watch. There are no ads. You won’t be bothered. The app will always notify you about new hot tracks. It can analyze the song you listened to and create special recommendations for you. Enjoy the perfect sounds of songs. Discover new songs and albums.

You can search for music using a mood filter. It classifies songs by emotions. It is a very interesting feature. All trends in the music industry are collected in one app. Download it and fill your life with songs.


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Google Play Music

You can listen to music everywhere and anytime with this app. It is doesn’t matter whether you have an Internet connection or don’t. The app has a perfect search bar. You can find anything there. You can search by song title, artist, and music genre. How can you listen to music without the Internet? The answer is simple. You just should download the song in advance.

The app also has a radio. There is a large number of radio stations. You will definitely find something to your liking. If you like to learn something new every day, you can listen to podcasts. There is a lot of themes in it. You will get recommendations for music and the app will notify you about new songs.

Don’t worry about the Internet connection. You will always be prepared with this app. It is great to be able to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Enjoy beautiful songs with your friends or family. Google Play Music makes any evening or walk melodic and wonderful.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

Free Music – Unlimited offline Music

The app is a giant music player. You can find any new trending music. You can listen to music without limits. Listen to music even offline. You can choose the songs you like and download them to listen without an Internet connection. You can see the top of songs and artists.

The app shows its users a personal list of music. It can understand what you like. Create a playlist of your favorite music. Music is a perfect way to have relax. The music will continue even if you are using another app. You can be the first who listen to new song because the app will notify you about it.

Let the music play and your life will become delightful and more interesting. You need only a couple of seconds to download the song. Enjoy the app with your friends!

Free Music-Listen to mp3 songs
Free Music-Listen to mp3 songs

Deezer Music Player

Every life has to have its own song. You can find it in Deezer Music Player. The app consists of a ton of different music. The design of the app is so easy and intuitive. You won’t be confused by using it. There are all the global hits. The app will find the music that you like. It can remember the song that you listened to and create a special recommendation for you.

Create the playlists for every mood. Tragic music for a sad mood and funny for a good one. Choose the created playlists and listen to it offline. All you need is to download the whole playlist or separate songs. You can share your personal playlists with friends of members of the family.

The listening of music is unlimited. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere even without the Internet. Download the app and enjoy everlasting music!



There is a lot of free music to listen to. You can find there any kind of music. Do you like country or classical music? The app has it all. You can download the songs to listen to them offline. The design of the application is awesome. You will always have your favorite music.

Save your most interesting songs and albums. You can listen to music with the app even in the countryside and without the Internet connection. The app will show you the most popular songs and make recommendations for you to try something new.

Music makes our life happier and brighter. Let’sdowload the app to be with music anywhere! There is a ton of different songs.


Offline Music Player

You don’t need WiFi or the Internet connection to listen to music. The app can play songs from your smartphone. You can change the theme color of the app. It can be pink, gray, blue-gray and purple. Choose the color depending on your mood. All songs have a high-quality sound.

Create playlists with songs. The navigation system is easy to understand. You can search by artist, songs and albums. Sort your songs into different groups. The application will allow you to listen to music even where there is no Internet.

Enjoy the sound of music and be happy. The app is a giant offline music player. You can control all your music like a king or queen. The app will help you to do it!

MP3 Player - offline playback
MP3 Player - offline playback


It is a big music platform. Every day new music is uploading. It won’t be boring for you to use the app. The app shows new songs and artists. There is also a top of songs. The catalog of the songs is countless. You can listen to music without the Internet!

The app has been downloaded more than 100 million times! Make your life more wonderful with the sounds of music. You can create a lot of playlists for any even. Choose the songs for the party of a meeting. You can connect with your favorite artists directly!

SoundCloud can make your music dreams come true. Delight thousands of songs and get a good mood every day. No matter your vibe.



It is not an easy task to find the offline music app for iOS, however, there are some of them that manage to survive under the harsh control of the music labels and competition of giants like Spotify or Deezer. LiveXLive is a media app where you can find the tracks of all the popular artists and you can save those tracks to listen to them offline.

This app is a music app and a radio app. There are hundreds of radio stations that you can listen to and save songs on the go.

Plus, you can share your favorite songs in the app with other users. It is not quite clear why would this app have so many radio stations included in this app is for listening to the music offline. Most probably it is made to draw the attention from its main goal. Overall, this is a nice app for listening to the music you like and discovering new tracks.



The app is licensed for listening to free music. You can download concrete songs or a whole album. Then, you can listen to music offline everywhere even in the deep forest or underwater. A music download is unlimited. You can have every song that you like.

There is also a top list of songs. You can find something new and amazing for you. You can connect the app with iTunes to have all your songs and listen to them offline. You don’t need Wi-Fi or the Internet connection to enjoy your music. It is enough to have a charged phone and a good mood.

