11 Free Price History Tracking Apps & Websites

Shopping on the Internet is quite simple and convenient in the modern pace of life. But sometimes we are faced with the fact that sellers cheat and constantly change prices. In this article, we will look at free price history tracking apps & websites.

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Price tracker for Amazon

Price tracker for Amazon – keep up to date with current prices, enjoy shopping online, and spend your finances wisely.

Price tracker for Amazon – thanks to this app, you can save money and save yourself from unnecessary costs. The app tracks prices on Amazon and notifies you when they start to decline.

You no longer need to track the prices of goods for weeks, search the Internet for budget options or save money over and over again. Just wait for a favorable moment and the app will notify you of the favorable price.

Features of the Price tracker for the Amazon app:

  • Tracking the price of the product. Add the product to your profile and follow the change in its price.
  • Built-in browser. Thanks to this feature, you can search for products of interest directly in the app, it will immediately show you products with a better price
  • Notifications. After you add the desired product to your profile, you can specify the desired price. When the cost of the product approaches the specified limit, the app will notify you.
  • Price history. By opening a link with an item, you can see the history of its price, and how many times it rose and fell.
Price Tracker for Amazon1

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AliPrice helper for shopping

AliPrice helper for shopping is a price tracker app for online stores. Tired of waiting for the cost of the goods to become acceptable? Just entrust this matter to AliPrice.

The app tracks the price history from the following major online stores: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapack, DHgate, Flipkart, Gearbest, and Aliexpress.

The AliPrice helper for the shopping app also has a website (optimized for mobile devices and computers). So you can enjoy shopping from any device.

Functions of the AliPrice helper for shopping app:

  • Price history. The app (or website) will show you the price history of the product. Perhaps this way you will be able to predict the next rise or fall in the price.
  • Image search. Do you have a photo or screenshot of a product that interests you, but you don’t know the name or where to look for it? Upload the image to the built-in search engine and AliPrice will show you matches from online stores.
  • Analysis of the seller’s rating. Have you found the product you are interested in, but doubt the honesty of the seller? The application will help you in this matter by familiarizing you with the seller’s rating.
  • Photo customer reviews. The AliPrice app makes shopping comfortable by allowing you to search for products from all over the internet through just one app. Do you doubt the conformity of the product and the picture? Look at the photo reviews of products from this seller.
AliPrice Shopping Assistant1


AppSales is an app that will suit you if you are interested in a profitable purchase of games or apps. Who said that you can save only on ordinary things?

AppSales is an app that will become a loyal friend for gamers and active users of mobile devices. Buy your favorite games and useful smartphone apps at a bargain price

App Functions:

  • App search and price monitoring. Add the apps or games you are interested in into the favorites category. This way you will always be aware of new updates, and you will receive timely notifications about price reductions, discounts, and those cases when the app has become free!
  • Price history. This feature allows you to view the rise and fall of the price of the product during the last 60 days.
  • Favorite categories. Specify the apps that you use most often and block those that do not interest you at all. Then AppSales will recommend you similar mobile add-ons, perhaps at a more delicious price.
  • Notifications. Turn on the notification mode and always be aware of major sales and promotions on Google Play.
  • Get nice bonuses (nice discounts, promo codes, gift certificates, and much more)
  • Discover a range of new apps. You may be able to find a free, cheaper, or improved version of the application that you are currently using.
  • Share profitable offers with friends, and warn them about upcoming promotions and discounts.

We would like to remind you that the prices for apps and games may vary depending on your region and the currency you use as payment.


idealo: Price Comparison App

idealo: Price Comparison App – make purchases only at a favorable and real price. Do not let the cunning sellers deceive you during the sales.

A well–known trick is that many sellers in online stores sharply raise prices before major sales, and then lower it on the day of the promotion. It is difficult to call such a purchase profitable because you are buying goods at the original price, or even higher. The idealo app will save you from such a problem.

The Idealo app supports you throughout your purchase. Look for the products you are interested in and buy them at a really good price.

Idealo App Features: Price Comparison:

  • Buy products at competitive prices in more than 30,000 stores.
  • Product search by barcode. The app has a built-in barcode scanner. All you need is to scan the code from the desired product. The app will show you the same product, but perhaps at a more delicious price.
  • Detailed information about the product. The app offers you all kinds of information from all over the Internet about the product you need: photos, video reviews, text information, and rating.
  • A wide selection of filters and options for sorting products by search categories.
  • Add a product to the favorites category to continuously monitor prices and buy it at the best price.
  • Set the price you are interested in. Thus, when the cost of the product drops to the desired value, the app will notify you.
idealo: Price Comparison App1

Price History: Track and save

Price History: Track and save is an app that will help you keep track of the price history of your favorite products. Make only profitable purchases.

This app will help you save money while shopping. Follow the rise and fall of prices in online stores and buy goods at the best prices.

Price History: Track and save will help you check prices on the following shopping platforms: Amazon, flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, and many other major shopping platforms.

App Functions:

  • Price tracker. Many sellers change the prices of their goods almost every day and it is extremely difficult to catch a profitable offer on their own. But thanks to the price tracker from Price History: Track and save, you will always be in the hot spot for current discounts
  • Notifications. Install notifications from the app, and you will be able to receive messages about falling prices for your favorite products, profitable sales, and current promotions
  • Forecast of price growth. Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence, the app can calculate a possible rise or fall in the price of a product.
  • Quick search. Look for great deals right in the app. Enter the product or product category you are interested in in the search bar and find the most attractive option for yourself.
Price History: Track and save!1

Price History Tracker Glass It

Price History Tracker Glass It is a price tracker app. Shop wisely and at bargain prices! Who said that shopping can’t be profitable?

