7 Best Allergy Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

Allergy is a widespread problem that affects a wide range of the worldwide population. A wide range of people struggle with active symptoms every year, and some of them require medical help.

Luckily, there are plenty of allergy tracking apps for Android & iOS that will help to manage your symptoms. And whether you struggle with a seasonal allergy, or a food one—these apps will help you minimize its bad impact on your daily life. These apps will notify you of the pollen air, help to pick safe food and predict the development of your symptoms.

We’ve gathered the best 7 apps in that category you may try. Have a look!

Allergy Plus

Allergy Plus

Let’s start with an all-in-one app for all allergic people.

The main goal of this app is to ease the lives of people struggling with allergies and help them to manage them properly. The app is based on the top allergy forecasting website that is now running for almost 20 years. As for the functionality, the app covers various tools to help improve your allergy management.

First of all, there’s a tracking tool that lets you monitor your allergy on a daily basis. You’ll get to mark your health conditions day-by-day and view weekly reports according to it. Plus, the app provides you with accurate allergy predictions founded on air quality, weather conditions, and all that. It syncs to your GPS and gets updates in real-time, so no concerns about that.

You’ll also get notifications on all the upcoming allergy level changes. The app lets you attach the notifications to multiple locations if needed. In cases there are any impactful allergens in your area, you’ll be immediately alerted as well. You’ll also get to share the forecasts with your fam and doctors if needed. And if you wanna learn more about your allergy, the app covers loads of educational info.

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If you have any kind of seasonal allergy—this app is your pick.

It’s a forecasting app that lets you take control of your allergy and avoid any guesswork about it. The main tool of this app lets you find out how a current weather situation affects your condition. To cope with that, it syncs to our GPS data and immediately alerts you if the weather may impact your health.

More to that, the app constantly checks out the air pollution info and the pollen level, so you’ll always be awarded on what’s to expect. The app also uses smart techs to predict how your allergy indications may develop from day to day, so you could be prepared. To do that, you’ll get to check up on your symptoms every day and rate your health conditions.

The first predictions will come after 5 days of using the app. Before that—there will only be pollen level reports. As always, the more you track, the more accurate and personalized the predictions will be. You’ll also get regular reports about the tendency of your allergies and the list of top symptoms in your area.






Next, we have an app to simplify the life of people with food allergies.

Of course, seasonal allergies are bad, but food ones can be just as annoying and harmful. This app is here to help you live in peace with your allergy and eat safely wherever you are. There’s a built-in scanner that lets you check up the ingredients on the food you’re about to buy. As the scanning goes, the app will mark out all the allergens and potentially harmful ingredients.

But there’s one more thing to do before scanning—you’ll need to highlight all the allergens you have, along with the ingredients you’d like to avoid. To simplify this process, the app covers pre-made filters for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free products. There are over 30 categories of common allergy filters, but you get to customize the list as needed.

You may also create your lists of allergens and unwanted ingredients. As for the mechanic, it’s as simple as it can be—just point your camera and the ingredients list, and the app will do the rest. The app supports 18 languages, so you won’t have issues with that. It also works offline, so you can use it wherever you are.

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Pollen Wise

pollen wiseIt’s another seasonal allergy app that helps you understand and predict your symptoms.

This app is based on a powerful network of sensors that continuously track environmental changes and use it to provide you with accurate hourly predictions. It will help you to schedule your time outside the house and make plans without the fear of your symptoms ruining it.

The app provides you with reports about the pollen and mold counts in your area, so you could about high levels of allergens. Herewith, the data comes from manual accounting stations and not the computer models the majority of similar apps use. The sensors network gets regular updates, so even if it’s not in your area right now—it soon will be.

Additionally, the app covers weather forecasts with real-time updates. There’s also a symptom tracker that requires you to log your indications every day. Once you’ll use this app for a while, you’ll be able to get symptoms predictions and status reports weekly. Needless to say, you’ll have to give this app access to your GPS data, but don’t worry—it won’t be used anywhere else.

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webmdThis Is a medical symptom checker that works well for allergic people.

In the first place, this is not a regular allergy app—it’s a full-on medical resource that helps to heck symptoms, learn about drugs, treatments, and more. Is it good or bad? It’s for you to decide. Yeah, there might be too much info for your taste, but this app is quite helpful for managing your allergies. More to that, it’s one of the top picks for allergic.

This app provides you with personalized forecasts according to the specifications of your allergy. Of course, you’ll need to log in to your allergy first, but it’s a matter of a few secs. Then, you’ll need to log your daily symptoms in a personalized journal to track your condition and reactions. The more you track-the more accurate predictions you’ll get.

Beyond that, the app lets you get doctor-approved suggestions on how to cope with your allergy. You’ll also get to set custom alerts for some levels of pollen, mold, dust, and loads of other allergens. There’s also an educational page to learn more about your conditions and treatment alternatives. And if you’ll need a doctor’s appointment—this app will help you find the best possible option.

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mySymptoms Food Diary


As you may guess by the name, it’s a symptom tracking app for those struggling with food allergies.

This app helps you improve your health conditions by tracking your diet and reactions. It works well for a wide scope of allergies such as IBS, IBD, eczema, and more. The app comes with a flexible, easy-to-use food diary that lets you log everything you eat throughout the day and find out how it affects your health.

This journal lets you track food, bowel movements, mood, sleep, stress, periods, and other symptoms that point to the progress of your allergy. It also lets you pinpoint all the triggering food (in case you’re not already awarded) and lets you avoid it in meals. It also helps in finding the patents between your diet and symptoms.

The symptoms checker is quite detailed here—you’ll need to record the intensity and duration, along with some other notes. All the analysis will be included in regular reports the app will provide you with. You’ll get to share your journal info and the reports with your clinical with one tap if needed. You can also have the reports in PDF and print them.

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And lastly, we have an auto that lets you reduce the effect of weather conditions at your allergy.

This app tracks the air quality, spore, and mold levels provides you with accurate real-time reports. Thus, even if you’re struggling with such a bad allergy that you can’t even go outside for some days, this app will help you to plan your life and handle the reactions. The app runs on AI techs that will determine the level of the allergen in your area and tell you if it’s not safe outside.

For now, the app covers 5 hours forecasts that get a real-time update. Along with that, you’ll get to view a global and local air quality map at any time needed. These maps let you find out the types of current air pollutants, their sources, and possible effects on your health. The local maps let you check the outdoor quality of your country, block, and street.

As for the allergens, the app covers a wide range of pollen from grass, trees, weed, gas, and all that Thus, whatever harms your health—will be tracked with this app, and you’ll be awarded. These factors will be considered in your personalized health recs for all kinds of activities you’re planning to do. You may also set notifications on some levels of hair quality if needed.

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