16 Best Passbook | Wallet Apps for Android & iOS

Modern technologies are constantly changing our lives in an unexpected way. Our way of living is something people of previous generations could not even dream of.

Let’s take money, for example. Humanity has gone a long way from exchanging goods to using bank cards to pay for things. And the progress hasn’t stopped – today there are special apps that can turn your smartphone into a paying device – electronic wallets that make using cards kind of obsolete.

Wallet apps, which were first known as passbook apps, have existed for a long time but caught on quite recently. These apps are designed for making our financial affairs less messy and putting everything concerning buying & selling in order.

So basically if you are tired of always carrying with you a bunch of credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, passes, tickets, coupons, etc., these apps are what you need – they will digitalize everything, so that you could forget about carrying a heavy wallet or stressing over losing some card or forgetting it at home.

Take control of your expenses using these best expense tracker apps.

With the “open nature” of passbook apps, it is possible to unite all the discounts and coupons, at least from such famous companies as Starbucks, Walgreens, Target, United Airlines, etc. The list below includes some of the best and most reliable passbook apps. If you are not using one of them already, it is time you tried doing it!

Apple Pay

And, of course, an app similar to Android Pay is present on iOS. Although the order is a bit wrong – this one should probably go first.

Anyways, the app’s main function is to help users make payments easily and effortlessly. You can pay without introducing your actual bank card. You can pay in apps just by tapping the right button. You can pay and not worry about your financial security.

Start using Apple Pay and save the time you spend on entering your card’s number every time you need to buy or order something!


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Google Wallet

Google Wallet is an Android app for paying for stuff. You can use it by adding there your bank card. Don’t worry about doing it – all the confidential information is kept in secret, so it is absolutely safe to use the app.

With the help of Google Wallet, you can use contactless symbols for buying something. Also, it is possible to pay with the app while using other apps – all you need to do is to select Android Pay as a payment option.

Just like apps created by banks, this one allows users to view the history of spendings. All in all, if you happen to have numerous bank accounts, this app is what you need to keep track of everything and use what you want to use at any time. Get rid yourself of problems concerning paying with Google Wallet!


Pass2U Wallet

Pass2U Wallet is a simple app that helps you store cards, tickets and other useful things with barcodes on your phone. There are lots of useful features to help you organize everything you’re intending to store with the app – sorting, searching, categorizing, to name just a few.

A pretty and user-friendly interface will make you use the app with pleasure. If you are tired of making photos or screenshots and want something simple to keep your passes in, then Pass2U Wallet is what you need!


Key Ring

Key Ring Reward Cards is one more app for keeping all the loyalty cards in one place. Apart from loyalty cards, the app is also designed to store membership, library cards, savings, etc. – everything that is making your wallet unnecessarily heavy. No need to worry anymore about forgetting the shop’s loyalty while deciding to buy something.

One more great feature of the app is the possibility to search for stores to discover good deals. Never miss discounts and always be ready to show your loyalty cards with Key Ring!


Wallet: Passbook Mobile Wallet

This is a mobile wallet designed to manage your cards, coupons, and passes. This app allows you to store and manage your cards, tickets, passes, and so on. You can add cards from different banks and services.

After adding a card to the app, you will be able to perform any transactions using your phone. To do this, you need to attach it to the terminal or let the store employee scan the barcode on the coupon, pass, or loyalty card. Your payment data is stored in encrypted form, making it safe and secure.

Add an unlimited number of cards and set up notifications for each to stay up to date on current offers, discounts, and other special promotions. You can also add your student ID to the app so you can apply it to the turnstile right from your phone.

To add loyalty cards, tickets, and coupons, you will need to scan their barcode. After that, they will automatically appear in the list. Sort cards by categories to make them easier to find.


ONE Wallet – Cards Wallet

ONE Wallet is a mobile app for storing and managing your plastic and virtual cards. You can use it to add any cards and coupons to your phone so you don’t have to carry them around and always have them at your fingertips in a virtual format.

Add both physical cards and virtual cards. To add physical cards, use your smartphone’s camera and take a picture of the card from both sides. The app will automatically recognize the information from the card and add it to your wallet.

To add virtual cards, all you will need to do is scan the barcode or enter the information manually. View information about each individual card. Add cards and sort them by category. Label frequently used cards with shortcuts to access them quickly.

The app has data backup, so you can easily recover lost cards. To use a card from the app, just open it and scan the barcode. ONE Wallet works for free and without a network connection.


WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet

WalletPasses is a passbook app for Android that is also designed to facilitate storing different kinds of passes – movies tickets, concert tickets, coupons, flights, etc. – everything you could think of!