Download millions of music and listen to it alone or with your friends. The design of the app is so awesome. You can sort songs by genre, artist and year. It is really useful in searching.

TREBEL Music - Download Songs1
TREBEL Music - Download Songs2


The Bandcamp app allows you to browse an extensive catalog of songs and support artists by purchasing tracks. The utility is the official mobile client of the online resource of the same name. It allows you to search the catalog for music tracks in various genres from artists from all over the world.

The main page of the app contains a feed with popular and fresh releases. A swipe from right to left opens the user’s personal list. This will display the latest tracks from the artists you’re subscribed to. Another swipe to the message page. Here, you can read the artist’s notes and comment on them.

In a separate tab, there is a search box. It allows you to search for songs by genre, track name, artist, and album name. You can select your favorite music genre and tag your favorite songs with a heart. This way, they will be added to your wish list.

You can search for and listen to songs in the app without signing in. To buy them and communicate with the artists, you need an account. If you do not have one, you can create one.

An interesting option of the app is the ability to download purchased tracks to listen to them offline. Besides, the utility offers Bandcamp radio. Here you can listen to songs, podcasts, and interviews.


Gaana Music

Gaana Music is probably the app that you haven’t heard of yet, however, this is a really nice piece. It is new to the market, but it already includes the huge library of music, that you can listen to both offline and online. The only thing is Gaana made in India, so expect a lot of Bollywood content here.

The interface of the app is similar to Spotify and it is easy to use. Well, here on the top charts you will find the most popular Indian artists, the most trending movies and so on. If you want to listen to the worldwide popular tracks, you should go to the international top section.

In total, there are around 45 million songs. An interesting feature of this app is that you can create music stories, just like on Instagram in this app, and share it, not only on Gaana but on other social media apps.

Gaana Music Player, Songs App1
Gaana Music Player, Songs App2

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It is a perfect offline music player for your smartphone. You can try 10 sound effects. Change the melody of your favorite songs. The app adopts the sound of music to your ears.

You will hear every note and sound. If you want to have the best sound effect, use the headphones. There is a lot of music filters to change the rhythm and depth of music.

You can use ready-made filters or create your own. Don’t be afraid of experiments. Choose songs and download them. The app will save every song you like on your smartphone. You can also create your personal playlists and modify them. The interface is wonderful. The quality of sound is good.

Pass the hearing test and the app will adjust to your hearing level. It is a smart app. Create your personal music profile. Whooshi is a unique offline music player that can help you to plunge into the world of music.

Whooshi – Offline Music Player
Whooshi – Offline Music Player

Music Player – MP3 Player

Another well-known app for listening to music offline, Music Player – MP3 Player has a rating of 4.7 on Google Play, and has been downloaded over 100 million times.

The app enables users to play audio files on their phones. It supports various audio formats and offers a feature that allows users to vie­w lyrics while listening to their favourite songs. Plus, there is a pretty cool equaliser.

The app is perfectly functional, in my experience, and never crashed while I was experimenting with it. However, the interface­ is not the most user-friendly; to me, it appears clutte­red and poorly organized.

At just 13 MB, the app does not require a significant amount of me­mory. However, users note that you should be prepared for a multitude­ of ads which can be quite irritating. There is an option to purchase additional features, though.

Music Player - MP3 Player
Music Player - MP3 Player


The app is a perfect audio downloader. You can download songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. You can listen to music anyplace and anytime. Don’t worry about the Internet connection. The app works offline. You just need to download the songs in advance. You can adjust the sound effect to hear the full sounds.

Connect the app with other music platforms to have all your songs in one place. Your music library will be in the storage of your smartphone.

There is a lot of songs in the app. The search list is easy to use. You can find whatever you want. You can listen to audiobooks because the app has some useful features. It is bookmarks, speed control, and sleep timer. You can download your favorite audiobooks with the Internet and then listen to them offline.

Listen to songs offline with this app. This app will allow you to continuously enjoy your favorite tracks. You can stream music to Apple Tv and other platforms. Try the app and you always will be with music.



You can listen to music offline anyplace. The app uses the cloud to play music. You can free space of your smartphone with this app.

It connects with other music platforms. Download a concrete song or the whole album! The app allows you to create a countless quantity of playlists. You can add new songs and remove them. It is easy to manage playlists.

It doesn’t matter where are you going. You can have access to music anytime. The app works without an Internet connection. The interface is easy and intuitive. The app works perfectly on any device. The app has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

There is a lot of music apps to listen to music offline but this one is one of the best. Try it and music will always sound in your heart. The app will do everything you want!

