11 Best Webcam Apps for Android & iOS

Want a baby monitor, or security camera but don’t have a webcam handy? Did you know it’s possible to use your smartphone as a webcam?

That’s right, you can not only take selfies with the front camera but can also turn it into a webcam with the help of a good webcam app.

There are apps that can convert your smartphone into an internet remote camera. You can watch the live streaming from your camera remotely and keep track of multiple live video and audio feeds from your house and send it to a Mac, Windows computer, another mobile device, or even to the web.

So keep reading to discover 11 best webcam apps for Android and iOS users.

Ez iCam

ez logo

Ez iCam is a webcam app that enables you to see what your smartphone camera sees in real time.

Using this app you will be able to record videos and take photos remotely through Wi-Fi. Along with that, you can use this app to download some files from your camera and then share it on social networks. So as you can see, Ez iCam can broadcast any files you could ask for. That way you can capture videos from your computer on Wi–Fi without any troubles.

Along with that, this app gives you the opportunity to customize lots of settings. You can set up the brightness and contrast so that the recording goes easily. The app also provides the night vision mode to protect your eyes in the dark and make the app a black and white.

Besides you can not only use the app to see what your smartphone camera sees in life but also view some photos and playback videos.
You can also set up video settings and change the video resolution its size and white balance.

Speaking about the interface, it’s pretty minimalistic and easy-to-use, so you won’t have any troubles dealing with this app. Give this app a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Price: free

ez screen ez screen1


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iSpy Cameras

ispy logo

iSpy is a webcam app that enables you to view thousands of different cameras all over the world for free. It can also work with webcams and mobile phones.

As you install the app you getting access to the large variety of security cameras that you can monitor. Using this app look through cameras from your PC or a smartphone.

Along with that, that app gives you the opportunity to see public cameras from all over the world and control it from your smartphone through your internet connection or WiFI.

However, you won’t get any details about the camera so you won’t exactly know the street they are installed on but you still can control it to see the place from different angles.

The app does everything for you to feel comfortable so it has a built-in search that enables you to search for a particular camera using location and keywords. And all of the cameras will show you life situations o they are not pre-recorded.

The app was originally made to improve tourism so everyone could be able to view the particular places in different corners of the world that has public cameras installed. You will also be able to rate different cameras, leave your comments about it and even put them in your favorites. To sum it up, iSpy is a must–have an app that worth trying.

Price: free, offers in-app purchases

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camera fi logo

CameraFi is another webcam app that enables you to display and record videos and take pictures from a  camera that is connected to your smartphone.

Using this app you will have an opportunity to easily record videos from your computer camera after it will be connected to your smartphoneBesidesyou will also be able to use this app on your smartphone without any root access needed.

Speaking about the interfaceit is intuitive and easy to useThe app contains different sizes of the video depending on the screenApart from thatyou can use it to record videos and audio on your smartphone for free.

Moreoverthis app can also set screen resolution supported by a USB cameraAlong with thatCameraFi could potentially be used in different areas with different types of camerasSo you can use it for educational purposeslive streamingand even health care or babysitting.

To sum it upthis is a great app that covers everything you might expect from the webcam appTry this app now – it’s definitely worth it.

Price: free

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 iVCam Webcam

ivi logo

VCam is a webcam app that enables you to deliver different photos and videos in high–quality. Using this app you can transfer video in different standard sizes so you won’t have difficulties with HD videos.

With the help of this app, you will get the opportunity to adjust audio and video quality settings, frame rate and even support of different modes like portrait or macro. Along with that, this app supports various modes for face beauty, screen mirroring and flash.

This is an easy to use app that gives you the opportunity to attach your smartphones came to PC with no wires and use it as a webcam. Besides the app absolutely user–friendly so you won’t meet any complications using it.

Using this app you will be able to replace your regular USB webcam so that you can integrate it with your smartphone. Besides, there are plenty of different options of how you can use this app. It can perfectly work as a baby monitor or security camera at the same time.

You can also adjust different video settings – from screen orientation to frames, sizes, audio quality, and video quality. All in all, iVCam is a nice webcam app that gives you lots of features. This app will give you a great high–quality webcam alternative for your smartphone so try this out.

Price: free

ivi screenivi screen1


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IP Webcam

ip web logoIP Webcam is one of the greatest webcam apps you can find on the market. It can basically turn your smartphone into a high-quality network camera. Using this app you will find various viewing options that enable you to easily get different views on your screen. It also gives you the opportunity to view your camera on any of the web browsers.The app works simply  it transfers the video stream through Wi-Fi and with multiple filters.

One of the greatest features of this app is its ability to support audio so that you can even record audio on your videos. There is also a great mode of motion detection that works along with sound trigger and sensor data. Besides, IP Webcam will give you the ability to record videos in HD quality with 1080 resolution, but it also depends on your device.

Using the IP Webcam app you can use your smartphone for plenty of different purposes. You can use this app whether for Skype sessions or as a baby monitor and this is not the limit. As you can see, this app is multifunctional so you can bet on it.

Along with that, IP Webcam is very easy to use even though it has plenty of functions. It is also quite customizable so you can always choose which camera to use, and whether the sound will be streaming or not.

To sum it up, this app does everything it claims to. That way, if you’re looking for a nice webcam app this one is a must to try.

Price: free

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webcam logo

WebCamera is a nice webcam app that enables you to turn your smartphone into a high-quality wireless webcam with a microphone.

As you install the app all you need to do is to connect it to your PC through a Wi-Fi. After that, you will be able to share all the important moments of your life that cannot be caught on your regular built-in laptop camera. That is because this app is wireless so it’s easy to move around. So with the help of this app, you can shoot high-quality videos right on your smartphone.

