10 Best Mindful Drinking Apps for Android & iOS

Want to keep yourself accountable when it comes to drinking? You’ve come to the right place!

Mindful drinking gets more and more popular as people want to understand their alcohol patterns. That’s why we’ve picked the best mindful drinking apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps let you track your drinking and figure out why you do that.

These are must-haves for those who want to stay in control of their habits. You won’t be pressured to quit drinking entirely, just stay within low-risk limits to reach manageable goals. Let’s get into it!

NHS Drink Free Days

This app is here to help you handle your drinking. Herewith, the app is not made for people with heavy alcohol addictions. It’s for those who like to drink but would like to be reminded when to cut down. Well, that’s what mindful drinking is all about, really.

The app helps you point out your drinking habits. You’ll get to log the types of drinks you would usually have on certain days of the week and then study the info to figure out your habits. Then, you’ll get simple yet practical tips on how to handle your drinking.

All the tips are tailored to your needs and will be adjusted with time. You’ll get to specify the number of alco you’re allowed to have every week, but the app requires you to have at least 3 days off drinking. It will send you reminders to cut down the booze or greet you for progress.

You’ll get to set aims and celebrate the milestones along the way. Of course, the alco calendar is included, and you’ll get to see all the benefits you get for drinking less than usual.


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If you want to start drinking less but struggle to move from thoughts to actions, this app is right up your alley. The main goal of this one is to help you transform your alco habits and start mindful drinking. It’s a full-on pocket support system that will change the way you drink once and for all.

It comes with an alcohol tracker that asks you to mark every day you consume alcohol. In fact, you’ll need to specify what exactly have you drunk and how much. This info will help the app to analyze your alco patterns and give personalized tips.

You’ll get to see how your alco patterns compare to the previews week and track how many calories you get from each beverage. And don’t forget to set reasonable goals and celebrate when you reach them. You’ll be able to set alco-free days and mark if you’ve skipped these or not.

The app lets you get into the educational part of consuming and quitting alcohol, too. You’ll get to study how alco impacts your sleep, mood, and health in general.


Try Dry

This app is here to get your drinking under control. It’s made by drinkers for drinkers and science-based to give you the best experience and efficiency. It lets you get into so-called planned drinking in order to manage the amount of alcohol but don’t get too strict with it.

Thus, you’ll get to schedule drink-free days, and log all kinds of alcohol you consume. There’s a full-on calendar, where you’ll need to log the type and amount of alcohol you get in a week. You’ll get to set custom goals and missions and celebrate all the milestones along the way.

The app will analyze everything you log to point out your alco habits. These will be used to offer tailored tips and support. Plus, there’s a full-on educational section with all the pros of handling drinking. You’ll also get to calculate how much money you’ll save if you’ll start drinking less.



Here’s an app to help you organize your alco consumption. It’s an alcohol tracker that lets you plan and long all the beverages you have in a week. You’ll get to log the type and amount of alco you’ve consumed and schedule sober days as well.

It’s not about quitting alco entirely, though. It’s about helping you control how much you drink and don’t go overboard with it. You’ll get to analyze your behavior and point out your alco habits. That will help to reconcile the way you drink and help the app to give you useful tips.

As for the motivation part, you’ll get to see how much cash you save for drinking less than usual. The same thing applies to calories and health benefits. You’ll get to set custom goals that are manageable and get some perks for reaching those.

Each week, you’ll get an alco plan to stick to, and you can personalize it to match your current needs. The app is entirely free, there are no hidden fees or features to unlock for money.



If your goal is to become more of a mindful drinker, this app is here to help. You can use it to count down or quit alco completely, but the app won’t be useful if you have a heavy alcohol addiction. Hereby, the app is science-based, and it uses psychology and pattern monitoring to make a program tailored to your needs.

It’s not here to be restrictive and shame you for getting a couple of drinks. No, the app is all about compassion and progress. Nobody’s perfect and the app won’t try to make you one. You’ll get custom tips and activity suggestions that only take 10 mins per day but have a major positive effect on your health.