CloudBeats Cloud Music Player
CloudBeats Cloud Music Player


This is just the offline music player for Android devices, but it is one of the most popular music apps for Android in general. The reason why so many users choose AIMP is its simplicity in usage and its ability to work quickly.

All you need to do if you want to listen to your music offline here is to get the tracks on your SD card/phone memory, and the app will display all your media library.

One of the main advantages of AIMP player is that it can read an enormous variety of formats: AAC, APE, DFF, DSF, FLAC, IT, M4A, M4B, and many more – this list could be very long.

It also includes an advanced 29-level equalizer fro achieving the best sound for you. The theme of the player is customizable and you can choose between white, dark, and black colors.


Offline Music Player: Play MP3

Another music player app, Offline Music Player: Play MP3, is fairly popular on Google Play, with a high rating of 4.9, and over 10 million downloads.

As the name suggests, it’s here to help you play your music offline, but don’t expect it to stream music; it’s strictly for local tracks.

It’s not the shiniest app out there, but it gets the job done, and I can’t complain about its reliability and stability. It’s for anyone who wants a simple, no-frills music player. The interface is decent, not the fanciest you’ll see, but it’s pretty straightforward and features a few themes and widgets. I enjoyed the sound quality, too.

Conveniently, the app displays lyrics. Additionally, it includes various audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, AAC, and more.

The free version of the app is ad-supported. At the same time, the player doesn’t munch up too much of your phone’s memory, which is good news if you’re running low on storage.

Offline Music Player1
Offline Music Player2

Rocket Music Player

Quite a standard music player for Android that allows you to listen to the music from your library offline. The advantage of this player is that it always displays the full information about the track – the artists, album, year, image, and so on.

Rocket Music Player can’t play as many formats as some other players can however, it can read such formats as wav, ogg, mp3, 3gp, mp4, m4a, alac, tta, ape, mpc, and more. The interface of the app is user-friendly allows to quickly review the full list of the tracks that you have on your phone and search the track that you need in the search bar.

Rocket Music Player


The app can understand and remember your music taste to create a perfect recommendation. You can create a personal playlist. But the main feature of the app is the creation of the music station. You can choose artists or song that will play for you. Discover the giant world of different podcasts. The app doesn’t need the Internet. It can also work offline.

You can download the songs that you want to listen to later without the Intenet connection. You can listen to music without restrictions and advertisements.

The quality of the audio is perfect. Don’t worry about unnecessary noise or poor quality. You can find any podcasts in this app. Do you like cooking or gardening? You can listen to podcasts offline and master that skills.

Find your favorite song and built your own music station. You can share it with your friends and they can always be with you on a sound wave. The app is number 3 in the top music apps. Let the music warm your heart with Pandora.



The app has tons of songs that you can listen to offline and for free. It is a giant and friendly community. The quality of music is perfect. You can hear the pure sound and all basses. The app allows you to listen to music anyplace and anytime. All you need is a charged phone.

The content of the app is enormous. There are songs, podcasts, and videos. The app will notify you about new songs and trends. The design of the app is comfortable and intuitive. Create your personal playlists for every mood and share them with your friends. You can see the full information about the song.

The app will suggest songs and new tracks. You surely can discover something new for you. The app doesn’t take a lot of memory, but the music will always be with you.

TIDAL Music1
TIDAL Music2


Napster might be not so famous music streaming app, however it is an excellent one for listening to the music offline and to your favorite music in general. In total, there are more than 60 million songs in Napster. Moreover, Napster is loved by the public for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation inside the app.

Some critics even say that Napster has the most intuitive interface ever. Well, considering the search function, it definitely works better than in any other app like Spotify or SoundCloud. Another cool function of Napster is that it makes the song recommendation based on the music you are listening to.

There is absolutely no ads in the app and you can easily save the tracks to listen to them offline. The only disadvantage of Napster is that it has only the 14 days free trial period and after that, you will have to buy a monthly subscription in order to continue to use the app.


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Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player is one more popular app that has established itself as a leading player in its se­gment.

It seems to me that it de­livers on its promise to play and manage your music. The app performs consistently and without any issues. There’s nothing complicated or confusing about its interface, and controls are super simple.

Musicolet includes lyrics that sync perfectly with your music, so you can confidently sing along to your favourite songs. Additionally, Musicole­t supports a wide range of audio formats, ensuring compatibility with your e­ntire music collection.

Besides, you can easily cre­ate and organize playlists, fine-tune­ your audio with the equalizer for optimal liste­ning pleasure, and personalize­ the app’s look by choosing from a variety of theme­s.

The player does not consume­ a significant amount of your phone’s storage space. Plus, I must stress that it takes privacy issues very seriously and does not ask for many permissions.

Finally, the app is totally ad-free.

Musicolet Music Player
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