9 Best Apps Like Wattpad (Android & iOS)

Do you like to read interesting stories? You no longer need to go to the library to find these stories. You can try apps like Wattpad. They are specially designed to store thousands of stories in both written and audio formats.

They are social storytelling platforms. If you are a beginner writer, you can share your stories. Let the world read your stories. You can become a famous writer.

There is a list of the best apps like Wattpad for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

Weave – Storytelling Redefined

This is a great platform to tell exciting stories. Download this app and you can tell your story or read someone else’s. You can write the story and share it with all the worlds. Perhaps you will become a popular writer. You will open a new world of imagination and art.

Write a story and choose a bright cover for it. Write a short description of the story.

Weave - Storytelling Redefined Weave - Storytelling Redefined Weave - Storytelling Redefined

You will see how many people read your story. The app will also show the number of people who like your story. This is an endless world of stories in your pocket. You can read interesting stories when you are bored or have nothing to do.

You can search for inspiration in fascinating stories. This app is an interactive game. You can influence the development of events in history.


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Penned – read, write & share stories

This app will allow you to post your stories. Select a story cover. The cover should be bright to interest readers. You can write any genre of stories. Write a mysterious story with romantic characters. Add new chapters and your story will become a novel. You can create categories and add your stories there.

You can also blog on this app. Share the latest news. The app has a convenient and nice interface. It will be easy for you to write a new story there. Choose a font and text size. You can highlight important information in the text.

Penned - read, write & share stories Penned - read, write & share stories Penned - read, write & share stories

You can tell about your stories using social networks. Your friends will be interested in reading your exciting stories. Try to become a real writer. This app will help you develop your writing skills.

Google Spotlight Stories

This is a brand new storytelling platform. You can dive into the world of interesting stories. The app uses virtuality to brighten stories. You can add your own exciting stories. This is a virtual world in which you are part of the story. This app is absolutely fantastic. You can use it anywhere, anytime. Some stories make you laugh and some make you cry.

Google Spotlight Stories Google Spotlight Stories Google Spotlight Stories

You need to download the story before reading and viewing it. Don’t forget to connect to the Wi-Fi connection. You can choose the genre of the story. The app has all genres. It has won many awards. The app has music for every story. You will have an amazing feeling of total immersion in the story. This app will always help you cheer you up.

It has been downloaded over 1 million times.


Shorti – Tell a Story.

Do you like to write short stories? Share them with the whole world. They should know about you. Download this app and you can post your short stories. You will find your readers. You can also read other people’s stories. If you have nothing to do, choose a genre and start reading. You can dive into the minds of other short story writers.

Read and develop your imagination. This is a huge community of writers. You can become part of it.

Shorti - Tell a Story. Shorti - Tell a Story. Shorti - Tell a Story.

You can follow other writers and send them messages. This is a great way to make new friends. If you are just starting to write short stories, you can ask more experienced writers for advice. You can add your favorite stories to your favorites list. Download this app and you will definitely find stories that you like.


Mirakee – Write quotes, poems, stories

It is a global platform for writers. You will be inspired by new stories. You will feel the power of words. You can turn your stories into visual posts. Share the world with your creativity. Let people feel your emotions. You can write and edit stories. Become a copywriter. You can share your quotes with other users. Grow and learn new writing skills.

 Mirakee - Write quotes, poems, stories  Mirakee - Write quotes, poems, stories  Mirakee - Write quotes, poems, stories

The app allows you to choose the design of your story. Beautiful fonts await you. You can change the font size. Make it bold or italic. You will discover completely new content. You will find anything you want. Read posts, blogs, short stories, and tweets.

You can follow interesting writers. Write them a message and find out their inspiration. This app is very popular. It has been downloaded over 500 thousand times.


Books & Writing Amino

Download this app and you will discover a new world of reading and writing. You can share your stories with the world. Reviews and comments on your stories await you. Add your favorite stories and blogs to your favorites list. You will get quick access to them. You can use this app as entertainment when you have nothing to do. If you are in a traffic jam, read interesting stories.

Books & Writing Amino Books & Writing Amino Books & Writing Amino

Ask questions and become part of the discussions. You can discuss new books and stories. Share your knowledge with other people. You can make new friends. You can improve your reading and writing skills.

You can create a profile of your favorite book. Add a cover and write a description. You can see on the map where other people are. Meet them and discuss books in real life.


Movellas – Best Stories and Fanfiction

This is an app that has several thousand stories. You can read them for free. If you like fanfics, this is exactly the app you are looking for. You do not need the constant Internet connection to read stories. The app can download stories for later reading. You can try yourself as a writer. Write your stories and fanfics directly from your phone. Use your imagination.

Movellas - Best Stories and Fanfiction Movellas - Best Stories and Fanfiction Movellas - Best Stories and Fanfiction

You can search for stories of other authors. Read them and leave comments. Write about what you liked and didn’t like. You can write private messages to popular writers. You can also become a popular writer. Start with short stories and practice writing.

You can find many funny stories about your favorite celebrities. This app has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. Try it and you will feel the power of words.



Every day you will receive recommendations for reading new stories. The app homepage is filled with new and top stories. This is a smart app. It remembers your preferences. Therefore, you will like all the recommendations. You won’t be distracted by advertising.

The app allows you to read the text without interfering with advertising. If you urgently need to stop reading, then you can leave a bookmark. You can also highlight interesting parts of the text. You will receive positive and creative emotions every day. Read stories of different genres.

 Medium  Medium  Medium

The app has a large collection of short stories. The quality of the text is amazing. You will lose track of time. You can choose a font. Choose the one you like to read. The app is designed to keep you focused on words. Read and enjoy this app.


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