7 Best CISSP Exam Preparation Apps for Android & iOS

Are you good at computer technologies? Programming, operation, and internet security solving? Prove your proficiency having passed the CISSP to take your career in your hands and become an in-demand specialist.

What is CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional? This is an exam held by (ISC)². If you have the CISSP certificate, you can prove that you are a professional in the Information Security field and covers several domains. To pass such an important and difficult exam is an enormous challenge of life that can overturn your future and bring you a lot of profit. Are you ready to get over the top? Then, start your preparation with the best apps for CISSP preparation to not waste time.

This article is aimed at presenting 7 best CISSP Exam Preparation Apps for Android & iOS. To acquire all necessary information while preparing for CISSP, you may need an app for revision; find them in our article about revision apps for students.

CISSP Pocket Prep

CISSP Pocket Prep

Are you ready to start your preparation session? A lot of exam takers suggest trying CISSP Pocket Prep available for both Android and iOS. The main idea of the app is to help you to get used to the format of questions along with the information itself on which all tasks are based. It won’t take long to get accustomed to the interface and the app because all functions are set in a convenient way and allow you to customize some features: the number of questions per session, the study mode, the domains that you would like to target on.

The app includes a hundred questions of all 8 fields to be tested for free and even more if you venture into an ultimate version (700 questions). As you are undertaking the test, the app helps you and points out your mistakes and explains the answer.

The usefulness lies in the fact that you can track your progress as your daily results are set in a graph showing the percentage of correct answers. Moreover, it may be synced to any other device to be available everywhere.

Do you know how to find out if you are To say whether your device is hacked or not, you shall read our article “How to tell if your phone is hacked + ways to fix.“

CISSP Pocket Prep CISSP Pocket Prep


CISSP Certification Exam Prep

CISSP Certification Exam Prep

If you are looking for a very large array of questions combined in the domains included in the exam, you may like CISSP Certification Exam Prep. Creators included more than 400 questions in this app and decided them into 8 categories. Near each category, you may see the percentage of the questions that you have completed correctly to ease your progress tracking.

On the interface, you may find several positions: Practice Tests, Flashcards, Mock Exam, Weak questions, and Bookmarks. All of them will help you to find your strength and weaknesses, work on particular tasks.

Some functions may be adjusted in the setting; thus, you can allow showing the flashcard answer, question explanation, set a timer, font size, etc. So, you will have no problems with the adaptation to this tool.

CISSP Certification Exam Prep   CISSP Certification Exam Prep


CISSP Practice Test

CISSP Practice TestAnother app for drilling that will help you to boost your knowledge before taking CISSP is CISSP Practice Test. The app includes 550+ questions to test you. Every time you give a wrong answer, the system provides you an explanation of the topic. There are several ways of testing your knowledge. First, you can take one of the tests provided by the app; then find the percentage of your correct results. Secondly, you can select one of the themes covered on the exam and also overview how good your results are. Moreover, you can create your own exam based on your preferences on different topics: you just customize the number of questions from each section and get your personalized test.

The app doesn’t include any additional unneeded features that will distract you from the learning process that is why you will get a lot of profit even being offline.

CISSP Practice Test  CISSP Practice Test


Official (ISC)2 CISSP Study

Official (ISC)2 CISSP Study Are you interested in official training apps? Then, Official (ISC)2 CISSP Study will be your choice. The app has an easy-to-navigate interface where you can select the most convenient way of studying: more than 750 flashcards, over 450 questions, practice tests. What distinguishes this app from other analogs is that it possesses a glossary that may appear to be a simplified guide in your studying process.

Among useful features, you can try customized tests and bookmarks that will make your learning process more efficient. Bookmarks transfer the most difficult into flashcards to help you memorize them quicker. As the majority of previously overviewed apps, there is a possibility to see the history of your tests and the dynamics. However, being a reputable source of information for preparing, the app has a purchase.

Official (ISC)2 CISSP StudyOfficial (ISC)2 CISSP Study


(ISC)2 Official CISSP Tests

(ISC)2 Official CISSP TestsThe series of apps for test preparation that complements the previously mentioned app, there is one more tool that will be useful –  (ISC)2 Official CISSP Tests. The main difference from Official (ISC)2 CISSP Study is that in targets on drilling more than learning. It lacks a glossary but includes more than 1300 tasks set in tests and divided into domains. This is the fullest app with the widest array of questions and that is why it is highly recommended for those who want to approach their preparation seriously. Along with the previous app, it includes some purchase but you will hardly regret it.

For better preparation, we have prepared an article for you about exam preparation apps for students that may help you learn quicker.

(ISC)2 Official CISSP Tests


CISSP – System Security PRO

CISSP - System Security PRODo you want more practice and a thousand questions do not satisfy you? Then, CISSP – System Security PRO will surprise you with more than 2500 questions. That will certainly upgrade your knowledge and will make you prepared for CISSP.

There is a range of possibilities that is no different from other apps of this type: flashcards, questions divided into sections, tests with explanations, a timer to be sure that you meet the time frame, and a glossary with basic terms and facts for the successful acquisition process. And on top of that, the app saves all your results and the time when they were taken and illustrate it on a graph. You can not only overview them on a line chart as an additional incentive but also review your mistakes to never make them again that is very important for your growth and finally prove your quality level. Being so much loaded with questions it is logical that it has some fee.

CISSP - System Security PROCISSP - System Security PRO


CISSP Practice Test Prep

CISSP Practice Test PrepIf an app is needed to get acquainted with the structure of the exam and see some feasible questions, you may try a fairly good app CISSP Practice Test Prep. There are 1000 questions set in sections according to the theme. You can customize the number of questions that you what to learn and then drill them. Checking your answers you will find detailed explanations for those questions where you have failed.

All your results will be saved in the system and all figures will be shown in percents. After you have seen them in a list and distributed it into 8 groups accordingly to the topic, you can see your improvements on a graph to be sure that you are on the right way. If you want to be aware of the last and most fascinating news in the tech world, you should read our article on tech news apps and explore the sphere of your interest in-depth.

The user-friendly interface is featured with different colors for different numbers for better visualization.

CISSP Practice Test PrepCISSP Practice Test PrepCISSP Practice Test Prep


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