9 Best random workout generator apps for Android & iOS

The development of modern smartphones qualitatively affects the improvement of everyday life. Active sports were no exception. A variety of apps act not only as reminders about the time but are also able to replace a personal trainer.

This is especially true for those users who decide to practice at home. Applications clearly prescribe the intricacies of each exercise. They contain optimal implementation rules, as well as individual recommendations.

This list of random workout generator apps will help you choose the best personal training app. With these applications, your workouts will be varied and interesting.

Exerprise – Workout Generator

Exerprise - Workout GeneratorIn the Exerprise – Workout Generator app, you will find eight free programs for people with different levels of training.

Available types of training:

  • classes for home and gym
  • cardio training
  • plan for muscle growth and strength
  • training with an expander and a fitness ball
  • circular training
  • a program for those who first came to the gym.

All this is free. You only need to register to see the programs in your account.

Before you start training, the app will help you create the right schedule and pick up the load. You mark your level of fitness. Also, state how many days a week you plan to do other parameters. The finished workout plan is uploaded to your calendar.

In the program itself, you are offered two options for exercises. You can choose: do only one thing, do both, or alternate them from training to training.

By clicking on any exercise, you will see a tablet with working muscles, rules of execution and photos. If this is not enough, you can copy the title and watch the videos on YouTube.

The app Exerprise – Workout Generator also has your training diary. Use the opportunity to save posts about your classes and add photos.

Exerprise - Workout Generator Exerprise - Workout Generator

And for those who like to develop in the company of people, there is the opportunity to create their own group. This can be useful for motivation. Invite your friends to play sports together.


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Random Workout Generator

In the Random Workout Generator application, you will find many programs for any purpose and level of training. They are categorized as follows:

  • for weight loss
  • muscle building
  • increase in strength and so on

The description of the app Random Workout Generator indicates the purpose, equipment, regularity, and level. If the program suits you, you can save it to your profile.

In any workout, there are links to a description page and a video demonstrating the exercise. If there is no link, just copy the name on YouTube and watch the video with the technique.

Besides, there are plans for healthy diets to supplement workouts with proper nutrition.

Here you will find over 600 workout plans. On the left, there is a filter by gender, level, goals, number of classes per week.

In the application Random Workout Generator, you will see the target muscles and workout qualities. View a list of exercises with videos, the number of sets and reps, and the rest time between sets.

Below is a ready-made meal plan with different options for healthy meals and snacks. These are not just tips, but a detailed plan with ten options for specific dishes.

Random Workout Generator Random Workout Generator

Also in the application Random Workout Generator, you can use the calendar to plan activity. You can keep a diary to maintain a regular diet.


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SmartWOD Workout Generator

SmartWOD Workout GeneratorWorkout Generator SmartWOD Workout Generator will help you create a training program for every day.

In the filters, you can specify the category, inventory, and level of difficulty. As a result, you will get a list of suitable workouts with a description.

If you don’t care what to do, there is a random workout generator. Just click, and the finished workout for today is in front of you.

The application SmartWOD Workout Generator has a large list of exercises with video. You can search by name, apply filters by muscle and equipment, add to favorites.

If you did not find the desired exercise, you can add your own.

In this application, it is very convenient to compose your program. State the day, add exercises, edit the number of approaches and repetitions, set the time for rest.

Already training, you can change the weight and number of repetitions. Finish the approach and turn on the rest timer with a countdown.

Completed workouts are displayed on the calendar. So you can watch your progress.

SmartWOD Workout Generator SmartWOD Workout Generator

You can also keep a diary in the application SmartWOD Workout Generator. Here you can enter body parameters and a nutrition schedule. You can add photos to the diary so that progress is more obvious. If you work with a trainer, then you can send this diary by e-mail.


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Workout Creator

Workout CreatorThe Workout Creator app is a training generator and a personal diary with great functionality.

It allows you to keep a training diary, track your progress, take a rest time. Also, this application contains a large number of training programs.

Each workout is accompanied by explanations with animation of execution.

The main screen of the application Workout Creator contains 4 icons:

  • training program
  • exercises
  • a diary
  • exercise statistics

Below are small icons of settings and synchronization with your account.

The training program is scheduled by the day of the week. To start a workout, you just need to click on it. Here you can find a huge number of different programs for all levels of training and goals.

The training interface looks perfect. An animation of the exercise, a field for entering the weight and the number of repetitions. There is also a timer, which counts the time between sets and signals the end of rest.

If you don’t remember the technique of the exercise, you can watch it. An animation of the execution in the exercise catalog is also available. The catalog itself is divided into muscle groups and is equipped with a search. Since the number of exercises in it exceeds several hundred.

Workout Creator Workout Creator

The application Workout Creator contains the most important functionality. Units of measurement, rest time for the timer, as well as turning sound and vibration on and off.


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Sworkit Fitness & Workout

Sworkit Fitness & WorkoutThe Sworkit Fitness & Workout app helps you keep fit when you don’t have the time or the place to do this.

If you want to put your body in order, you will surely like this application. For classes do not need extra equipment. So, you can train with him where and when you want.

