11 Best Rewards Apps for Restaurants in USA (Android & iOS)

Restaurants are the place where we can enjoy fancy delicacies, try new foods, and have a good time with friends. Wherever you are in the world, you can always indulge in a delicious meal from a local restaurant.

To make this process even more pleasant, you can reduce your expenses. To do so, use these best rewards apps for restaurants in the USA on Android & iOS. They will allow you to get valuable rewards for your purchases and then use them to save your money. 

If you want to save more money every day, then you may also try these best food coupon apps for Android & iOS.


Wendy’s is an app that gives you nice coupons. You can order from your favorite restaurant and it will be delivered right to your door.

Order your groceries and you’ll get points for it. What are the points? They can be accumulated, a certain amount you can exchange for something worthwhile in the store.

You can also get some products without paying your own money. This is a great way not to go to the store, and after a hard day’s work, stay home and wait for your order.

It’s also worth adding that if you want to order an already prepared dish, you can change the contents in it. If you hate peppers, they will remove them at your request. Adding ingredients is also possible without any problems.

Pay by card, also use your discounts. Earn discounts by frequenting the app and ordering from it. Thus, you will know more restaurants in your city if you taste the food.

Moreover, you can find out the number of calories in a dish. Keep in shape. Order food at Wendy’s, leave feedback and your wishes.


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Chipotle is a program with which you will get your order with food at any time and place.

Have you been looking for an app that can understand your tastes, to fulfill your orders? Then download Chipotle. You will be able to order absolutely everything you like.

Place as many orders as you can at local restaurants and get nice bonuses. What you get as a result of private purchases, you can go and exchange for free food. What could be better than that? Finally get your coveted pizza, which has long wanted.

Don’t deny yourself, because you don’t have to go to a restaurant, they’ll bring everything fresh right to your home from there. What’s more, if you do a lot of shopping, there will be a variety of new dishes in the app’s feed.

Is there something you’re not happy with about the controls? Just go to the settings and adjust everything to make it as convenient as possible for you. Pay for your purchases by card. There are actually plenty of payment options here.

Remember which restaurant you ordered your meals from. Find your favorite place and buy food only there. Get your friends together and order delicious food for the party. Recommend Chipotle to your friends and family. Save money together and win food.



MyCicis is a program that provides you with food from a restaurant near you.

Would you like to order food quickly and easily at home? Surely you don’t like sitting and waiting a long time to order? This app will make everything convenient for you.

You will be able to place an order for a burger, pizza, and other foods. Order food for various holidays and events. Share the app with your friends and start ordering meals for many people at once, it’s very cost-effective.

Pick up your order and get discounts on your next meal. If you are a regular customer, they may even give you some food for free. There are great privileges for any holiday. Don’t buy expensive food, find quick and inexpensive ways to eat out.

Visit MyCices more often, then new recommended dishes will appear in the app’s feed and you’ll know about all the new events.

Turn on notifications from the app. Try and leave your scores for different dishes. Mark the best restaurant you ordered from. MyCicis has a great interface and awesome graphics.



GetUpside is an app with which you will get a lot of bonuses for food in restaurants, gas stations, and much more.

With this program, you won’t need to spend a large amount of money anymore. There is a cumulative effect. The more you buy in the app, the more often you will pay half the price for services on your next purchases.

Besides, there are groups with people who often order online as well. GetUpside functions in real-time, which is very handy. Buy your favorite food, enjoy the cooking, it’s excellent here.

Use the app everywhere, on different services. Take your benefits and don’t save up money for your favorites for long. Your prizes will decide everything! It’s in your best interest to shop faster and not miss out on giveaways and world promotions.

What’s more, if something isn’t to your liking, you can get a refund. When giving a refund, you have to confirm and specify all the information about what you bought.

The app is really relevant in today’s world. GetUpside is frequently updated and the necessary functions are getting more and more. Download this program right now.



Rakuten is a program that makes it easy for you to shop at restaurants. You will accumulate a lot of rewards and then shop. Buy groceries also in hypermarkets at a fraction of the cost.

Sign up quickly and get cash bonuses already on your account. After paying for the purchase and leaving the receipt, you can scan the paper and the electronic card will receive a refund.

Buy anything you want here. Choose from clothing, vacation tickets, and other services. There are many well-known companies cooperating with this program. There is also a referral system. Invite your friends and get virtual coins for it.

Moreover, Rakuten will give you the opportunity to save money in a crisis. You will be able to calculate what and how much you spend for a certain period of time. It is a feature-rich program. Buy your favorite products and things at discounts.

Rakuten has been delighting users with its range for a long time. Treat yourself and your relatives to unexpected purchases at a bargain price. Give your friends a birthday or New Year’s gift by choosing something from here.



