9 Best babysitting job apps for Android & iOS

Honestly, I don’t know a single person who has kids and who has never had necessity in a babysitter. But when you decide that you are definitely gonna get one, what do you do? Who do you trust? This is not just a belonging you need to take care of, it’s your precious baby – and here comes the point where a lot of people get caught up in never-ending anxiety. It is good if your friends or family can give you contacts of a caregiver, but what if you’re the one in your surrounding who has a child?

That’s why we prepared a top 9 best apps for babysitter search. They have been proven as trustworthy and secure, fast, easy and convenient. Forget the nightmare of leaving your baby to an unknown person hoping for the best, just read the reviews! Use filters to find the best match for you. Establish the wages. Have quality time with a babysitter you eventually find.

Bambino: Babysitting made easy.

Bambino app tells us that it’s time to look at the way parents find, book, and pay trusted neighborhood babysitters at the new angle. If you have been looking for a while for the app that would help you to find someone to look after your child while you’re away here comes the deal.

In the app, you can find thousand of babysitters around. People can rate them, so you can see who’s the best one. You can monitor the recommendations made by your friends as well. You can read all the bio about any babysitter, what are their skills, knowledge, experience.

To find a perfect match, you need to enter your data into the search bar and requirements you have for a babysitter and look for ones around. The app has even taken the hassle out of paying with standardized rates and simplified payments made straight through the app.

The app profoundly cooperates with other social networks which are today’s necessity. Bambino simply connects you with your friends that are already in the app and pre-populates your profile with your name, photo, and email address, which you can edit anytime. The app respects its users’ privacy and never posts on your wall or monitor your friends for spam.

Or, if you’re a babysitter yourself, you can use Bambino as well. Choose your wages and flexible hours. For the best babysitters app makes promotion in the local area.




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Care.com: Find Babysitters & Caregivers

You used to have a need to be well-connected in order to find a good babysitter. Now that everything is displayed online, you can join the wide community of Care.com and find a perfect babysitter for your child. By the way, not only for your child. There are also options to find senior care, pet care, housekeeping, or tutoring needs.

You can scroll through the feedback of other users and see who is the person you would trust your child to. There is a rating system as well. Each caregiver has a photo and profile information. It is also possible that interested caregivers can text you and you then respond later (or ignore).

Another convenient function in the app is that it combines the management of bookings, interviews, and payments – all in one place. It is secure to make payments via the app. Later you can also leave your comment on a certain babysitter you worked with. But pay attention when you send personal messages via this app – some users say it is not instant.



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Sitter: Book & Pay Babysitters

This one is claimed to be the number 1 app for the babysitters search. It’s been improved significantly since it appeared and got even better. No struggle and hassle because of looking for a safe person to look after your child – just check all the local variants in the app.

Interesting feature here is that you can create your own small network of babysitters you trust. So, if one is occupied, you could book the other one. The app was created by parents who know best the underwater stones when it comes to babysitter search so now it is ridiculously easy. You can mark sitters as your favorite, manage the info they need from emergency contacts to bedtime routines, and make payments.

Sitters can also send you suggestions of their service. You can type “yes” or “no” to respond immediately. To make the search even more secure, connect with your friends from social networks and see which sitters they recommend. You can even form your own small communities to stay within a trustworthy circle of parents and sitters, thus, exchanging your experience and services.



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This app will help you to find the best-experienced babysitters around your area. You will be provided with all the necessities to find the best match for you and your family. Actually, it used to be a web source, and it had existed since 2001, so it is plausible to say that these guys are pretty experienced when it comes to the right selection of a caregiver.

All the facts listed above sound like a good reason to trust this app. When you post a vacancy, you bring all the details and features of your order. This way, a babysitter can understand your needs more clearly. When a certain sitter responds, you’ll get an immediate notification. There are also filters built in the app so you can specify the experience and skills you are looking for.

All the sitter profiles with contact info, photos, background checks, and parent reviews are available and thus it is easier to find someone you really trust. For the sitters – you get a possibility to be instant with your replies and get a really beneficial deal for yourself. All the payments are made via the app.




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UrbanSitter – Find a Local Caregiver You Can Trust

Judging even by the name of this app you can say that this one is made to make the search of a babysitter in a big city less problematic. Unlock your personal network with UrbanSitter: book a local babysitter, nanny or caregiver you’re connected to through friends, co-workers, moms groups and parents from your kid’s school.

All the sitters in this app are verified by the safety check and other background checks so you can stay calm about leaving your child with a true professional, even if you find a last-minute babysitter. Moreover, here you have a perspective to find a future after-school sitter and homework helper, for a smooth transition into the school year.