Along with that, WebCamera app supports different messaging apps so you can quickly share all your videos. This app also has a connection with plenty of video production software such as Boinx TV, CamTwist, and Camtasia. Speaking of video resolutions, this app has three different ones so you can always have a choice depending on the situation. Another great feature of this app is that it has a CD quality audio and the 30 FPS video.

To sum it up, this is a great webcam app that enables you to get high-quality video so you should definitely try it.

Price: free

webcam screenwebcam screen1


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Webcams – EarthCam

webcamss logo

Webcams – EarthCam is a great webcam app that enables you to visit different places of the world with the help of HD live–streaming video and camera snapshots.

Using this app you will have the opportunity to easily get connected with plenty of different webcams around the world in a couple of seconds. You can use it for various purposes – to find out the weather or to plan your trip.

Webcams – EarthCam can also be a great way to see distant corners of the world even if you don’t have the ability to travel that far. Along with that, you can use this app to look through the locations for your future trips so that you can get a real-time look into the atmosphere and decide whether you want to visit this place or not. There are thousands of cameras are available to view at any moment so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Speaking about the design of this app, it is quite minimalistic and very easy–to–use. It will only take you a couple of minutes to figure out how everything in this app works

To sum it up, Webcams – EarthCam is a cool app that you can use for many different purposes, so try this one out.

Price: free

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nanoStream Live Video Encoder

nano logo

The nanoStream Live Video Encoder is a nice webcam app that enables you to record videos and audio for live streaming using your smartphone.

This app works with plenty of streaming services such as Wowza Media Server and Adobe Media ServerIt also gives you the opportunity to stream other mobile devices.

Using this app you will have the ability to capture and broadcast your videos to any remote server and any browser you could ask forAlong with thatthe nanoStream Live Video Encoder app enables you to watch different events from sports games to music concertsAll of that you can find in a few clicks and watch in highquality with no problems.

Moreoverthis app is basically one of the easiest and fastest ways to record a live videoThis app is also extremely useful if you are a professional video maker who works with life eventsThat way you can literally do your work on the go using nothing but your smartphone.

All in allthe nanoStream Live Video Encoder app is very flexible and easy to useSo If you are looking for a great highquality webcam appthis one is for you.

Price: free

nano screennano screen1


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livestream logo

Livestream is a nice live broadcasting app that enables you to watch and stream various events via your smartphone. This app also gives you the opportunity to stream your own content through different social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This app is by far the greatest way to stream videos in real-time.
Using this app you will be able to get unlimited streaming service with no ads and 24/7 user support. Along with that, the Livestream app offers you plenty of tools and features including white labeling and multi-bitrate streaming.

Moreover, the Livestream app gives you the opportunity to whether to run your streaming content on your own website or to use any other popular platform.

Speaking about the functionality of this app, it will give you lots of ways to expand your creativity and make your content look more professional. You will also be able to watch various events from thousands of broadcasters around the world, so you won’t get bored. That way, you will have the opportunity to follow your friends or any accounts that you like to get notified when they go live.

Along with that, you can communicate with your viewers as you stream using a built-in chat. This app is very user-friendly and it is easy to get started with. It is also beautifully designed and really fun to work with.

To sum it up, Livestream is a great app that does exactly what you may be needed from an app like that. Give it a try!

Price: free

livestream screeblivestream screeb1


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EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC

epocam logo

EpocCam is one of the best and popular webcam apps you can find on the market. This app works with plenty of apps like Skype and supports the rear and front-facing cameras of your smartphone.

To start using this app you will also need to download the drivers directly from the developer’s website. And as you install the app everything will be completely automated so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Besides, the EpocCam app is a must-have for game streamers and YouTubers because it works directly with plenty of useful tools such as OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster.

Along with that, this app enables you to stream high–quality real-time videos to your PC. You can also use the back camera of your smartphone to get better quality and at the same time use a front camera for great selfies.

Speaking about the interface, the set up is very simple – the connection is fully automatic and you can easily connect through the WIFi with no wires.

Apart from that, you can get a premium version of this app. This version enables you to use the microphone for video recording, makes the quality of the video a bit better and ads a manual focus mode. The pro version also removes the watermark.

To sum it up, EpocCam is a good webcam app that gives you lots of useful features so it is a worthy app to try.

Price: free

epocam screenepocam screen1


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AtHome Camera: Home Security

athome logoAtHome Camera is a good webcam app that enables you to remotely view your smartphone’s camera feed on your PC and it also works both sides.

To start using this app, you will need to install the software to your PC to coordinate all your devices in one place. As you install the app, you’ll see that it might work from two different angles  streamer and a viewer. You can easily get access to your account from a computer, smartphone, tablet or Smart TV.

AtHome Camera is a nice way to use your smartphone as a webcam. This app gives you the opportunity to keep track of your home when you are out. That way, any time some incident will occur, the app will quickly send you an alert.

Along with that, it is possible to use this app for lots of different purposes. It can be used as a baby monitor, nanny camera, pet camera and much more. Literally everything and everyone that may need an off-site control you can keep an eye on with the help of this app.

Moreover, AtHome Camera has a great motion detection mode so that you can get an instant notification if there is movement on your camera. It also has a great security policy so no stranger will be able to get access to your cam.

Another great feature of this app is that you can customize this app to record at any time of the day or night, for example when you’re at work. That way you can monitor your cameras only when you need it the most.

To sum it up, AtHome Camera is a worthy webcam app that enables you to keep track of everything that is going on at your home so that you can be sure that it’s safe. So if you want to have full control of your house, try this app out.

Price: free

athome screnathome scren1


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