The app will provide you with notifications and updates on the passes’ condition. For example, it will remind you of the date your coupons expire, so that you could use them and not waste them.

The display of the app also shows some related information concerning your passes, like time or location. All in all, this on is definitely among the greatest passbook-wallet apps!


Passwallet Passbook NFC

Passwallet is one more app for Android for saving passes. It was first introduced in Apple’s iOS 6, so if you have recently decided to change your phone and buy Android devices instead of iPhone, then you don’t even have to get used to a new Passbook app.

The app supports all the airlines, which means that you can easily integrate your tickets between your airline’s app and Passwallet. There are lots of other services the app supports – surely, you can find the ones you are interested in! Get Passwallet now and start dealing smartly with your passes!


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PassAndroid Passbook

PassAndroid Passbook is one more option for those of us who own an Android phone. The app is pretty simple in use, got a pretty minimalistic design, and can work offline. What’s more, PassAndroid is created by an author with some very good ideas in mind, to be more precise – that apps should be free and open-source.

Apart from storing passes themselves, the app also stores all the necessary information, such as description, place, time. So if you are looking for something originally designed for Android with a clear and understandable interface, this is definitely what you are looking for!



An app with the most obvious and simple name, which is, nevertheless, is useful and multi-functional. It occurred quite recently but is already becoming more and more popular. Briefly, Wallet is the app where you can keep ALL the cards you have – credit, debit cards, tickets, digital cards, discount cards, and coupons.

Wallet is compatible with the iOS Wallet, thus, it can be used all around the world. Al the cards that you will insert in the app will be categorized so it is easier for you to find the right one. The app doesn’t support the barcodes and card scanning.



PayPal is one more app for managing your finances. Be aware of what is happening with your bank account by receiving instant notifications.

With PayPal, you can easily send, receive, and send money. Shop online with ease, transfer money to people all around the world using just an e-mail address or a phone number, request money from friends.

No need to say that PayPal is a world-renowned paying system, so all the operations through the app are secure. Get the app today and start dealing with your money in a more convenient way!



N26 is the german startup bank that is fully online. After less than 2 years of functioning, it gained huge popularity all around the world because it was so convenient in usage. Many countries started developing their own mobile banking after N26.

Nowadays, N26 counts around 5 millions of users. If you are familiar with online banking, then you can guess how this app looks like – with the addition that it has no offices and it cooperates with all the payment systems in the world.

A cool feature here is that it helps you to create financial goals and plans. Money transfer, online/digital payment, currency exchange, investing – all is available in N26.



We used to pay by cash. We used to pay by card. Now we are playing by the phone and there is no need of having dozens of plastic credit cards. Moreover, it decreases the chance of losing them. Curve works like a standard wallet app – you just need to insert the data of your card into the app.

In addition to simple payments, Curve has a function of the currency exchange at the attractive rates, cash backs form partners, managing your cards, as, for example, freezing them. Concerning the securities – all your buying up to $100000 are covered.


Cash App

This is a very convenient app that allows you basically to do all the money manipulations. Here you can send, spend, save, and invest your money. Considering the security measurements, the app performs all the transactions only by the passcode or with the Face ID.

Cash App works super fast and it as an innovative user interface. Now all the recipients will be saved as contacts in the app so you can transfer the money again in seconds. Plus, Cash App cooperates with the most popular payment card brands so it provides lots of cashback and discount options.



Zelle is an online wallet and transfers app that allows you to send the money to anyone you want fast and safe. It works across all the US territory, so many banks in this country are cooperating with this app.

It is even more convenient when the recipient has Zelle as well – so for the transfer you will need only the cell phone number or the email. Moreover, it is a convenient way to pay to those vendors who don’t have the digital payment machines – just make an online payment via Zelle.

By the way, security concerns may spread not only over finances – photos and videos can also be objects for protection. If you want to know how to keep your personal data safe, go through these best apps to hide pictures and videos.



Little question: how many times you’ve been to the situation when you bought something together with your friends (like pizza or champagne) and you agreed that you are paying and they will return the money later on? And then… It just didn’t happen. You feel awkward to ask for the money but in the same time, you didn’t agree that you will pay yourself.

Venmo will help everyone to solve this problem forever. This app was made for splitting the costs between friends. Next time you are buying something together, just split the price in the app and Venmo will deduct the sums from your friends’ accounts later on.


So these were great secure passbook | wallet apps. We hope you have found what you were searching for. Be careful with your finances and be smart in choosing apps!

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