So if you want to find someone fast and with a requirement that someone is trusted and knows your local area – you can use this app. You can make an interview via the app and see if you and the specialist match each other. Or you can even find a full-time nanny. Or maybe you just need a morning helper, when your child is packing for school?

Babysitters, represented in this app also get CPR training. The time is flexible so you can adjust the time you’re gonna work with them up to your needs. For the babysitter, since this app is more serious than the previous ones, the wages are higher and the possibilities to earn money are real. Full-time, after-school or occasional jobs, you decide. You could earn up to $1,000/wk or more, especially as parents are looking for childcare and a homework helper now that children are back to school.




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Bubble – Find a Babysitter Now

If you find yourself in a trap of a constant babysitter search, this app will save your situation by giving you quick access to thousands of babysitters around. It was created by the developers from the UK and was acknowledged as one of the best babysitting apps in this country. The web-portal WIRED called this app safe and secure when it comes to a fast babysitting search. You will notice that your life is getting much easier when you got Bubble – you can finally plan your life, like trips, night out or business-deals.

It doesn’t matter if you book a babysitter last-minute or in advance – you can count on it! You need just to enter your requirements into the search bar and see the people you find in your area. You can view feedback about them, including feedback from your friends. It is super simple and you can do it just in a few taps. It is important to read information and reviews about a babysitter before you book one. All babysitters’ ID and background are checked.

When you cooperate really well with a certain babysitter you can save their page in favorites so you can get quick access to them later. Here you can be sure that you will pay the exact same price as it listed in the app – because all the payments are made through it. For the babysitters, it is a great opportunity to find more jobs in their local area.




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Gobi – Find a babysitter

Gobi is an innovative platform which is developed to connect parents and babysitters. Now all of you who have babies can look quickly for a babysitter in your local area and you, caregivers, can find a good and reliable job you like. Not to mention the fact that this is an excellent chance to widen your babysitting network. We all know that there are some spontaneous events in our lives which we cannot predict so we gotta be away from home. In this case, Gobi would be a great help.

While looking for a caregiver for your child, you can access sitter bio’s including videos, credentials, ratings and repeat booking stats to make sure you’re choosing someone reliable. The payment system is built in the app and it is more than reliable, even if you make a last-minute booking. Synchronize this app with your Facebook and see which sitter do your friends recommend mostly.

For the babysitter it is also very convenient. When you get a job offer, you can check the details of work, the distance to the house where you need to be in order to avoid the situation when it turns out the location is too far from you. You can also check if you and parents of a child have a matching lifestyle. And, as always, safety is not the last word here.



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ClickSitter: Find Babysitters

Another useful app to stay connected to local babysitters in your area. In this app, you can see the reviews about each caregiver, left by other parents, your friends or parents of other kids from your school. Last-minute booking is not a problem anymore. You can always find someone who is available 24/7. After you have cooperated with a babysitter you can leave your review as well. Connection and conversations are also really easy with it. Payment is effected via PayPal.

For the babysitters – you can easily find a family which suits you. Decide on your schedule and wage together. And don’t forget to compile a list reflecting your knowledge and experience. Notifications come immediately as soon as you get an offer. If you are comfortable with everything, then book an appointment. Create warm memories with people you’re going to work with.

In the app, parents can find the ratings of each babysitter and the list with babysitters around. If you got interested in a certain babysitter you click on the bar to see more info about them. There you will find reviews, experience, and skills they possess. Don’t forget to leave a review after you have worked with one!



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MamaHelpers – Helping Employers, Helpers, Agencies

And our list is being closed with a pretty much curious app. This app is one of the most fast-growing on the market. It has a great network of domestic helpers, employers, and agencies. So, in other words, you got everything in one place. If you trust the agency more when it comes to a babysitter search then you can use the app as well. But there are also options to hire a “loner”. Within 4 months, MamaHelpers hits 150 thousand registered foreign domestic helpers and connects with more than 50 agencies and training school worldwide.

And yes, it is worth to mention that this app specifies mostly on foreign workers. And thousands of families have already found their great helpers using this app. The app has a great list of caregivers, professionally trained, with certificates. Its ultimate goal is to build transparency and trustworthiness in the industry.

At the same time, by using technology to support a one-stop solution, making the entire hiring process easy, hassle-free and efficient for employers. The app is aiming to offer everyone the best deal to the extent where it is possible.

This app has its own training program so it is more than worth to be trusted. MamaHelpers Academy was established to help domestic helpers upskill themselves and enhance their knowledge in caregiving and nursery. Parents can find the best babysitter by establishing filters, selecting information, making appointments with future caregivers. For caregivers, submitting documents via the app is the saving of time and money. It is also possible to find a job overseas.




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