11 Best Woodworking Apps for Android & iOS

Hobbies and occupations can be quite different, and sometimes even unusual for a person. Perhaps one of your friends is fond of assembling LEGO buildings, while others like to draw or embroider.

There are also many hobbies and professions related to wood. This may be burning on wood, beautiful artistic carving, or the creation of complete and interesting projects and models made of natural materials. If you want to earn on your hobby you can check our list of 12 Best apps to sell handmade items on Android & IOS.

If you work with wood or just want to learn how to do something with your own hands, there are many instructions and guides for you to do it better. Of course, you can watch videos on the Internet, but still, it is much more convenient when all the information is collected in one place.

We think you already know what we mean. In the expanses of Google Play and App Store you can find amazing applications that will help you learn to work with the tree in the future. We have collected for you 11 Best Woodworking Apps for Android & iOS.

Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler Interior DesignCarpenters who process wood as a hobby often leave finished products at home. It can be various statuettes, paintings, or small interior items.

Larger projects are implemented already taking into account what can be placed in your home – you may want to make with your own hands a whole kitchen table with chairs or some furniture in the living room.

Homestyler Interior Design will tell you exactly what it will look like in the interior of your home and what nuances are worth considering.

If you are going to move and create all the furniture for your home yourself, you can easily design the entire interior in the virtual Homestyler Interior Design space. You can save your own design projects and send them to your family.

The application will also allow you to create a house or a room of your dreams – for example, a wood workshop with special storage sectors and cabinets. Before making furniture, you can scale it in Homestyler Interior Design and see how well it will look in the interior of your home.

Homestyler Interior Design1 Homestyler Interior Design2

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Woodworking by Craftlog

Woodworking by CraftlogAre you familiar with the Pinterest website? If your answer is “yes”, now you will understand everything. Woodworking is a kind of Pinterest option for people who are fond of woodworking and any wooden products.

So if you are inspired by other people’s projects, and you also like to create something with your own hands, guided only by your own thoughts, then we recommend you to install Woodworking. Here you can become part of a community united by your love for wood.

In Woodworking, users publish their projects at different stages of their creation – some people even show step by step how they approach the results. You can, like them, showcase your work to the public and inspire other users.

You yourself will be able to find fresh and unique ideas by looking at works and different woodwork. In Woodworking, you can find examples of wooden garden furniture, classic home furnishings, figured figurines, and much more. Some even publish works that they made from recycled materials!

Woodworking by Craftlog1 Woodworking by Craftlog2



ConstruCalc1Any work that involves repairing, wood, or designing something new will necessarily require materials. If you can’t determine the cost and materials yourself, ConstruCalc has been developed to help you.

It will help you stay within your project budget and calculate how much all the necessary parts will cost. Of course, there may be unforeseen costs in the course of your work, but ConstruCalc will still help you reduce or prevent them.

ConstruCalc offers users specific calculators for different types of repair and construction work. You will be able to estimate how much wood will be needed for a new staircase or to find out how many building materials you will have to buy.

The application works in 4 different languages – English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, but also offers you an abundance of pictures and diagrams. With them, you will know exactly what you need to do, even without proper language knowledge.

It should be noted that the ConstruCalc is designed to work not only with wood but also with other materials.

ConstruCalc2 ConstruCalc

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Getting Started in Woodworking – Basics for Beginners

Getting Started in Woodworking - Basics for BeginnersGetting Started in Woodworking is a collection of various articles, videos, and other materials related to woodworking. If you can learn with the help of video lessons and other visual aids, in this application you will find everything you need for your future work.

In addition to being able to emphasize new ideas and materials for your development, you will also be able to learn how to work with different tools and how to use them correctly.

Getting Started in Woodworking gives you the latest articles and videos that have been published on the start page. You can also go to a separate directory where you can find more detailed information on how to use the different tools.

Each lesson is called quite understandably: “How to work with *the name of a tool*”. If you want to learn how to work with a tree or have any problems with its processing, perhaps here you can find the answers to all your questions.

Getting Started in Woodworking - Basics for Beginners1 Getting Started in Woodworking - Basics for Beginners2


Woodworking 101 – Woodwork Lessons

Woodworking 101 - Woodwork LessonsBeginner carpenters do not need to watch YouTube videos to learn something. The Woodworking 101 application will be your step-by-step guide to beautiful woodworking projects and will also teach you all the basics of this skill.

It should be noted that working with a tree without experience and skills can not only lead you to poor quality results but also become dangerous for your health. So if you are a beginner and are just beginning to master something from a tree, just use Woodworking 101.

In the application, you can learn how to use all the necessary tools for woodworking. All material is divided into chapters – separate lessons – where you will get new information.

Woodworking 101 dedicates several sections to the security of your work and also explains how to better organize the whole workflow. You can perceive this application as a book, which should be read before you start doing a real job.

There are 50 different plans and ideas available for free, which you can implement as soon as you finish your studies.

Woodworking 101 - Woodwork Lessons1 Woodworking 101 - Woodwork Lessons2


Carpenter (Guide)

Carpenter (Guide)Before you become a real professional and start creating something beautiful with your own hands, you will need to acquire basic skills. This applies not only to woodwork but also to any other occupation.

Carpenter is an application, which contains tips and instructions for beginner carpenters, who are just going to start working with real materials and figures. Training here begins with the most basic concepts, such as marking materials, nails, types of tools, and so on.

