11 Best Makeup Artist Games for Android & iOS

The world of cosmetics and makeup is huge, so it is worth immersing yourself in it since childhood. Thanks to modern games any child can learn the basics of makeup and skin care.

Also, these games will be appreciated by the professional makeup artists who are fans of their craft and are even willing to spend their holidays applying makeup to a virtual client.

Here we have reviewed the best makeup artist games for Android & iOS, which also allow you to completely transform the whole image of the virtual girl.

Delve deeper into the world of fashoin and become a professional stylist playing these best free fashion games.

Makeup Salon: DIY Makeup Artist

Many girls love to do makeup, so this app will be a real assistant in the field of beauty. Thanks to this game, even little girls will be able to try out the profession of a makeup artist.

In the program, there will be different tools available for you to create unusual makeup. It will also present models with different types of appearances, on which you can experiment.

The game allows you to paint your model using cosmetics: pencils and lipsticks, eye shadows, foundation, and so on. It provides a wide range of different brushes for applying blush, powder, and eye shadow.

In this game, girls will be able to show their imagination and fantasy to create the perfect image of their model. Each girl can choose not only the model to create makeup, but also the types of cosmetics: lipstick, shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and so on.

Additionally, you can decorate your model’s image with different accessories: hairstyles, outfits, jewelry, and other details.

This game will allow you to make a unique makeup and image of the model. With it, any girl will try herself as a makeup artist and fashion designer. You can create images an unlimited number of times, as the app will be absolutely free.


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Eye Makeup Artist Girls Games

You can try yourself as a makeup artist and stylist with this app. In this game, every girl will be able to create unique eye makeup, using the available tools and cosmetic products.

The game presents a huge number of palettes with shades of eye shadows. You can also additionally use stickers. To be more convenient to create makeup on the eyes of models, they can be zoomed in, and even rotated at a convenient angle.

On the eyes you will be able to create different patterns, using ready-made templates in the game.

The app will be completely free, so every girl will be able to create an unlimited amount of makeup. The eyeshadow palette has absolutely all the colors of the rainbow and their shades, so you can use them together or individually.

The finished work can be saved as a photo to share with friends and family. To take a beautiful picture of the makeup you made, you can choose any convenient angle or foreshortening.

Also in the app, you can make up the eyebrows, which will visually complement the image of the model and make it even more attractive.

To work as a makeup artist in this game, you can choose any model you like. This will allow you to create makeup on girls with brown, blue, and green eyes, as well as different hair colors. Brushes of different shapes and sizes will be available to create the perfect gradient and color shading to create eye makeup.


Makeup Games: Wedding Artist

This game for girls will allow you to become a real makeup artist, personal stylist, and designer.

In the app, it will be possible not only to do makeup on the models but also to take care of their skin and hair beforehand, to create an individual image from clothes and accessories.

The task of the girls in this game is to create the image of the future bride. To do this, you need to make useful masks for her face, wash her head and come up with a unique hairstyle, and make her clothes for the celebration.

You can choose any model doll from the assortment for your work. The next step is to perform skin and body treatments for the doll, which will prepare her for makeup and dressing. The next step will be the hairstyle for the bride-to-be, which you will also come up with and choose your own.

Also in the game, you will be able to make a unique wedding manicure for your model, using different stickers and polishes. You will have a difficult choice of wedding dress, which you will try on your doll. After preparing the bride’s image, you have to create an invitation card to the reception for all the guests.

At the end of the doll’s preparation for the wedding, you will be able to choose an area for the model’s future photo shoot. The free game will allow you to try yourself as a designer and personal stylist, and learn basic techniques and tools to create unusual makeup.


Wedding Stylist: Bridal Makeup

In this free game for girls, you can feel like a real stylist and makeup artist. For this, you will create the image of the bride-to-be, starting from preparing the model to makeup and trying on wedding dresses.

You will have to create makeup and choose wedding rings, clothes, hairstyles, and more for your models.

You can choose any character in the game to create the bride’s images. This can be both the bride herself and her friends and even the groom.

In the program, you can become a real fashion designer who prepares the big show. It also gives you the opportunity to compete with other stylists, showing their original outfits and character images.

A large range of accessories and tools can be expanded with diamonds, which will be accrued after completing levels and missions. In addition to diamonds, for competitions and passing levels of the game, you will get tickets to new shows.

In preparing the models you will need to create unique makeup for them, and choose their hair and clothes. To create the image you will be available for wedding and evening dresses, as well as men’s suits. To create makeup – tools, and cosmetics, using which you can paint the lips, eyes, the face of the model.


ASMR Makeup: DIY Makeover

This game simulator will allow each girl to become a real makeup artist, who will make a complete transformation of the model.

In the app, you will not only have to make up the doll but also correct skin irregularities, and remove her pimples and other flaws. In this beauty salon, you will provide spa services for the doll, a stylist, and a makeup artist.

To create makeup, you’ll have tools such as blush, lipstick, lip and eyebrow pencils, mascara, eyeliner, and so on available to you. Also in the game, you will be able to make a manicure for your model, using the palette of nail polishes and accessories.

In the game, you can change the color of your dolls’ eyes using different lenses. After creating makeup, you will be able to choose any clothes you like for your models. You will have to choose not only dresses and accessories, but also shoes for the image.

Pass all the stages of the stylist and makeup artist. You will be able to learn how to use the right tools and cosmetics to create unique makeup. Save the results of your work and start creating again.

The app allows you to experiment with images an unlimited number of times. All the tools and means for the transformation of dolls are available in the game absolutely free of charge.