Dosh is an app that serves online and knows how to issue refunds. If you make a rash purchase, you can request it. The money is transferred to your e-wallet of the program itself.

You don’t have to make any effort, the program works with a smart assistant. You will be able to return clothes to the store, refund money for a dish you don’t like, ordered in a restaurant.

All cards are linked, so it will be easy to transfer them from your wallet. What’s more, the Dosh app can offer significant promotions on food, shoes, and other items. See the full range of what you want to buy. There are many brands available, such as Nike, Adidas, and others.

Give yourself something to choose from in such a great app. Send your friends and family the link to the service, have them sign up, and you’ll get a nice bonus out of it.

Before you try the program, familiarize yourself with proper use. Forget about going to stores and restaurants. It’s a time of technology when you can order everything in one click and go do your business from there.


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Ibotta is an app that can give you cashback. Do you want to avoid going to different organizations, stores and wasting your precious time? Decide everything together with Ibotta.

Without much trouble, you will find a restaurant, a cafe, through which you can order something and make a refund.

If something does not suit you, then write to a specialist about this, you will be advised and offered a solution to the problem.

You can also create a virtual card for payment. Make refunds wisely. You can also save your money here. Keep track of how much you’ve made in a month and how much you’ve spent. Shop for your favorite items from other stores and take out cashback.

What could be better than this way? Spend your money wisely and take advantage of all the discounts. By the way, you can find the stores you would like to order from nearby, turn on geolocation.

Nothing bad will happen, your data is confidentially protected and will not be distributed for the app.

Ibotta will send alerts when there will be something new. Install and buy everything profitably! Eat your favorite foods, buy clothes, and wear them with great pleasure.



Drop is a program where it’s easy to get activity bonuses. Besides, you can begin to keep track of your spending.

This app is a very handy thing. Create cards and get nice bonuses from them. Do you want that luxury? Then create an account and start shopping.

Order clothes from trendy youth stores, pick up books, order fast food, delicacies from restaurants near your home. Delivery of everything you order will be fast.

There are also rewards for spending more. Get great deals with discounts. Everyone will be delighted! All coupons issued to you will remain. Everything you buy can be tracked and find out how much money you spent.

The app is processed daily and sometimes it gets new features. This is the kind of program that doesn’t stand still but evolves. Users speak positively about Drop, everyone likes the functionality. Take mini-surveys and catch winning percentages, and run out to buy the coveted stuff.

What’s more, learn new things about cryptocurrency and investing. Find out new ways to make money. Develop yourself, learn something interesting.

This is a big platform with important resources. If you have unresolved problems with the app, contact their support team.



Payce is a program that knows how to quickly refund money if you bought the wrong thing.

Do you really want to get your money back? Are you sorry to spend a lot of money? The Payce app will take care of that.

You’ll be able to keep buying different foods at restaurants, buying books off the shelves, paying for services rendered, and more.

A huge number of people from all over the world use such a unique program because it’s a really worthwhile app. Get the best discounts as well. There is an awesome system, which gives you more points. With the issued points you will be able to buy something useful or donate to charities.

Don’t forget to be sure to link all your cards to the app itself. This way you will get great deals and withdrawal will be easy. Points will be counted for you in any case if you actively use and log in daily to Payce.

Read the full instructions before using, this will reduce the number of questions you can ask later. The app has the smoothest interface possible with lots of features. Updates come frequently.

The program adjusts to your choices and advises what you’ve ordered before. Install Payce and enjoy bargain shopping!



Slide is a platform that is designed to save you money and get your perks. Get discounts on your favorite foods from restaurants, order discounted clothing from stores.

Make shopping comfortable. Forget about long lines, you are to buy everything quickly and enjoy it. Payment is fast through the card you need to link.

There’s strong security, so the data is stored in the app, but it’s not shared outside. Scan the codes, click through and look for promotions. Check out everything and pay with ease.

To start using the program, you need to create your account. By the way, if you wish, you can turn on geolocation and track the stores that are in your area. Make money by transferring money from one system to another.

If you have any questions, write to the email, the specialists will answer them instantly. Tell your friends about this app, send the link to social networks like Instagram and Facebook.


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Pogo is a program with which you will save your money. Get rewards for your purchases. The more transfers you make, the more coupons and various perks you’ll receive.

Link your cards to Pogo and have peace of mind with paying for your orders. Start entering contests, be active. Get the best discounts at your favorite restaurant.

Order food there for the evening. Exchange coupons for something important. Buy what you want, order food from your favorite restaurants.

The app is easy enough to use. What’s more, you can start saving money and get prizes for it too. Choose what you want to achieve with this program. Maybe you want discounts on your favorite restaurants and stores.

The best part is that you can get interested in what you buy. Everything is automatically credited to your account, you can not worry about this. Transfer all the data into electronic format.

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