5 Best Paradox Games to Play on Mobile in 2024

Paradox Interactive is a powerful developer of computer games that every gamer has heard of.

By the way, there are many excellent options from other developers, some you can find among these best high graphic games for mobile.

A few years ago Paradox announced games that can be played on mobile devices. We have collected them in this review of the best paradox games to play on mobile in 2024. Let’s take a look.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Feel yourself the ruler of an entire empire in the amazing game Stellaris: Galaxy Command. By opening this game you can create your space universe. Sci-fi strategy will appeal to everyone who loves adventure and unexpected outcomes.

The fate of the universe is in your hands. It has been brutally attacked. Start your stellar journey from a lonely space station, gradually restoring entire civilizations.

Use resources and your personal qualities to make the galaxy strong and prosperous again. Do not forget about the mysteries and dangers that await you on your chosen path.

Develop the game by creating teams with other participants. It is much easier to achieve your goals together. Work out tactics to get even more profits and dividends. Negotiate and provide shelter to those who need it. Sell food and building materials for maximum profit.

Make your army and fleet invincible. You can enjoy all the features of Stellaris: Galaxy Command while playing on your phone. This modern version combines all the features of the PC game: great graphics, user-friendly functionality, and a great music collection.

Join entire planets to your alliance, and create safe havens for the inhabitants. Choose the specialization that seems most suitable: trade, warfare, intergalactic diplomacy. Nothing is impossible in Stellaris. Leave your mark in the history of the saved galaxy.


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Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes presents a modern simulator of exciting fishing. To find yourself on the ice of a huge lake, you just need to pick up your phone. In the list of advantages, it is worth noting the simplicity of settings, the realism of what is happening, and the presence of a plot.

The company Paradox Interactive AB again pleased fans with a gorgeous simulator. Learn all the secrets of successful fishing. Get valuable experience in ice fishing. Compete with real professionals in real-time.

The game is characterized by the fact that the whole process is thought out to the smallest detail. You start your journey as a beginner who appears on the ice for the first time. You have only a backpack with the most necessary things.

You will have to learn how to distinguish several species of fish, develop your tactics in fishing, and break your record. Feel all the sensations of winter fishing without leaving the room.

To players will not get bored, the developers have created a lot of unusual places. In each round, you will change your location. You will have to fight a blizzard, heavy frost, and wind. Participants have access to 19 maps that cover different countries and cities.

Choose 1 of 18 game modes depending on your desire and ability. Get accurate statistics of your achievements. Find out how far behind the reigning champion you are. Learn all about the habits of your chosen fish species.

Choose equipment from a huge list that will delight even experienced fishermen. Have fun fishing with Ice Lakes.


Pirates Don’t Run

Pirates Don’t Run will become the pearl of your collection of runner games. Your goal is to avoid the collision with skeletons, which used to be real pirates.

The faster you run, the more likely you are to stay alive. Yet, everything is not so simple: difficult obstacles constantly appear in your way. Collect coins, get bonuses for passing the location, and don’t forget to enjoy the views.

The game is made in the form of a comic book, in which you will learn the backstory of the narrative. Each page hides new details and obstacles. If you want to find out how this legendary adventure will end, you need to pass the full game.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock collectible cards. Fill all the empty cells to become a real collector of rare cards. If you want, you can play alone or turn on the competition mode. Here you can take prizes in several top lists at once. Are the other participants already following you around?

Choose any participant and explore the entire game map. Pirates Don’t Run goes through frequent updates, expanding the scope and creating new characters. Improve your rating by passing new rounds. Get nice bonuses for personal achievements.


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Knights of Pen & Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper is a great opportunity to remember the first mobile simulators. This game is for you if you like pixel graphics and turn-based battles. Here you are waiting for the atmosphere of legendary adventures in the style of the 90s.

Fight on the playing field, get rewards, and open new levels. Controlling the hero is as simple as possible. Each round lasts a few minutes, so the game is suitable for entertainment everywhere.

This game comes with a lot of maps of upper lands and dungeons. Besides, there is a tavern where you can always change your avatar.

To win you will need not only courage but also the right tactics. Each victory brings you closer to the decisive battle. You can decide for yourself which hero to use for the next battle. Dare to pass by the tasks that are not useful.

Play against other participants, and fight with magical creatures and monsters. Choose any class from the proposed.

To gain power and increase the chances of victory, you need to choose the right equipment. In this game, there is a place for honor and valor, bold military decisions, and even legendary treasures. Knights of Pen and Paper will be a great replacement for retro board games.


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Prison Architect: Mobile

Prison Architect: Mobile has the charm of the oldest mobile games. This time you need to build a prison that cannot be left without permission. Design the entire structure, including annexes, basement, and secret entrances.

Strengthen each wall, making the building impregnable and secure. This task will not be easy, because after building the prison you need to ensure its proper operation. Familiarize yourself with the work schedules of the guards and other workers.

Assign a fair wage to each employee according to the position and the difficulty of the labor. When building a jail, you will serve as the builder, foreman, guard, and warden.

Each section of the prison requires your attention. This includes the inmate holding area, the recreation section, and the eating area. Be sure that your prison provides ideal conditions for both inmates and staff. With a premium subscription, you will get even more new features.

Delve gradually into every part of the prisoners’ lives, making escape unrealistic. Don’t forget that the budget is strictly limited regardless of your plans.

With Prison Architect you will get to know the daily routine of the prisoners. Learn how to quell armed riots, and deal with fires and floods. No emergency should affect the normal life of your inmates. The game already has more than 100 thousand fans.

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