Fishing Whiz App Review

There are so many ways to attract fish, and just as many ones to learn how to do that. So why would you choose Fishing Whiz as a way to learn theory? Because it’s fun, playful, and expands your knowledge incredibly. Now we will tell you in more detail.

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Fishing Whiz is a tutorial quiz through which you will learn many types of fish, fishing tools, and the like. And if you are already a pro – check your knowledge and have fun. This app is also a great way to introduce your kids to the world of fishing.


The application is a set of quizzes about the types and genera of fish and how to catch them. Each stripped quiz has several dozen questions. Test your knowledge, or gain it. Vivid graphics lets you know exactly how the fish will look when you meet them.

The app has a reward system that makes it even more addictive. Everything runs smooth, and no issues interfere with enjoying the game.

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The app also contains many helpful tips from experienced anglers on how to catch a particular fish. Carp or trout, panfish or pike, salmon or catfish – nevermind. Follow the tips, learn fishing techniques; and no fish will swim away from you.


You can post your achievements on social media. Show off to your friends and family and share useful information with them. After all, fishing is always better with friends, isn’t it?

In short, the Fishing Whiz is an entertaining and challenging app with great graphics that will let you upgrade your fishing skills. The chances are that it will become much more enjoyable than any other of its kind. Try it yourself.

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However, remember that theoretical knowledge, no matter how detailed and complete they are, is just the tip of the iceberg. Go ahead and put them into practice. All that’s left is to get started!


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