12 Best SMS Recovery Apps for Android 2024

best sms recovery apps

Have you ever deleted a chat with important messages? Yeah, things like that happen all the time, and we’re here to help you change that. We’ve rounded up the best SMS recovery apps for Android you could try. With these nifty tools, you’ll be able to retrieve all the messages within a few taps. In … Read more

11 Free Text Over WiFi Apps for Android & iOS

Free Text Over Wifi

In the past, cell phones were intended solely for communication. This was their main purpose – to establish communication between people through messages and calls. Over time, phones became smartphones, and users began using them for games, social networking, video communication, and other functions. Still, their main goal is to connect people, regardless of third-party … Read more

16 Free Wifi Texting Apps for Android & iOS


Most often, smartphone users use instant messengers instead of standard calls and SMS. These applications allow you to make audio and video calls, as well as exchange messages, photos, and other files. You may also like: 12 Free caller location tracking apps (Android & iOS) In this article, we will look at the best wifi … Read more

11 Best Private Messages Apps for Android & iOS

11 Best Private Messages Apps

The new technologies allowed people to make their lives easier and more convenient. Before now people wrote letters and went to the post office to send them. It took them a lot of time. Letters reached the addressee after a long time. Then social networks were invented. It is much faster and easy. Just write what you wish … Read more

16 Free SMS Apps for iPhone like iMessage


Nowadays messengers are an effective way of communication between people, no matter how far they are from each other. In this article you can learn about the best apps similar to iMessenge. You may also like: 5 Best sticker apps for iMessage Facebook Messenger Probably, the number one substitution for the iMessenger is the Facebook … Read more

15 Free Texting Apps for iOS and Android


SMS messages are the traditional messaging system that carriers use to transmit across the cell phone network. SMS messages are text only and are limited to 140 letters. They are not an example of real-time communication. Additionally, SMS messaging can become expensive. That’s why an SMS alternative has appeared. And this is a free texting app. Nowadays … Read more