If you have never worked with a saw or chiseler before, then, of course, such a task will be too difficult for you. But we recommend that you just learn a few lessons in Carpenter and you’ll be much better at understanding the subject.

There are videos in the application, where users can see exactly how these or those tools work and what the result will be. Carpentry requires certain skills, and not knowing how to work with tools, you risk just to spoil the material. Carpenter can help you become more familiar with it.

Carpenter (Guide)1 Carpenter (Guide)2


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Fine Woodworking Magazine

Fine Woodworking Magazine1For any hobby or profession, you can find resources dedicated only to a specific topic. These can be blogs, magazines, and newspapers, which have their own professional audience, which with interest examines all the articles and advice.

Fine Woodworking Magazine is a virtual magazine, which you can read from any device and emphasize something new for yourself. It tells about all modern tools, innovations and publishes photos of wonderful works that can inspire you.

It is worth noting that the magazine is provided to users by subscription, but the first issue for review you get for free. Fine Woodworking Magazine will interest masters and amateurs of different qualifications, and you can also take ideas from the examples presented in the publication.

The magazine publishes articles that will help beginners to learn new skills and understand the intricacies of woodworking, as well as create new and unusual items. Subscription can be paid once – and after buying a subscription to the paper edition, the electronic version in the application is provided to you for free.

Fine Woodworking Magazine2 Fine Woodworking Magazine

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Calculator For Wood -Timber – Flush Door – Plywood

Calculator For Wood -Timber - Flush Door - PlywoodWe have already told you about one calculator that calculates the number of building materials for your projects. Now we present you the application, which is designed to work exclusively with wood.

Calculator For Wood is a necessary application for all carpenters and craftsmen in wood, who do not want to be in an unforeseen situation. If you don’t want to run out of the necessary materials in the middle of a project, or on the contrary, there are too many left, just use this service.

Calculator For Wood can calculate different parameters for your parts and furniture. For example, you will be able to calculate the amount of wood in cubic feet and meters, which is required for the manufacture of a whole cabinet or door.

Conveniently, the results of these calculations can be easily shared by e-mail or WhatsApp, with all numbers displayed as a structured report. For builders and professional carpenters, Calculator For Wood will be useful in helping you create estimates in a document format that can be sent to the customer immediately.

Calculator For Wood -Timber - Flush Door - Plywood1 Calculator For Wood -Timber - Flush Door - Plywood2


The Woodshop Widget

The Woodshop WidgetThe Woodshop Widget is another auxiliary tool, which will be useful in the work of the carpenter. Here are collected those utilities that you may need during the creation of the model or drawing of your product, as well as directly during its manufacture.

In the application, you will be able to calculate the number of necessary materials, find out what to cover the wood, as well as learn how much wood will shrink or increase in volume in the process of operation.

As we all know, at different humidity and air temperature materials have the property to change their size and volume. Wood belongs to such materials. The Woodshop Widget calculates how much it will change depending on air humidity, the water content in the material itself, and other parameters.

So you will know how it can change over time even before you finish the project. By the way, The Woodshop Widget also helps to calculate the total cost of materials (the price per 1 piece is entered by the user) – for example, if you need 5 boards of one size and several other sizes, the application will calculate your costs.

The Woodshop Widget1 The Woodshop Widget2


Learn carpentry – Guide

Learn carpentry - GuideEach carpenter has its own secrets and subtleties, which he uses in the process. If you do not yet have such own details and tricks, Learn carpentry will help you find them and learn.

After you learn how to make complex details and can create your own furniture and complex projects, you will become a real professional. Learn carpentry helps beginners to learn how to process wood, select the right tools, and evaluate how much material is suitable for a particular product.

In the application, you are offered to learn carpentry skills at the most basic and basic level. If you wish, you can go further to become a professional and start earning with your products.

If you do not have such a goal, then you can always just do woodworking as a hobby, resting in the process of creating a new project.

Learn carpentry tells you how to properly label materials, how to cut them according to measurements, what tools you need, and much more. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then you can start studying right now.

Learn carpentry - Guide1 Learn carpentry - Guide2


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Woodworking Utilities

Woodworking UtilitiesThe carpenter uses various utilities and tools in the process. This applies not only to tools that are used directly – a saw or hammer – but also to auxiliary tools such as a level, calculator, pilot length calculator, and others.

If you are looking for something that will combine all these utilities, we present Woodworking Utilities. This application contains all the basic tools and appliances that you may need in the process – but now you don’t have to carry them all with you.

The set includes many tools that will make your work process easier. Woodworking Utilities also has a “Cart”, where you can put everything you need for a new project. It acts as your shopping list to go to the construction store. So you will not forget what you need and will not miss a single bolt or nail.

Woodworking Utilities works exclusively in English and does not have the most user-friendly interface, so you can only use it if you know all the terms related to woodworking.

Woodworking Utilities1 Woodworking Utilities2


While searching for suitable services, we have looked at many different applications. Woodworking is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. You often need to use measuring tools, check projects and drawings, as well as calculate the number of necessary materials and original parts.

That’s why we tried to collect different services, each of which serves its purpose and is specialized. So if you decided to make your first project out of wood, we recommend you to pay attention to the presented applications.

They will be useful for you, even if you have been fond of creating furniture and accessories for a long time because they are simply easy to use.

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