This app allows you to make profitable purchases on many major online shopping platforms (such as Amazon and eBay). The app will track the current prices of the products you are interested in daily to notify you of the best prices and discounts.

App Functions:

  • Tracking the price of a specific product. Insert the product link into the search bar and pin it. Ready! Now the app will track the rise and fall of the price of your chosen product on a daily basis
  • Analyze the price history. Click on the product you like and you will see the entire history of price changes.
  • The Price History Tracker Glass It app can work offline or in the background. It does not affect the performance of your device and does not reduce battery power.
  • Search for great deals all over the internet. Did you like the product in the online store? Do not rush to buy it. Paste the product link into the Price History Tracker Glass It app and wait. The price tracker will show you the same product in other stores and maybe you can buy it at a better price.
Price Tracker & Price History1

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Smartprix – Price Comparison

Smartprix – Price Comparison is an app for comparing prices from large online stores. Now, while shopping, you can not only relax, but also save money!

Now you will have hundreds of thousands of products at your disposal only at the best prices from all over the Internet. The app allows you not only to save money, but also to make shopping more organized.

Smartprix – Price Comparison App Features:

  • Price comparison in online stores. If you find the right product in some store – do not rush to buy it. Enter the product name or product category in the search bar and find the best offer. Enjoy shopping slowly.
  • Notifications. Connect notifications from the app and receive messages every time the price of the desired product (category of goods) began to decline, receive messages about profitable sales and promotions.
  • Comparison of products among themselves. In the app, you can compare two products of the same category with each other (for example, smartphones of different models or kitchen appliances from different manufacturers). This way you will decide on the choice and make a useful purchase.
  • Real ratings and reviews from customers. We recommend that you read the reviews of other buyers before buying. You can read text reviews, photo reports and video reviews.
  • Current discounts and promo codes. The app will tell you when good product promotions will start, and will also offer you promo codes for even more profitable shopping. There is nothing more pleasant than making deliberate profitable purchases.
Price Comparison - Smartprix1


Camelcamelcamel.com – a website that will help you save money and make purchases at the same time. Impulsive purchases are great, of course, but it’s much more interesting to hunt for a bargain price?

This free online price tracker site tracks the prices of more than a million products daily. Keep up to date with all current offers and super discounts.

How the site works Camelcamelcamel.com:

  • It is quite easy to find a website. All you need to do is enter the name of the site in the search bar of your browser and click on the first link.
  • By going to the website, you get to the main page where you will be offered to create an account. It’s completely free and will be useful to you if you want to track the price of a specific product.
  • There is a wider menu in the upper left corner. There you will find several sections: a browser extension, a bookmarklet, a list of countries that the site supports, a section with the most popular products, and a small section with help for users.

Now we offer you a closer look at the functions of the site and how they work:

  • Notification of price reductions and the most current offers. If you have registered on the site, emails will be sent to your email when your favorite product is offered at a low price.
  • Price history charts. You can get acquainted with the history of the rise and fall of prices for the product you need. This function allows you to evaluate the honesty of the seller, and it is also possible to predict when the price will start to fall again.
  • Browser extension. You can install special browser extensions (suitable for Google, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and others) from the site Camelcamelcamel.com . This will give you access to instant analysis of commodity prices, create charts of price growth and fall
  • Camelet bookmarklet. Camelet is a browser–independent feature that allows you to instantly search for favorable prices for the products you are interested in, compare products, and much more. Just drag the three camels to your search bar!


Pricebefore.com – a website that will help you find the best deals on the products you need from major online shopping platforms.

This mobile site will help you purchase any equipment (starting with mobile phones and ending with power tools) at the most delicious and up-to-date price. How does it work?

By going to the site, you get to the main page. Here you can see a search bar for products by name or category, as well as a search bar for a link to the product.

Site Functions Pricebefore.com:

  • Search for products with a lower price. There are two search lines on the site – an internal one (here you can search for products already available on the site) and an external line where you can enter a link to the product you are interested in and compare its cost with the same products on the site or in other stores.
  • You can check the price history of the product.
  • All products are divided into categories (mobile phones, home appliances, televisions, cameras, and so on) which makes it easier for you to search for products.
  • Subscribe to the site’s Telegram channel to receive notifications about the upcoming sale, falling prices for a category of goods, or pleasant discounts.


SlickDeals is a website that will help you enjoy shopping usefully. Manage your finances correctly and get cashback!

On the website, you can find products of any category (starting with children’s toys and ending with appliances). There are a lot of great offers, coupons, and discounts waiting for you on the website!

By going to the website, you will find yourself on the main page. There you can see the search bar – just enter the name of the product and the site will offer you the best options from all over the Internet. Here you can get acquainted with the products by selecting the category you are interested in.

Let’s look at the functions and features of the site:

  • Notification of price drops and discounts. Register on the website (it’s free) to receive notifications about falling prices for your favorite products, as well as receive messages about the start of promotions and sales.
  • Cashback. Agree, there is nothing more pleasant than receiving cashback from purchases. Register on the website and receive cashback after each purchase.
  • A wide range of filters to search for products. You can search for a product by name, by category, by link, and also filter products by value.

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Wikibuy is a mobile site with a browser extension that will delight you with products at a pleasantly low price. Now shopping on Amazon can be profitable for you!

Thanks to the built-in extension, you will be able to compare products from different sellers on Amazon. Find the most responsible seller and the most loyal prices.

The extension is available on Google, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. If you are the owner of the iOS operating system, you can download the mobile app. It will allow you to scan barcodes from products and search the Internet for cheaper analogs.

The site is also convenient because it has collected everything you need – you can make purchases right there (by making purchases through the Wikibuy website you earn points and cashback!

After the points can be exchanged for discounts on Amazon), you can search for products and compare them with each other.

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