Boost App Review

Upon opening the Boost application, we are greeted by a short video of a trainer doing physical exercises, and under it we can see two buttons for registering or logging into a previously created account.

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Registration at most takes only one, a couple of minutes, that is, there you will need to create an account, confirm your email, enter your name, indicate your date of birth, waist circumference (press), weight – the last two points can be skipped if not you know this for sure.

After registration, you will need to put the phone on a support, show yourself in the camera that you are ready, then the camera will not shoot you, just start repeating after the virtual coach.

The interface is surprisingly attractive and intuitive. Audio and visual cues tell when to start and stop each exercise in the cycle, and a video demonstration of the activity appears in the middle. Swipe in one direction and you can play music from your phone. Swipe the other way and you will see the timer running.

Boost is a unique fast workout app. All you need is about seven minutes of your time. The difficulty of the exercises and the duration in weeks can be selected based on your level of fitness. Medium intensity workout includes jumping, wall chair exercise, standing jogging, chair triceps pumping, and a few other movements.

There are other options in the app. In addition to the classic seven-minute workout, there is also an intermediate 16-minute workout and the main workout. You can also create your own workouts by combining together the exercises that are right for you.

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The Boost app is one of the best fitness apps because it is suitable for almost all users, regardless of their physical condition.



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