The application Sworkit Fitness & Workout contains more than a hundred different sets of exercises. One training session takes from 7 to 20 minutes.

But in fact, you yourself can adjust the duration of the workout. If you wish, you can perform more sets. The app allows you to save your favorite complexes and repeat them.

The application includes both strength exercises and cardio, in particular running. But since it is not present in all complexes, you can skip it if there are no suitable conditions for jogging.

To start a workout, click on Start under the selected set of exercises. Then start the stopwatch and proceed. If you need to interrupt while doing exercises, the stopwatch can be paused.

Share your sporting achievements. The application Sworkit Fitness & Workout allows you to do this on social networks and instant messengers.

Each workout in the app has video instructions that show how to perform one or another exercise. To view them, click on the name of the exercise.

Sworkit Fitness & Workout Sworkit Fitness & Workout

The application Sworkit Fitness & Workout has a user profile in which you can see the history of your workouts.


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FitnessBuilder Recently, CrossFit training, combining strength and aerobic training, has been popular. If you do not want to waste time searching for such trainings, the FitnessBuilder app will be a great solution.

In this application, you will find a large catalog of various workouts. You can also create your own complexes, which will be displayed in the “My Workouts” section.

If you can’t decide which program to choose, you can use the “Random Workout” option. The application FitnessBuilder will select for you a random workout from the catalog.

Favorite workouts can be added to the “Favorites” so that later you do not have to look for them on the list.

By default, three different types of timers are provided. Stopwatch, countdown, and Tabata for interval training. You can edit existing timers, as well as create new ones.

At the end of the workout, you can save the results along with a photo, which can also be done through the application FitnessBuilder.

Here you will find a large catalog of workouts, each of which can be edited. You can also add your workouts and timers. This will allow you to customize the application FitnessBuilder for yourself.

FitnessBuilder FitnessBuilder

Besides, each exercise is accompanied by a description and video of the technique. You can also use the convenient search by name, muscle group or direction.


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Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts

Total Fitness - Gym & WorkoutsTraining with the Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts app is not only useful, but also enjoyable. It has a nice design and useful functionality. This is one of the best training generators.

Among the many mobile apps, the Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts stands out for its versatility and variability.

This app randomly generates a new complex from a huge number of exercises available. Thus, you need to choose the type of training, then state the duration of the lesson and you can begin to perform.

Each training session conducted using this application is unique in its own way. It will help you not to get tired of the monotony and monotony of your workouts.

Each workout will be a new discovery for you and an interesting pastime.

Application Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts features:

  • Light and modern design.
  • Exercises are demonstrated by real athletes.
  • Ability to download videos detailing all the exercises.
  • The duration of the exercises and the pauses between them can be changed. It allows you to flexibly adjust the load.
  • You can create, store and even share your personal training set with other people.
  • Improved statistics that help you set goals, track achievements, set reminders for training.

Total Fitness - Gym & Workouts Total Fitness - Gym & Workouts

If you are looking for a suitable pocket trainer for home workouts, then be sure to try the Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts app.


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BestFit The BestFit app is a random training generator that allows you to train the way you want.

The basis of this app is complexes of certain intense training. They are based on exercises with your own body weight. On average, training takes from 5 to 45 minutes.

You can do workouts as fast as you can physically. Workout time is used to check your performance and progress.

To create an individual training program, the application BestFit will ask you to enter the data:

  • Your gender.
  • State 3 important goals in order of priority that you want to achieve.
  • Choose the level of physical fitness.
  • State your age, height, and weight.
  • Choose a goal for the week: cardio; cardio and strength; strength and number of workouts per week.
  • Choose inventory.

If you have the opportunity to run somewhere, then state this, and running will be part of your training.

Based on these data, a training program for the week is compiled. Each of your training days will consist of a warm-up and working out the technique of a specific exercise.

Each exercise that is available on the training day can be downloaded to your phone. See how to perform it with a detailed description of the technique.

BestFit BestFit

After completing each point of the training day, you check how difficult it was for you to fulfill it. Before you complete it and go to the next point, you can upload a photo or write a comment. Other users of the app can also comment on your workout.


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Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts

Madbarz - Bodyweight Workouts The Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts app is a new intensive training system that will help you achieve your desired results in a few weeks.

This is a training system that develops strength, body strengthening, and weight normalization. This is achieved through specially selected sets of exercises.

They replace each other throughout the classes in this system. Moreover, all exercises are performed only with the weight of your own body. They do not need any extra equipment.

A feature of this app is an excellent system of control and motivation of participants. The main parameter for assessing your physical condition is the time you spent on a set of exercises.

You need to do the exercises as fast as you can. Workout time is used to track your progress.

For full classes, you will need to register in the application Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts. You can do this using an email or account on any social network.

Then you can train, record your performance and receive new tasks and complexes. All exercises include detailed video instructions and tips, a timer, and statistics collection.

Madbarz - Bodyweight Workouts  Madbarz - Bodyweight Workouts 

The free app Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts also includes a diary where you can record your workouts and meals. It will also help you keep track of your progress.


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