Makeup Stylist: DIY Makeup Game

This app is a virtual beauty salon, in which each girl can try herself as a makeup artist. You will have the entire palette of cosmetics and tools to create makeup.

In this game you will be able to experiment with different types of looks, each time choosing a new for you doll-model.

You can also become a personal stylist for your models, not only creating unique makeup for them but also completely preparing their skin for awesome makeup.

Try facial massagers and masks to see how the model’s appearance can be transformed after using them. Once you have applied the makeup, feel like a fashion designer and choose any outfits to decorate the doll’s image.

To make their image even more interesting and unusual, add some accessories and jewelry. For you, the whole range of attributes, accessories, and cosmetics in the game will be absolutely free.

For makeup, you can choose any shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and so on. You will also be able to try out mascara, powder, and other beauty products.

If you don’t like the final result, you can put it away at any time and start your creativity from the beginning. Share your makeup with friends and family by sending them photos of your models in their new looks.


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Eye Makeup Artist Makeup Games

This app will allow you to learn how to make different unusual eye makeup. You will be able to try out all the tools, brushes, and cosmetic products that will allow you to create a unique image for the model, absolutely free of charge.

In the app, you will do eye makeup on your model step by step, prepping them beforehand.

To make full and beautiful makeup, you will have to treat the eyebrows. To do this in the app, you will be able to use tweezers and a special product for styling eyebrow hair. Next, you will be able to choose eyebrow paint and apply it with a special brush.

To create eye makeup, you will be able to use shadows, brushes, mascara, and eyeliner. Different sizes and shapes of brushes will allow you to create different gradients, shading, and other effects. You can also add stickers to your unique eye makeup.

If you don’t like the result of your experiments, then you can clean the model’s eyelids with various products and apply new makeup.

Extra tools and cosmetics in the app can also be unlocked by paying for them with real money. The rest of the available parts and inventory will be available to you completely free of charge.


Makeup Games: Make Up Artist

In this game, you can learn the basic techniques of a real master makeup artist. This online salon will allow you to create the perfect makeup, using a variety of brushes, products, and tools for it.

To experiment with the images of the models, you can choose one of five characters. For them, you will come up with not only unique makeup, but also choose hairstyles, clothes, and various accessories.

Stage-by-stage makeup means choosing a foundation, brushes, and other cosmetic products. You can even change the shape of your eyebrows, using a special razor. You will also easily deal with the imperfections of your models’ skin, removing freckles and pimples.

To decorate the lips of the model you will be available to use different shades of lipsticks, pencils, and glosses. Additionally, you can also choose rhinestones, which will make your lips visually larger and more attractive.

Once your makeup is completely done, it’s time to move on to your hair. To do this you need to comb your model’s hair and choose the most appropriate way to style her image.

To finish the image, you just need to choose the jewelry. Share the final result with your friends by sending them a picture of your model.


Eye Art: Beauty Makeup Artist

In this app, which resembles a beauty salon, you will be able to experiment and create a variety of eye makeup. You can choose any type of model to make an awesome eye makeup for her.

Various tools, brushes, and cosmetics will be available in the app for this purpose. Try to create your own unusual shadow combinations, using extra sequins and rhinestones.

You can also add stickers to your eye makeup, which will make it even brighter and more unusual. Besides eyelid decoration, you can work on your model’s eyebrows. For this purpose, you will have available brushes, paints, and hair styling products.

Together, this will give you a unique and expressive makeup that you can share with your friends and family. To do this, you will only need to send a photo of the model or place it on your social networking page.

To make the game even more interesting, there are different levels of difficulty. Thanks to this you will easily gain skills to create makeup and discover each time more tools and means.

You will be able to create even bright and eccentric eye makeup to attract the attention of others. Experiment and create different images in the app in an unlimited amount.


Beauty Fantasy: Zen & Makeover

In this app, you can feel like a real stylist, fashion designer, and even a beautician. As a character for your experiments, you can choose both girls of different types and men.

To transform them completely, you will need not only to create the original makeup and pick up their clothes but also to correct the irregularities and flaws in their skin.

But apart from the transformation of characters in the game, you will be able to design the houses and buildings of the town. Thus, you will be able to create the ideal city with the characters of your dreams.

Passing levels in the app you will be able to earn not only points but also new locations for the inhabitants of your city. Open more establishments, where they can change their appearance and make the image even more interesting.

Help the heroes of your city to cope with the disadvantages of the skin with the available tools and means. Try the entire range, which will be available in the game absolutely free.

Create the makeup of your dreams, using a variety of brushes and cosmetic products. Create different images with fashionable and stylish clothes for your characters.


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Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artist

The game will allow you to create your own beauty salon, which will address both men and women. There you will be able to transform any hero, using the available tools and cosmetic products.

Your salon will be addressed by millionaires, bloggers, and media personalities, with looks that you can experiment with. Besides makeup you’ll be able to choose different hairstyles and clothes for them, creating a complete image.

For each completed job you’ll get awards, which later exchange for new cosmetic products and tools.

This game can go to anyone around the world because it is available in many languages. The tools that will allow you to create a stunning image of your hero will be in the app absolutely free. You can choose any shades of shadows, pencils, lipsticks, blushes, and so on to create on the models.

In the app, you can compete with other stylists and makeup artists by showing your original work. You will also be rewarded for your daily use of the app.

To share the results of the characters’ transformation you can choose the perfect background and capture the model as a keepsake. Share photos of your work with your friends through social networks and messengers.

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