How to Move Apps to SD Card (2024 Guide)

Sometimes apps and files take up too much space in your phone’s main memory. To clear the space, you can delete everything you don’t need, or you can transfer them to an external storage device. Today we’ll tell you how to move your apps to an SD card on Android. For all avid Android users, … Read more

How to Rename Apps on iPhone & iPad

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How to Rename Apps on Android

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How to Delete Multiple Apps on iPhone at Once

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How to See Hidden Apps on Android (2024 Guide)


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How to See Hidden Apps on iPhone (2024 Guide)


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How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak 2024 Guide


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How to Put Apps to Sleep on iPhone & iPad


Before we start this instruction, we need to say that all the information that will be given here is purely hypothetical and there is no guarantee it will work on your specific version of iOS. However, it can be justified by the fact that there is no official way to put apps to sleep on … Read more

Best Ways To Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions On Apps


The way the subscription system works is that once you uninstall the app you’ve signed up for, it doesn’t expire. You will still be charged until you cancel your subscription. Many apps offer a free trial period. You should understand, however, that it is activated at the same time as the subscription, but you will … Read more