The activities include breathing exercises, meditations, and more. You’ll get to make a full-on alco schedule and pick sobriety days to stick to. Plus, you’ll need to log your drinks (including type and amount) to help the app analyze your habits and pick up helpful tips.

There’s also a daily mood tracker and journal you can use to write down your thoughts. You’ll get to celebrate the smallest goals and monitor your stats and a simple way here.


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That’s a calendar app that lets you scrutinize how much your drink. It’s all about getting statistics and figuring out your alco habits. The app is quite helpful if you want to get into cautious drinking at your own pace: there won’t be any restrictions or pressure.

You log the alcohol by yourself and set goals that are manageable for you. The app has pre-made templates for popular beverages and cocktails, so adding a new one is pretty quick. That’s great for those who tend to quickly log things cause the process takes too much time.

You’ll get to enter the amount of alco you’ve had and add custom combos if needed. All the logs will be displayed in calendar mode, so you’ll get to visualize your alco consumption throughout the month.

You can also pick alco-free days and view the stats in easy-to-understand graphs. The app is fully free and the amount of ads is not that annoying. The UI of this one is beyond simple, so you’ll quickly figure out how to use it.



If you liked the concept of the previous app, but you’re an iOS user, this app is for you. That’s an alco tracker that is here to help you keep yourself accountable. With this app, you’ll get to stay within low-risk alco limits and find the source of motivation to drink less than usual.

The app is not here to cure your alco addiction, though. It’s for those who don’t want to quit the alco completely but want to decrease the amounts of it. The app lets you quickly log your spirits and count how much cash you’ve spent on them (cause money can be a great motivation to stop).

Hereby, the app will show all the calories you’ve got via drinking, so if your plan is to lose some weight, it will be another encouragement point.

You’ll get to view your entire alco history in a calendar and set the goals you can reach at certain points. The app lets you mark dry days and honor the goals you reach. You’ll even get to analogize your alco consumption with drinking guidelines.



This app is here to change the way you deal with alco. It contains 10-min practice that helps you drink less and control the amount without effort. The app works for multiple kinds of people, from those who want to get into conscious drinking to those who need to quit alco entirely.

The app is quite flexible, too. It adjusts to your goals and gives tips tailored to your personal needs. It’s also made by people who’ve experienced alco issues themselves, so you’re getting expert advice here. The developers know that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so everything is highly personalized.

The app lets you study your improvement, mark dry days, and celebrate milestones on your way to a finer you. You can personalize the tracker to match your prefs and view your drinking history in a simple graph form.

You’ll get a daily portion of motivation, and 24/7 support ready to help you out. There’s also a lib of full-on courses that help you get alco consumption under control.



On the hunt for a structured program to help you reduce alco consumption? Give this one a try. It’s a science-based app that will help you handle your relationship with alcohol. The app is bundled with lessons to educate you on the science and effects of alco and help you figure out why you drink.

The rare multiple motivational tools are included, so you’ll get regular encouragement to keep controlling yourself. As for the programs, these will be adjusted to match your personal needs. All these are based on psychology and neuroscience, so no stigma here.

In order to get a program, you’ll need to fill in a quiz the app will analyze to ensure all your needs are met. The programs include manageable steps to help you attain your goals. There are also multiple pieces of training that positively influence your cognitive health (aka meditations, breathing practices, and all that).


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Dry Days

And lastly, there’s a mindful driving app with a pretty unique concept. It helps you to limit your alco consumption by connecting with friends and joining fun challenges together. You may rather connect with guys within the community or invite your friends to join. There are tons of monitoring tools that let you scrutinize the amounts of alco, mark dry days, log your mood, energy, and all that.

Plus, you’ll get to see all the money you’ve saved by cutting out alco (and the calories, too). There’s a full section for notes and journaling as well, so you can express your thoughts right away. Logging the drink is simple: it only takes a couple of secs and can do it on the go.

The app lets you set individual goals and gives you tips according to your alco consumption. As for the challenges, there are multiple ones for you to try. The new ones get added regularly, so you won’t run out of those.

You’ll get to view your stats in a simple grasp, and our entire journey gets saved as well. The app will send you a daily motivation booster to make sure you’re still trying to get better.

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