11 Best Apps for Tide Table Charts (Android & iOS)

Do you like surfing? Can’t you live a day without this? Your plans may be destroyed because of too large or small tides. How to find out the ideal tides for surfing? Apps for tide table charts will help you.

This is a great way to find out the size of the tides. You can use these apps not only for surfing but also if you are going fishing or just to the beach.

You will know the size of the tides. You will be able to properly prepare to be safe. If the storm is about, be careful. Apps will notify you about all changes. Don’t worry.

These apps can show you the time of dusk and dawn. They will show you the moon cycles. It is important to know if you are interested in the tides. There is a list of the best apps for tide table charts for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

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My Tide Times – Tables & Chart

This great app will help you be aware of the size of the tides. The app tracks over 90 thousand tidal stations around the world. You will receive accurate and hourly tidal information.

The app will help citizens of more than 40 countries such as the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and others. If you are on the beach, open the tidal table. You will learn all about the tides. The app accurately predicts tides and wave size.

Open the app and it will show you the nearest beaches and locations. You can also learn all about the moon. The app will show you the zodiac and the Moon distance.

The app will show you the exact time of sunrises and sunsets. You can spend an unforgettable evening with your soulmate on the seashore. It is important to know all about the tides. The most important thing is safety. Be happy!

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Tide Charts – Free

This is a wonderful app that will let you know all about the tide. Are you going to the beach? Don’t worry, you will be aware of the tide. If the tide is low, you can allow your child to swim.

The app also shows the weather forecast. You will be prepared for any weather. You will know about wind speed and air humidity. This is convenient when planning a vacation. Look at the different tide tables.

The app will show you the hourly value of the waves. Don’t be afraid of the tides. You will be prepared for any weather surprises. The app can work without the Internet.

You don’t need an internet connection to find out the tide or weather forecast. The app remembers the latest tidal changes. This app will become your personal tide assistants. You can see the current state of the waves on the map. This is exciting. Try this app! It has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times!


Tide Alert (NOAA) – USA

You can find out all about the tides. This app works with a large number of stations on the coast of the United States. All forecasts are accurate and true. The app will show you on the map of all the stations.

You can see them and decide where to go. This is convenient if you are going to a wild beach. You can add any stations to the list of favorites. The app will notify you of new forecasts. You won’t miss anything.

The app works offline. You can connect the app to Apple Watch. You can see the tide predictions on the selected day. The app will also show you the time of sunset and dawn. You will also be aware of lunar cycles and stages.

The app has a lunar calendar. Look at the monthly tidal statistics. You can find out when there was the lowest and highest tide. The tidal alert helps you be aware of the dangers. Be careful!

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Fishing Points: GPS, Tides & Fishing Forecast

Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right place for fishing. Strong waves or high tides can interrupt fishing. This scares all the fish. What do we need to do? Download this app.

It will show you accurate tide forecasts. You can save locations for fishing on the map. You can record trolling paths. You will never forget them with this app. The app connects to the navigator. It will guide you to your saved fishing spots.

This is a great app for fishermen. The app can work offline. There is very often no Internet in the forest. The app remembers all past data with the Internet. You can easily find out the tides without the Internet.

The app has a compass. You can use it if you get lost. You can measure any distance. The app also has a distance meter. You won’t be afraid of the tides with this app. The app has been installed more than 1 million times.


Ebb Tide – Free Tides

This simple app will let you know tide information. The app receives information from special stations. You will receive accurate and truthful forecasts. Look at the tables and graphs for high or low tide.

Just one click and all the information will be available to you. You can look at changes in tides over time. The app will alert you of dangerous tides. You will be safe.

The design of the app is very simple. The stylish black interface won’t distract you. You will enjoy the intuitive navigation of the app. Look at the map to see the tide station.

You can add stations to your favorites list. The app will send you notifications of changes in the weather. If you are going to the beach, don’t hesitate to go into this app and check the tides. You can plan the perfect vacation.

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eTide HDF

Absolutely every person tries to periodically view the weather forecast so as not to end up in a hole. Tides app & widget – eTide HDF will be your indispensable assistant in solving this issue.
This utility has functions such as:

  • saving the last fifty diagrams viewed with the ability to look it up without an Internet connection
  • determination of the nearest tides at enabled geolocation on the device
  • the ability to calculate the required amount of time and depth for various operations with water transport
  • selection of different units of measurement, such as centimeters, decimeters, and even inches

In addition to the above features, the program allows you to customize its interface for yourself, which may include the choice of theme, as well as the individual color of each station.

It is worth saying that the app is one of the best options for determining the weather forecast at the moment, so you definitely do not lose with the choice of downloading it.

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Tide Chart USA Free

Are you looking for just a tidal app? Here it is. You can see all the tidal information in a simple way. See the special tables. They will show the height of the waves at different times of the day. You will be able to properly plan your vacation with children or surfing. You can also look at the information on lunar cycles.

They affect the tide and flow. The app will show you the lunar calendar. This is a great way to know everything about the tides.

The app takes information from tidal stations. Open the map in the app and see the location of the stations. You can add nearby stations to your favorites list.

The app will notify you about all the news. The quality of the graphics is excellent. You will enjoy the simple and stylish design. This is an indispensable app for people that live in places of frequent tides.

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High Tide

High Tide is an app that displays tide charts. Are you wondering when the next tide is coming in? Then download this program and find out about the waves and wind.

The app gives you an accurate forecast. It works in such a way that it monitors stations and data of tidal conditions. Find out the weather and the time of sunrise and sunset. This service shows all forecasts in a special table. Every day you will receive data about future water tides and their characteristics.

Besides, you will be able to see when it is best to go surfing by wave height or go fishing. There are also charts of wave speed and wind direction.

If necessary, you will be aware of the weather conditions on the shore and find out the temperature. Users are happy with this app cause it helps to know everything they need to.

High Tide screen 1
High Tide screen 2

Rise – Tide & Solunar Predictions, Sun & Moon Forecasts

This is a great helper to let you know all about the tides. You can save forecasts for the whole week and see their access to the Internet. The app will show you the height of the waves and the length of the tide.

You can put an icon on your desktop for quick access. It is fast and convenient. Save your favorite places for quick access. All maps are equipped with geolocation. You can easily find any object.

Look at the lunar and solar phases. The app makes accurate predictions. You can open the lunar calendar and find out the phases of the moon. Are you going to invite the soul mate to date?

Choose a day with a full moon. You can set your preferences for the interface. Create the most convenient interface. This is a great app for fishermen or people who like beaches.

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Tide Clock and Tide Times

If you want to literally keep your hand on the timing of tides then this app is made for you. Tide Clock and Tide Times displayes the precise hours between the last and the next tide. In addition, here you will find the color coded table with the monthly schedule of tides.

The app can detect several tide stations and each seperate station will be displayed in the separate section. You can add as many stations as you want and each of those will provide the infomration about tides in the different spots. The app works both online and offline. You can choose imperial or metric display units. Lastly, if you wish, you can upgrade to the premium version that is ad-free.


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Tides Near Me

This app will help you to figure out all the tides and currents around you. Tides Near Me is really similar to your regular weather app, however, here you will be receiving the information about the tides. And just like in the weather app here you are able to add several locations and save them so you are always able to see the state of tides at different spots.

You can quickly find out the time of the last and the next tide, and, of course, the time of the moon rise and set. All the predictions and anomalies about these tides can be also found in Tides Near Me. The stations transmitting the information to the app are located all around the world: in the UK, Australia, New Zeland, USA, and India.

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