15 Free Glitch Text Generators (Apps & Websites)

Glitch text is a deliberately distorted message that encrypts a certain meaning. For the first time, such text appeared in anime and immediately gained wide popularity. Currently, you can find it in scary stories. Now you can create such unusual content using these free glitch text generators. Choose the type of device most convenient for … Read more

Is it AI? 5 Free AI Image Detection Tools

Is it AI? 5 Free AI Image Detection Tools

More recently, we wondered about the possibilities of Photoshop and may not even recognize personally those who have abused them in social networks. Face dance apps became really popular. They were the forerunner of artificial intelligence technology, which easily allows anyone to insert any face into a random video so that no one will notice … Read more

11 Free Custom Emoji Makers (Apps & Websites)

Free Custom Emoji Makers

We use emoji all the time in our chats to convey the emotions we feel. Mobile OS developers are constantly adding new emoji that are sometimes surprising in their uniqueness. Now you too can become a creator of such stickers, using these free custom emoji makers. Let’s take a close look at their features and … Read more

11 Free AI Text Detectors (Apps & Websites)

Free AI Text Detectors

Creating a high-level text is a time-consuming job that requires special skills, imagination, and the ability to write attractively. With the advent of artificial intelligence, it may seem that the writing of any text can now be placed in its hands. Lazy students, unscrupulous workers, and even fraudsters can take advantage of this, because now … Read more

15 Free QR Code Generators (Apps & Websites)

Free QR Code Generators

QR codes are particularly convenient to use because they allow you to put in absolutely any quantity of information. You can find them in restaurants and cafes, at historical buildings, or even create your own code with the link to your social network profile. In this review, we decided to focus on more professional services … Read more

7 Best Free Restaurant App Builders


Owning a restaurant is not an easy thing, but your business could bring you more money if it has its signature app. But did you actually know you can create that for free? Check out the best free restaurant app builders and see! And we suggest you to explore not only websites, but also free … Read more